My ‘His name was Jason’ review.


For 30 years, we have experienced Friday the 13th.  We have grown to love all of the characters from every film.  When we watch these films, we often wonder what ever happened to the actors/actresses, the props, the sets. We endulge ourselves in these questions. Today, I had the priveledge of getting some of those questions answered for me.


I think Tom Savini hosting the show, with his trademarked theatrics, really showed the depths of his devotion to creating movie monsters, such as Jason Voorhees. Of course, the vice kills was something you have never seen Jason do in the series.  Nearly the entire alumni, from every movie resurfaced.

The was the first Jason documentary that I have seen every actor who has played Jason, (including the guy who played Jason in the flashbacks in Part 5). When I bought the DVD this morning at Wal-Mart, I told myself that Ted White had better be in this thing. And sure enough, he was. He seems like, without a doubt, one of the nicest guys. He was kind of old for the remarkable performance he pulled off as Jason in Part 4, and he’s even older now.


It was also nice to see Jensen Daggett (Rennie; Jason takes Manhattan). She was gorgeous back when she played Rennie, and she’s just as stunning as ever now. She didn’t mention much about her current lifestyle, which none of them did, but she did mention in passing that she had boys.

There were also others, such as Amy Steele, John Fury, Larry Zerner, too many to boot. Of course Kane Hodder was there along with other fellow Jasons, Ari Lehman, Warrington Gillette (who honestly admitted he had only 15 mins of fame), Steve Dash, Richard Brooker, CJ Graham, and Ken Kirzinger.


As mentioned months back, there were outsiders who found Friday the 13th an inspiration to their future projects. Sleepaway Camp’s own Angela, Felissa Rose also gave her insight on the series. 


What didn’t make sense to me, is why they interviewed that guy from ‘Psyche’. I mean what inspiration could that television series possibly get from Friday the 13th ? And he got alot of airtime too!


I’m not going to spoil the documentary, because it is indeed something we all have waited to see for years. It was worth the price I payed for. Overall, I think all of the directors tied up their loose ends with the films, as well as the actors.


Now one film down, and a matter of days until we get the other one.

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48 Responses to “ My ‘His name was Jason’ review. ”

  1. The time is 7:08, It is a Tuesday night and I just finished watching both Disc. I was only dissapointed that there was no uncut footage shown on either disc. great humor throughout both disc, the best was the angry nerd when he threw the control back behind him hitting Jason on the head. Jason hits the ground and the angry nerd flips out, jumps over the couch and beats the shit out of Jason with the control. That was awesome…and the woman are still lovely too. Overall there is still some things that they could have added to make it better, but for $16, then it was worth it the price.


  2. I’m glad that they at least gave Steve Dash some time on there, after all he was the real deal.

  3. Getting through the second disc right now. Joseph Zito is the man! This guy knew the elements and the character and is actually enthusiastic all these years later. I say bring him back to the new series!

  4. I just got home from the DVD signing in Burbank. It was AMAZING!!! Everybody was really nice. Great way to start February.

  5. I ran out yesterday morning and bought this 2 disc dvd, along with the first three movies. I really enjoyed this dvd, and I highly recommend it to any fan of horror. I got it for $10 at a local Wal-Mart, it also came with a movie poster and a ticket to see the new Friday the 13th film for FREE.

  6. I agree with Chad, i also bought the dvd at Walmart for 1o bucks, and let me say as a huge Friday fan, it would have been worth double that!

  7. Whoa, I just also called a local Wal-Mart Supoer Center here in Shreveport, and instead of ordering it later on this month through Amazon (just had two major problems with DeepDiscount for my monthly bulk orders, so fuck them–I’d advise everyone to please stay away from this incompetants as well), since it’s just $9.99 the man in Electronics said, I’ll go get it tomarrow myself. That ain’t bad at all for a two-disc set (in fact it’s kinda good). Kinda hate supporting a giant like Wal-Mart but I don’t wanna waste gas driving all over for it as rthe Super-Target and Best Buy are an additional three miles from the Wal-Mart and money for me except for my monthly bulk orders, as I’m savin’, is kinda tight for me and the coming months.

    Big thanks for the review, once again. For a two-disc set that’s pretty awesome.

