Part 2 Filming Locations Tour

part2This is a good video tour of some of the filming locations for the film. The video was posted in November 2024, so it is pretty recent. The person who is filming the video was unable to get into the camp ground, but does show the entrance to the area. Check out how little the downtown area has changed!

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13 Responses to “ Part 2 Filming Locations Tour ”

  1. I had already seen it on youtube but quite enjoyed it. Too bad Laurel Lodge has been razed to the ground.

  2. I love how he just stands in the road. lol

  3. wow that was pretty cool. I wish i could go there sometime.

  4. There is also a Part 2 filming location video on youtube (split in 2 parts). Just search for it there. It was filmed after the house burned down. (The stuff about “This is the house that doubled for JasonĀ“s shack” in there was bogus of course):

    And there are several location vidos of the Part 1 location (BLairstown and Nobebosco).

    Too bad that the part 2 casino/bar is also gone now!

  5. I like F13 filming location,
    I thought that I wanted even to visit there.
    But, it did not seem to be able to get over the difference among
    the border, the Pacific Ocean, and the intercultural…
    I gave up visiting.

    Because it is so, it is very wonderful to be able to see it with the video thus.

  6. I was halfway expecting him to be hit by a car. Lol.

  7. Awesome stuff. Like many, I’ve already seen these on YouTube, however, I did like re-visiting them here! Great stuff, jasonsfury.

    Especially since Part 2 is my favorite of the original series. ;)

  8. please do more stuff like this. The google earth thing is great too.

  9. Seen this some time back. Still cool. Too bad it’s gone. That’s life i guess.

  10. Cool video.

  11. Awesome, that’s fandom right there. Cool to see the location hasn’t changed much.

  12. This was a lot of fun. Thanks Jasonsfury!

  13. Hell, had I known that the previous owners were so accommodating to Friday fans, then I would’ve visited there long ago (since it’s my favorite Friday location shoot). It’s nice to see that there haven’t been a lot of sweeping changes, as it pertains to the town. Unfortunately we can’t say that for the camp grounds any longer. It’s amazing that it survived that long though.

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