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  1. Anybody notice that on the back of Part 2 at the far right is a picture of Paul apparently having been murdered? That was NOT in the theatrical release nor the current DVD release! YEAH!!!

  2. I was bout to say that too, I hope that this hd version has the part where the chick walks with her tight ass short shorts in hd, that’ll be awsome

  3. love the covers but wtf is the cop on the back of part 2?!?!? lol!

  4. to Demon Jason… haha that was my favorite part growing up as a young kid

    to voorhees 13 that cop is the one that chases jason in the woods, then ends up with the hammer in the back of his head, while hes in that stray shed in the middle of the woods.. remember????

  5. That part was funny to me just like both parts where Jason & Paul get into a scrap & where Ginny kicks him in the nuts, I mean I felt kinda sorry for him but the groan & fall backwards made it a classic moment

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