    Also love the new Friday ‘09 (as I’m calling it) TV spots. Look’s pretty good so far *thumbs up* :D

  8. To the writer/director/producer/key grip/…insert entire end credit sequence here of His Name Was Jason 30 years of F13…


    With the exception of the movies themselves and “Crystal Lake Memories” this was the best money i’ve ever spent on the franchise. I could say something off the cuff about how it would have been nice if THIS were included, or if THAT was there, but I am an optimist and I won’t allow myself to do that.

    I ( along with MANY others ) have waited for f*cking YEARS to have SOMEBODY give a sh*t about we, the fans. For somebody to put forth a little effort and give us something we can sink our teeth into. This documentary did just that. Personally, I knew it would be good right from the opening credits where they blew up Jason’s mask. Just like The Final Chapter. That was a nice tip of the hat to the fans and the series. They dug up almost everyone of importance to the films, all the Jasons, and the production is pletty slick. The end credits with all the actors reciting some of their lines from the movies was a great and funny touch.

    I am totally happy with this DVD, and I haven’t even watched the extras yet. ( pacing myself ) I hope that there won’t be too many posts like: “How could they forget about…” or “Why didn’t they…”

    No one else, in 30 years has even attempted to do anything of this nature until now. We should be thankful. It is obvious that alot of effort went into making this DVD, and I for one sincerely appreciate it.

    Woo. F*ckin’. Hoo!

  9. Hey… guys that got it at Wal-Mart…..did you notice anything different? Like was the violence toned down? I know they censor their CDs which bothers the hell out of me. I just wanna make sure they didn’t mess with the DVD before I pick it up.

  10. I got the set at Wal-Mart for $10.00, and in that set it included a 10.00 ticket to see the movie… I don’t understand that marketing strategy, but I won’t complain! I basically got the DVD for free, everyone should buy this at Wal-Mart, as much as that pains me to say, but it’s REALLY worth it over there. The other movies (1, 2, & 3-D are only $13 there!) That’s really the best place to hit this new stuff up at.

  11. I’m actually impressed with the Friday the 13th representation at Wal Mart! They had Friday the 13th uncut and “His Name was Jason” right there on the end cap with the rest of the new releases and they also had part 1, 2 and 3 deluxe as well as His Name was Jason on the main shelf with the new releases. Very cool to see so much representation.

  12. Is the ten dollar movie money wal mart exclusive???

  13. I just checked the Wal Mart website and they have it there for $13.86. I have not checked out my local Wal Mart yet to see if they have it for $10 but even at the $13.86 price tag it’s still a good deal. With the whole movie ticket and all……I’ll end up getting it for $3.86. Score. I’m surprised Wal Mart is carrying it as well as the uncut Fridays. They are so “family friendly” and all. I would check those uncut Wal Mart versions and put them up against a Suncoast Video or some other version. I bought the unrated version of Mulholland Drive years ago at Wal Mart and they cut the full frontal nudity out of it. I was so pissed! LOL!

  14. I still can’t get my hands on this damn DVD! They’re sold out everywhere, I was lucky enough to find parts 1-3 at Blockbuster video of all places to buy them. I’m trying to buy it at Best Buy because I just received $140 worth of gift cards for there for my Birthday this past Monday, but if they don’t get it in stock by the weekend than I’m just going to order it online somewhere. Can’t wait to get it!

  15. my Wal Mart had the three deluxe editions and this. The three movies were $13 each. His name was Jason was $10. I got part 3 today, and watched it in 3d. I am thinking of going back to get His name was Jason. Do they interview Dana Kimmell? I didn’t see her name on the box. I did see Amy Steele and Adrienne King’s name. I just know I had a paperback book when i was a kid that ended differently than the movie. and it was a movie paperback. i heard somewhere recently there was drama on the set and they reshot it. That is interesting to me. Since the ending in the paperback I had was much better.

