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  1. I’m cool with it. I saw this movie in the theater when I was a kid, it was the first movie my father took me to see, and I wanted to see it so bad and when I got their it just blew my mind. I was really young at the time and it probaly wasn’t the ideal fick to take a kid to, but after that I was in the theater for them all. So I’m looking forward to this one for sure, and if their is only one 3-d eye glass I’ll just pick up more, hell I still have a few laying around anyway.

  2. Its about time this movie can be seen the way it was intended!
    This is the first horror movie I ever saw, I was 8 at the time (what was my mother thinking when she took me to this!) I had taken my glasses off and hid most of the movie. I got the chance to see it 2 years ago in boston in 3-D and I loved it!

  3. Pretty cool, and yeah I hid too! But that’s cool that you got to see it again. I would love to see the first two in a theater been that there the only one’s I didn’t see in the movies. but I don’t really think they do that where I live. It would be great.

  4. I like the three of them a lot, however, one this is bothering me here. The people in Part 3 are not counselors. They were a group of people who wanted to go up to Higgins Haven for a weekend of fun. While I understand that Jason is known for killing counselors, and it makes sense to market this, it just reads odd to me.

  5. It says on the back cover ‘a pair of 3-D glasses.’ So is that only one pair? What if there’s a few of you watching it? I hope they include more than one

  6. Friday the 13th: Part 3 - Deluxe Edition (DVD)
    Original 3-D version of the film
    FOUR pairs of 3-D glasses
    Theatrical trailer
    Remastered Dolby audio

    According to the intial specs it comes with 4 pairs of glasses….let’s hope it’s a misprint on the artwork!

  7. I hope theres more then one pair would like to show it with friends

  8. It´s a shame they still keep the incorrect backside text about “naive councelors” for this installment, though… :-/

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