Jason Voorhees Grudgematch: Reboot vs White 4

Last week saw a very close contest between Space Jason and Manhattan Jason. It was duel to the end, but Manhattan won in a very narrow margin. I never thought I would see the day when this many people actually would pick Jason from Jason Takes Manhattan to win anything. Well, this week will be even more interesting. Lets see how many old school Friday fans visit the website and how many next generation fans are lurking about. Curiousity is piqued to see what the results of this match will be.

Reboot vs White 4
Everyone that has seen the reboot from last year agrees that Derek Mears and the Jason he portrayed was spot on for the character. Jason was a little scary again and brought a verocious demeanor to the screen that had lacked a bit in recent memory. Next to that portrayal is Ted White’s take of Jason in The Final Chapter. Jason was a beast in that film as well and it would be interesting to see what would would happen if Jason from the reboot and Jason from The Final Chapter collided. Well, now here is our chance. Which Jason would be left standing at the  end?

Unique Weapons of Choice
White 4:  Corkscrew
Reboot:  Bow and Arrow


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  1. My two favorite Jason actors against each other. This doesn’t seem right.
    I honestly thought that Mears was the best Jason we’ve had in a long time, but The Final Chapter is my favorite F13 movie. My vote is Ted White.

  2. Ted White


  4. Both are amazing, but I think Jason from the Final Chapter would take it. Ted White seemed stronger – he threw Rob’s body pretty far, and pulled Tina out of the window with lightning speed. He also could have just left the morgue, but was gracious enough to kill Axel and nurse Morgan first. Ted White is Jason! My vote goes to Part 4 – the very first Friday movie I ever saw!

  5. Talk about an almost even match-up! It would be a close, hard fought battle. No question though, that in the end, Jason from the Final Chapter would be left standing. The original 8 Fridays all the way!

  6. Sorry Derek but ted would annihilate you!

  7. Ted White, but Mears is a nice throwback, considering “The Final Chapter” is Mears’ fav. Friday. Ted white, Brooker then Mears are my fav’s(Yes, in that order)

  8. Now Reboot Jason’s much faster, but I think Friday IV’s Jason has the stealth ability perfected. A speargun to the Reboot Jason’s nads and then a quick neck twist to the left, and then to the right once Reboot J’s on the ground grasping at his new peehole and it’s all over.

    Friday IV’s Jason all the way!

  9. Oh, Mr Parker, you had to put my two favourites against each other
    well I go for Ted White…

  10. Gotta go with Derek Mears, he’s my favourite ever. But like I’ve said previously he has the advantage of having whats come before. So sorry Ted your one of my faves but Derek is my fave.

  11. Derek based his Jason off Ted White (who he also sees as the best Jason) but Derek’s Jason is the bigger, faster and smarter version of the old Jason model.

  12. finally an easy one…. “white4″

  13. Ted White

  14. Going with Mears.

  15. In the last few days Part 4 Jason had taken like an axe to the head, been kicked in the nuts, stabbed in the leg, took a machete to the shoulder, hit over the head with log and hung. It took a machete to the side of the head that he fell on and slid down to slow him down and he was finished off by a shit load of machete strikes.

    The new one kind of went out like a bitch holding out his hand and shit. I did like the ending all right but he just went out like a goober.

    So basically Teds Jason was a straight up badass and Mears Jason was a pissed off momma’s boy who took prisoners. Meers Jason would get raped after being stabbed or hurt.
    Part 4 all the way.

  16. This seems to be all but over already.. :)
    I also vote for Mr. White on this one.

    By the way Jasonsfury, exactly how close was the Space vs Manhattan competition?
    Just curious ;)

  17. Ted White. My favorite Jason from my favorite F13 movie.

  18. Ted White with no arguement

  19. Ted White

  20. This would be an easy win for Derek Mears’ Jason (reboot). He is too fast, too smart, and he is as intense a Jason as we’ve ever seen. In addition to all of that, he does what he does with such ferocity.

    No doubt in my mind that Mears’ Jason comes out of this one pretty much unscathed.

  21. white

  22. Ted White for sure.

  23. I am a huge fan of The Final Chapter. It is, in my mind, the definitive Friday the 13th. Ted White is awesome in the role. That being said, I thought this would be an interesting matchup as I know how many people like Ted White’s take of Jason, but I also know that everyone liked Derek Mears as well. I am a bit surprised that there was not a few more people that would go with Derek and Jason from the reboot. But this just shows the love of the franchise from the 80’s and that The Final Chapter is truly the backbone of the series.

  24. Hey Wylde86,
    Mears Jason didn’t go out like a bitch. First they put a bear trap on his back, hung him, stabbed him with his own machete, then he leaned his head in the wood chipper. To top it off, they put his body in Crystal Lake. He went out classic Jason style.

  25. i feel like i should give it to white since i’ve been a fan since the early 80s…but i at the moment, i think i prefer mears. he’s more what i want to see in jason now.

    gotta go with MEARS.

  26. Ted White, is my 2nd favorite Jason, but even though I did not like some parts of the reboot I did liked Derek Mears as Jason, but my vote definately goes to Ted White.

