Jason Takes Manhattan Video Store Display

Mario sent me these photos of a cardboard standee he bought from a video store a while back where he lives in Germany. The interesting thing we noticed is that the hockey mask shown is from Jason Lives and not Jason Takes Manhattan. Anyway, I have never seen anything like this before for the movie. I like it!





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  1. The hands make it look like he’s covering the fact that he has erect nipples, but other than that, its awesome!

  2. Ha ha ha..

  3. Big thanks to Mario. VERY COOL! I love it. :D

    Too bad that as the ’90s rolled on, over here in North America, in the VHS tape stores, the cool cardboard standees that would often vie for your attention, were to be seen much less & less by the flannel clad mid ’90s years came to pass. I’ll miss them, but with the internet and television and radio ads and pop-ups and other things, movies that his DVD and now glorious Blu-Ray are advertized and make the consumer aware of them in a much more different and direct fashion even before they enter stores.

    Even still, I do must cardboard standees sometimes a lot. Really good quality posters instead of modern shit, as well.

  4. why is it a pt6 hock???

  5. I particularly did not like jason takes manhattan, as a matter of fact I did not like any of the movies past part 4, it should have stopped after part 4 or at least go in a direction that would not make the other film lame to watch, how many times can a a dead person come back to life? and get killed all over again and over and over and over. I like the new reboot of the film and hope the new one will be done with taste, it would not take much to ruin a film ( again) look at rob zombies halloween 2, it was a flop, he lost his focus on what should have been accomplished, instead he made laurie strode look like a screwed up mental freak, I can understand of wanting to show how she might be when a person was trying to kill her and how it would possibly affect her but come on, it was just a flop and could have been done much better, I would like to see sean s. cunningham get back behind the camera and film the next sequel for friday the 13th, it is his film and I think he should be heavily involved in the new film.

  6. That is an awesome item. I’m a huge fan of Jason Takes Manhattan so i’d love to get my hands on that.

  7. I remember seeing one of these back in the day… a long time ago…. *sniff* I was a wee little lad in those days.

  8. I liked part 8 until the end. The end is cheese. I remember this from back in the day but I particularly loved the poster of Jason tearing through the I Love N.Y. poster before N.Y.N.Y. pulled the rights. That was a great poster.


    I feel your pain bro!

    Think about this though… in another 5 years we will be saying “damn, I miss video stores!” The stand up’s are the least of our pains, you know the stores are next to go.

  10. Thats a nice item, the like of which you don’t see any more.

    Hey Puck, I have one of the “I Love NY” one sheets. It’s one of my favorite posters in my collection.

  11. I have been seeing this coming since NetFlix got big. It makes sense that Blockbuster and Hollywood Video would eventually close their physical locations. Economically, it makes sense to go completely online. I think the capper on this whole deal is when the ability to download movies to watch on demand became reality.

    It is a shame because I can remember summers taking daily trips to the video store to get any movie I could get my hands on to watch. Posters and standees were collected and memories were made. Awesome times in a childhood.

  12. Yeah, I`m living in a small town in Germany. 10 Years ago we had 4 video stores around here. The last one closed two years ago. This Jason Takes Manhattan standee came from the time before I was collecting original movie props. Let me check out what else I can find for you in my storage :) The last thing I remember that I bought from an video store was a cool Jason X stand up. I will take some pics and send them over to JasonsFury for the case he wants to add it here.


  13. Too true, too true. I can’t say that I’ll miss video stores though. renting on demand movies is a lot more efficient. No returns. All sorts of merchandising has opened up with Sideshow leading the way some 10 years ago. So the cardboard cutouts are gone but the 18″ figures with motion sensors in their guts have taken the lead! It’s an improvement. It sure is nice to see the old ones though. Nice score on the poster Feej. It’s bad enough that I have an 18″ Michael Myers and Jason and a 29″ JAWS maquette in my livingroom. I think that’s pushing it. I have all of the 12″ Jasons in a box in my closet. I’ll fill a guest room with them some day!

  14. thats awesome! i wonder if i can order any from lifesizecustomcutouts.com – guess ill find out

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