Video Tour Of New Fan Made Jason Lives Costume

SirBrad has made some truly magnificent costumes in the past. Now, he has just completed his new Jason Lives costume and created a video to showcase his hard work. Watch the video below and let us know what you think.


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13 Responses to “ Video Tour Of New Fan Made Jason Lives Costume ”

  1. Always was a big fan of jasons look in this movie. I know it wasnt everyones favorite but it always worked for me.

    Good job on the costume. I wish I had the skill and patience to put something together like that.

  2. Thanks I appreciate it! Yeah I put a ton of work into this one so that all the details were as accurate as possible, and I may be doing the look from the beginning of the movie too, with more cobwebs, mud, maggots, fence post, and a full faced mask. I had a lot of compliments on this and people wanting one so I may do some commissions up as well as have some ready for Halloween. But the right shirt is always very hard to find, as well as the other belt accessories. This looks awesome in my house, was always my dream to have a part 6 and 7 life-sized and now both are complete. Much more to come too!

  3. This is incredible! So real it would scare me if I saw someone wearing it!

  4. You can also see a lot of pics on te forum links on Youtube. Stayed tuned for another version soon. Will do costume shots as well and youtube scene reenactments. Fence post is almost done.

  5. This thing is bad ass! My favorite movie, and this Jason is dead on, very awesome!

  6. Thats awesome. Good work.

  7. not to nit-pick, but where is the bullet hole in the mask? other than that, excellent!!!!!!!!

  8. The bullet hole did not come until later on, this was just after the paintball scene. The bullet hole comes from the sheriff. I might have that one too later as I like that look. I just finished the fence post, check it out on the forums and youtube soon. :) I also have another better hockey mask and undermask for an alternate look coming soon as stated above.


    Currently selling a version of this, and these exact masks. Will be doing the cobweb version up too soon. Get this now while you can. Thanks.

  10. Good work. It’s very similar to the one seen in the movie. But I have never been a fan of this Jason’s -”master of bricolage”- look shown in Part 6.

  11. not bad at all i like it i make my own to i make one every year for halloween jason is my hero

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