  16. just finished watching both discs and it was more than worth the $15. loved the interviews and hearing them reminise like it was just yesterday that they made these films. i was quite surprised to see the guys from the new movie (2009) in here as well. hearing them talk about their own movie and their take on things has me pacing across the floor waiting for Feb 13. “Hey… this your rubber?” lol, what a way to end it, lol

  17. watching it now, its fantastic

  18. Great Documentry much better than the Halloween one one thing i wish however is they did the movies a little slower then they did would have been nice if each movie got its own section instead of mish mash but I loved it worth hunting down in three stores for :) I had to go to 3 different store to get everything it was so much easier when TOWER records was around

  19. Does anybody know when these are going ot be released in the uk please ??

  20. So are the Uncuts from Walmart really uncut?

  21. “I got the set at Wal-Mart for $10.00, and in that set it included a 10.00 ticket to see the movie… I don’t understand that marketing strategy, but I won’t complain! I basically got the DVD for free, everyone should buy this at Wal-Mart, as much as that pains me to say, but it’s REALLY worth it over there. The other movies (1, 2, & 3-D are only $13 there!) That’s really the best place to hit this new stuff up at.”

    Indeed. I also just picked it up, along with the uncut Part 1 (am goin’ back soon for the new Deluxe Edition’s of Parts 2 and 3 respectiveally), and it also was WELL worth it, I feel.

    Just as good, and slightly better, then the film makers previous release from Anchor Bay with the Halloween: 25 Years of Terror doc (Anthony Masi and everyone had previously worked on that).

    Even though I hate Wal-Mart I did just get in from there cause as many said, they had stocked these in bulk since the last time months ago I was in there.

    I can’t pimp out this new documentary enough. :D My congrads to all involved from the interviewie’s to every who made it (Daniel Ferrands, ect). Congradulations. This is a fantastic set …

  22. The ‘Shelly Lives!’ section made me crack up. Larry Zerner, if you’re reading, thanks!

  23. Got all the DVDs and just watched all of the documentary and was blown away. Fans must have this as I learned some new things. I just wish they would of had Alice Cooper for his music for part6 and how he even put JASON in his stage shows back then.

    My cousin is a friend of Richard Brooker and I had the distinct privilage of talking to him for just a couple of minutes back in the mid 90s and he was great!

    Can’t wait for this weekend as I am doing a marathon of the new dvds 1-4 for a gear up to the new release on the 13th!

    Does anyone know where to buy official props from any of the movies as I would love to own something from my favorite movies?

  24. Found a couple of Easter Eggs on Disc 2. Highlight the red in the cheeks of the mask.

  25. “Does anyone know where to buy official props from any of the movies as I would love to own something from my favorite movies?”

    Very few props still exist. Many were lost or damaged. The ones that are still around are now in private collections. If someone were to give something up you would pay through the nose for it. If you get lucky and someone wants to sell and you have between 1 and 10K of disposable income you might luck out. I think your best bet is to just get some movie accurate hockey masks from They are available and affordable.

  26. Entertainment Agent -Timothy Beal here. I had a few of my clients Tuesday at the Dark Delicacies store on West Burbank BLVD in Burbank CA. for the His Name Was Jason Huge Release party/signing. I had Warrington Gillette {Jason-Friday The 13TH Part II – The “Real Real Jason of part II” – and CJ Graham -Jason -Friday The 13TH Part VI. Jason Lives. Let me say it was a great event. I got alot of great footage of the Jason’s there, and the rest of the cast from the films. I networked a little and picked up a few new clients for my company along the way as well. I got home from California after a four day stay there – on Wednesday night. I watched the DVD His Name Was Jason for the first time. Let me say impressive work done by the producers and directors/film makers of the documentary. Kane Hodder said it best at the event in Burbank to myself and my client Warrington Gillette – Kane said he goes by credits and Warrington Gillette is credited as Jason in the film and so to Kane that makes Warrington -Jason. Period and end of discussion. Most of the Jason’s do not like Dash because he goes around and hangs up his little banner at the shows where he appears. His banner reads “The Real Jason” which according to every Jason I talked to at the Burbank CA event said that is a direct slap in their face. All in all however the Documentary His Name Was Jason is a Great film.

  27. Actually, with all due respect to Mr. Gillette who said this & that over the years, it is to my memory that he later re-canted and appologised for all of his immature banter on a certain website that cointained forums in which the Slasher icons, the actors & stuntmen who actually played the roles, chould communicate with us, and I’m sorry but your client lied. Flat out.

