The Best Part 7 Hock and Mask I Have Ever Seen

I love this mask combo. I have to say that this is one of the best I have ever seen. This is a spectacular rendition from The New Blood. The Hockey Mask is really detailed and has a great weathered look. The Under Mask is mentioned to be by Michael Smith and is truly awesome. It has a acrylic teeth and is not yet cut to wear, but can be. Check these out as they are for sale right now.





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17 Responses to “ The Best Part 7 Hock and Mask I Have Ever Seen ”

  1. Niiice.

  2. great stuff. looks exactly like the movie. maybe even a bit scarier

  3. great work!

    but it just frustrates the hell out of me how each movie in the series has a completely different portrayal of what jason looks like under the mask.

    i hate the inconsistency. but i guess it wouldn’t be Friday the 13th without a ton of inconsistencies!!

  4. I love the yellow on the hockey mask. That’s a really nice touch! :-) I too think that this is the best looking Friday the 13th part 7 Jason Voorhees mask and undermask replica! :-)

  5. awsome stuff,but im starting to get weary of the old zombie jason stuff,part 7 was my favorite but im diggin 3,4 and the remake

  6. oh man… i would love to have this for halloween. haha I have to agree, this may be the best mask I have seen also.

  7. that’s freaky as hell

  8. Its even more pissed off looking than Part 7

  9. im not a huge fan of pt 7, but this looks amazing, better than the film. I have however always thought that the look of part 7 fit right in line with the look from the end of part 4. imagine that face rotting for a few years.

  10. i really like the exposed skull all around his left eye.

  11. GREAT ! How to buy it ? THANKS

  12. I’ve seen better.

  13. That is really scary!! Love it!!!!!

  14. very nice. good work.

  15. nice mask i want one badly

  16. Who owns this now. I saw it sold on ebay for 175.00

  17. Wow that is my old mask, and My pictures. Who is selling this? Using my pictures? I did the hock and the custom work on the Michael Smith undermask

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