  27. Ted White

  28. Remake Jason would destroy all.

  29. @evilekim,
    I know he took some damage but it was all downhill after the first blow which was I guess the bear trap. I didn’t really like the whole wood chipper thing that much, him begging for her to help him and shit was goofy as well. I know that he thought that was like his mom or whatever I just don’t like seeing Jason “begging for his life”. The original ending where it breaks his neck was way cooler. I didn’t really like him coming back at the end either. Teds Jason was like an inhuman monster the new one was more like an inbred hunter. Mears Jason would win until he gassed and Teds would have an epic come from behind victory.

  30. Honestly, we all know how this one will turn out. Ted will win by a landslide. But my vote is still for Mears

  31. Usually this would be no contest, Ted White would win hands down without even a second thought, HOWEVER, Derek Mears version of Jason is BIGGER, STRONGER, FASTER and SMARTER… so you tell me, how could Ted’s Jason win against that? He couldn’t, simple as that…

    So in saying that, I vote for Derek Mears version of Jason from the re-boot, since he is after all bigger, stronger, faster and smarter he wouldn’t have any problem winning the fight and outsmarting the older version of Jason, whites version.

    Most of you vote for White because he is your favorite, but just because he is your favorite, doesn’t mean that makes him automatically win against a stronger faster smarter opponent.

    Don’t get me wrong, i love whites Jason, one of the best, and i love the 80’s movies, so if i was voting out of favoritism or loyalty to the originals then i would go with white, but it isn’t about that, it’s about who would win in a physical fight, so when you consider all factors, Derek’s Jason takes the win…

  32. White’s Jason without a doubt. While Mears’s Jason is bigger & faster, but White’s Jason is more stronger though. He has taken almost more damage & still couldn’t miss a beat. Not to mention Mears kinda took his insipiration for his Jason from White. :)

  33. Wylde86,
    when Jason reaches his hand out to Whitney, that’s just another throwback. Remember in Part 2 when Jason gets on his knees, convinced that Ginny is his mom. Whitney may as well put on the sweater. I think thats where they were going with that. He wouldn’t just take a random person hostage. At the beginning of the remake, his face was in one side of that locket. It’s faded out and old by the time Whitney got it.
    I do think White would win though. He was still menacing after going through a lot if pain.

  34. Ted ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. KnightShade

    No I voted for White because I myself think he would win a battle. Nuff said I suppose.

  36. I am really torn in this matchup, I thought Ted White was the best Jason out of them all, sine Final Chapter was the first Friday the 13th that Ive seen. I also thought Derek Mears did an awesome job in the reboot. With that said….. Ted White. He was and will always will be the best.

  37. Ted White, “Final Chapter” Rules!!! Still scary even if I’ve seen it a hundred times, I mean c’mon Jason was perfecting his bare handed tecniques here with the head crushing shower scene and the beautiful window defenestration scene, not to mention when he came crashing through the Jarvis front door and threw the hammer, He was so badass!!!

  38. Ted & Derek are my favorites. My vote goes to Derek

  39. Ted White, no doubt.

  40. White is my favorite Jason. Mears being so innovative an fresh, gets my vote. I vote Reboot.

  41. Derek. Because I think he’d win in a physical fight, and because he’s my favorite. Ted is a classic, but Derek brings the best of all the Jason’s to the role. Wish the movie had been better, but I want to Derek back in costume for part 2.

  42. Yep… Derek Mears!

  43. Ted White

  44. all though i love whites performance, and see it as the best in the old series, mears was awesome! mears by a hair!

  45. Ted White!

  46. This is a tough one.

    Both are awesome Jasons

    I would have to go with Mears. He in my opinion is one of the best Jason performers and brings the best qualities of previous actors, including Ted Whites, to the Jason character.

  47. Ted White

    Is it just me, or did the ‘reboot’ Jason get a Bye in the 1st round?

  48. WHITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Thats a tough one. But Im going with Ted White. The Final Chapter is My favorite installment of the series. Derek Mears said his favorite actor to play Jason is Ted White. I figure thats wht inspired his performance in the remake. Derek did a kick ass job in the remake, but I have to pay My respect to Ted.

  50. White for me, he way more agresive then the Derek.

  51. Easy win!

    “The killer from the cold room”

    Ted all day.

  52. Without doubt, Ted White.

    I don’t hate the new Friday, but nothing really stood out to me either.

  53. being old scool have to go with ted white,but mears was better than everyone else after white.

  54. Damn..my 2 fav Jasons. Have to go with Mears on this one, but Ted white was awesome.

  55. White 4

  56. Hmm, I really had to think about this last night JF! White4 was the pinnacle of true terror and violence that JV stood for (IMO) the 1st 4 were overall the best regardless. H/E, after rebootJASON came back with a long-overdue vengeance, and a kick-ass appearance (after VS. jason), my vote goes for REBOOT JASON! It’s obvious White4 will get this, and though I love his take, overall, I just can’t turn from Mears-and hopes for his return. He had a brain-traps, floorboards, tunnels, stealing kerosine…

  57. The future of Jason is safe and sound in the hands of Mears.But i gotta go old school and vote for White 4…………..KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

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