    His first day or so of shooting he was let go cause he supposed chouldn’t do the stunts. And last time we all checked, Mr. Steve Dash did over 90# of that work, aside form when it was Jerry Wallace or someone, and he was always the one on-screen when we see the first ever on screen Jason Voorhees stalking the counsalers with his pillow case on his head.

    And I’m glad on the second disc he is finally telling his story, as he did in the Crystal Lake Memories book. We, the hardcore Part 2 fanatics, now all know what a lier Mr. Gillette is, and we’re all gonna ignore him at his North American convention appearances, and shall never, ever shall out cash for his supposed “bloody social” movie.

    Mean while, I believe I will, however, come up and proudly shake the hand of theoverly kind gentleman who is a former NYC cop who replaced him as Jason, at a future convention. He also kindly answered me on the old boards here when it was still up, and he politely answered some of my quesitons. I am sorry, as I don’t know them, but many of us simply don’t believe Warrington anymore after all he’s said …

  28. Warrington is a joke. The guy lied for years and all he did was jump through a window. Yes, he is a Jason just like Ari who only jumped out of the water but there is no way you can put down or discount Steve Dash and the real work he did in part 2. He wouldn’t have a banner that says “The Real Jason” if Warrington hadn’t lied and tried to take credit for his hard work all these years. I loved the bonus features where Dash tells it like it is.

  29. “Warrington is a joke. The guy lied for years and all he did was jump through a window. Yes, he is a Jason just like Ari who only jumped out of the water but there is no way you can put down or discount Steve Dash and the real work he did in part 2. He wouldn’t have a banner that says “The Real Jason” if Warrington hadn’t lied and tried to take credit for his hard work all these years. I loved the bonus features where Dash tells it like it is.”

    Right on, JasonFan! I’m sorry as I don’t wanna stur up the hornet’s nest again, but it has to be said that Warrington is a joke. None of us believe him anymore. All he did was once stunt. He’s already financially well off (read the Crystal Lake Memories book) and he doesn’t need any more cash.

    Mr. Dash, on theother hand, was the real Jason 90% o the time on screen, and he desurves the most praise for making that so effective and scary to this day. Ad yeah I also loved the 2nd disc’s feature with Mr. Dash. What a great stand up guy. :D

  30. I LOVED THIS SET!!! this is the kind of stuff i’ve always wanted paramount to add to their releases as extras!! look at the crap they put on the new releases of pt. 2 & 3…so pathetic in comparison to what’s on here!! you have people from the movies talking about all the controversial subjects, clarifying which rumors are true and which are just rumors…i was blown away. and man, those still-frames of andy’s uncut death in part 3 and the double-impalement in part 2 have me aching to see them in they’re entirety!!

    and they actually showed the MPAA’s requests to remove footage. even though i’ve read the rumors for years, i was shocked at how violent part 5 apparently was. i wonder if those deaths were restored if i would no longer consider it one of the worst of the series.

  31. I take it no one knows when this is going to be released in the uk then :(

  32. I think this set is a bit of a joke. Aside from joe Zito, Barney Cohen, and Tom McLaughlin, there\\\’s not much to recommend this set. Hearing all these tired ass stories again spoken verbatim isn\\\’t my idea of fun. And who gives a shit what Adam Green and Joe Lynch think of these films? There observations are mundane at best and factually erroneous at worst. And don\\\’t get me started on those \\

  33. What the fuck? It cut off the rest of my post

  34. I agree Cinemartin. Why waste so much time with people who have NOTHING to do with the series?!!! Adam Green, Joe Lynch, Uncle Creepy, Ryan Rotten, Icons of Fright guys, Tony Timpone, Brad Miska, Staci Lynn Wilson, Jared something, Video Game Nerd, Chick from Screamfest, some guy from Psyche?? WTF is that?!!! Some of these guys like Creepy, Rotten, Lynch and Green were in it 5 or 6 times each!!! Who gives a shit what they think. I certainly don’t. There were so many cast members that were only in this thing once. I would have loved to have seen more of them and less of the documentary filmmakers friends. Now I hear some of these very same guys are doing the commentaries on part 4, 5 & 6 instead of the real people invloved with the film. Who the hell are they blowing?!!!!

  35. Just picked this up at Walmart, along with Part 3 in 3D. Can’t wait to watch them. Gotta mention the kick ass price, too…the two together only cost me $24. Pretty sweet deal.

  36. I just saw the main feature… and it was well…
    There was so much stuff in there that I already knew/saw for years… nothing new. It was nice to see all the cast members, but I didn’t like the subjects discussed. It was just about Jason’s motivation, killing etc…I was hoping for more behind the scenes stuff, more background information. I hate when they brag about the ultimate docu, rare stuff thats never been shown before etc. because this wasn’t.

    If you want more behind the scenes info, go see the extra features dvd from the boxset or even better buy the books that came out(Crystal Lake Memories and the one by David Grove).

    I also didn’t like the MTV-style editing. Why those horrible mirror shots all the time…?? and the music was lame.

    I haven’t seen the extras yet, but the main feature is a disappointment.

    I remember the producer contacted me about sending in rare stuff, but he never got back to me… they were probably not that motivated for making the ultimate dvd. sucks.

    A true hardcore-F13 fan.

  37. I have two words for everyone. Strip Monopoly!!! ;)

  38. I enjoyed it, don’t own Crystal Lake Memories so alot of new information for me. Some bits of info is repeated from the shitty boxset. Most of the people being interviewd had a great sense of humor. I also enjoyed most of the special features. The fan films were great. Rupert takes Manhattan had me LMAO and I’ve always loved the angry video game nerd, but I caught it on youtube a long time ago.

    The tour of the Jarvis house and the old barn from part 3 were pretty sweet little surprises. Shelly’s attorney ad is hilarious

    So I can’t agree with you Lammert the box set special features were lame if anything. You sound more upset that they never got back to you more than anything. The “MTV style editing” was done pretty well. The way they made some movie stills have a double layered 3-dimensional look was also nice.

  39. Well I’ve heared from other people that they send stuff in but they didn’t use it anyway, so I really don’t care about it. I do have stuff that some fans have been begging for. But I’m going to keep them for my youtube channel, and put it up when I find the time. :)

    I’m upset about hearing the same stories over and over again… and yet again on this dvd.

    Where is Steve Miner? Why not a longer interview with Harry Manfredini? No production stories… and whats up with all those people that didn’t have anything to do with Friday the 13th?
    I’m not watching this for someones opinion, I watch it because I love the movies and want to know more about them.

    The thing that touched me tough was Adrienne King’s stalker story, i’ve heared it before but not the way she spoke about it now. Some of the extras are fun, especially the location visits. And seeying the cast again is nice, some of the girls look even better now!

    But the overall main feature fails…

  40. Warrington was,is,and will forever be “THE REAL REAL JASON of Friday The 13TH Part II” and to the poster that said Warrington was let go after a day of production?? Come down from your high, you need to realize Warrington did the hardest stunt in all of Friday The 13TH Part II – The Window scene and about 90% of all the other work as Jason in the film as well.. Thats the reason Warrington is billed in the credits as Jason.

  41. *LMAO*@ Warrington’s supposed ‘Lawyer’. Go read the excellant Crystal Lake Memories book, bub …

  42. Go look at the films credits, and you shall see Warrington Gillette as Jason.. I also rep Lauren Marie Taylor, Bill Randolph, Jack Marks all from part 2 and they said Warrington is Jason through-out the film .. End of discussion.

  43. The only reason why Dash has the banner that reads “The Real Jason” is because Gillette lied and tried to steal the credit when all he did was jump through a window.

    The banner is not meant to be a slap in the face for the other Jasons. It is simply a response to the lies of Gillette.

    And besides that, Dash IS the real Jason because he played the very first major role as Jason.

    And I don’t care what the cast of credits say – the facts are facts that can not be changed. Dash did 95% of the work as Jason – Warren simply jumped through a window. Warren was unable to do the stunts he claimed he was able to do. Dash was the man.

    And most serious fans of the horror series agree.


  45. isnt warrington gilette a liar? didnt he try to take credit for what steve dash did?

  46. Don´t feed the trolls (they´ve got plenty enough to eat at Walmart).

  47. Germaniac Nov 29th, 2024 at 12:32 am [Edit]
    Don´t feed the trolls (they´ve got plenty enough to eat at Walmart).

    I agree. Been down that path way too many times.

  48. Why they don’t publish it in Italy!
    I can’t wait fopr it

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