Friday Conversation: That Night With Chris and Jason

Among the numerous inconsistencies in the series, there has always been two big “wait a minute” moments. One we have covered previously, which is the ending of Part 2. The other is the story Chris tells Rick in Part 3 about the night she first encountered Jason. The very first problem with the story is that Jason is wearing the green shirt and grey pants. The attack that Chris mentions happened months before Part 3 and Jason had just stole the shirt and pants from Harold and Edna. That is always a “huh” moment. However, the more interesting question has to do with what happened between Jason and Chris after the initial attack.

Chris mentions to Rick that after she kicked the knife away from Jason, she just blacks out. She wakes up the next day in her bed. Does Jason not kill people when they blackout? I don’t think so. Or was something else going on out in those woods when Chris went blank? I wonder what really transpired that night……….

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  1. I’ve always been curious about this myself, i mean he went after her with a knife to kill her, she manages to kick the knife away and make a break for it only to be caught and then she blacks out, and wakes up in her own bed the next morning.

    So what the hell? did he rape her? i dought it but i guess it’s possible, but then wouldn;t she of gotten pregnant?
    Did something else take his attention away from her while she was blacked out? Did the police show up and scare him off just in time?
    Hell there is a lot of possibilities that are never explained.

    And yeah, the fact he wore the shirt and pants he snaked from the store at the beginning of part 3, i never realised that untill now
    -_- thankyou for pointing out that little fact :)

  2. I always thought they could have had a backstory there for her to HAVE gotten pregnant. Jason, encountering his first unconcious yet live victim falls prey to nature’s call and does his work. When all is done, he freaks and runs off. Her panicked parents find her and bring her home, and the baby she has is given up right away.

    Imagine being the child of Jason Voorhees!

  3. I never liked that part of the story,but now that I am older, I have learned to ignore it when I view the film. Thats why I could’nt understand why so many people hated the hostage plot of the reboot story. To me, it made more sense than Jason raping a girl. He just never would do that in my opinion.

  4. I think the ending of Part 3 tells us what happened. Chris is screaming and laughing in the back of the cruiser.

    When Jason first attacked her, she somehow got away (another long chase scene?) and then she went crazy. That’s why her parents don’t talk about it….their little girl was a nut job screaming about some man in the woods. She doesn’t remember what happened because she went bonkers.

  5. I think a woman would know if she was raped, even if she had blacked out. I think Chris suspected she may have been fondeled or that her attacker was intending to rape her, which is why she was uptight about sex. As for Jason, I think he just saw Chris go limp and gave up on her, confusing her for dead. Along the same lines, if a teen at Crystal Lake was passed out drunk somewhere, I don’t think Jason would take the time to kill them.

  6. Maybe it was just a premonition to things about to come true… was all a dream thats seemed real

  7. Yeah i wondered why he didnt kill her. I think they made a mistake on that bit off the film, didnt think it through prop!

  8. I dont know whats stupider. The Chris story, or the ending to part 8 when Jason gets turned back into a kid thats not a mongaloid. I really would like to know Whos dumb idea it was for that lame flashback. Now see it wouldve worked if Jason was dressed in the overalls and wearing the potato sack. Or maybe if Hes unmasked, give Him the long hair and beard. That wouldve been a little more believeable. Or maybe if part 3 didnt take place the day after part 2. They shouldve jumped ahead a few years like the gap between parts 1 and 2 (5 years). I figure after the events in part 2, Jason shaved his head and changed clothes to change his apperance so maybe the cops wouldnt find Him. And as for the blackout, I think our Boy Jason got a little curious and may have had his way with Her. I mean cmon all the tits and sex he witnesses and the fact that Jason drowned because of horny teenagers. Maybe He wanted to see what the thrill was about. He walks off with Chili’s body as well, and We never see Her body again. A necro perhaps? Anyway, that little flashback is one of the most dumbest moments in FT13th history.

  9. Has it ever been adressed if Jason raped Chris? Because I think they never adressed that, I think he did because she was really distant after all that happened to her, when she returned to her family’s cabin, and maybe that and the attack were the reason why didn’t want to come back to the lake for the weekend with her friends.

  10. I thought there was only a few months between 1 and 2. Not five years.

  11. I would think that he would be repulsed by the act of sex. Like what JB Demented said it was partially because of horny teenager that he drowned in the first place. My guess is sex was the last thing on his mind. It does stand to reason as stated in another post above that when she passed out he mistook her for dead and left her alone. He has too much rage to think about carnal acts.

  12. washingtonbc,
    There was indeed 5 years inbetween the first and second movies. Deputy Winslow mentioned it to Paul after bringing Jeff and Sandra back from trespassing. Also, it is mentioned at the infamous campfire scene. There are so many time periods to track in the series it could seem like only months. :)

  13. I went and re-read the part 2 synopsis on the site. Two months pass between 1 and 2. Then Alice gets the pick in the head. Then 5 years pass. Is that right?

  14. I like to think that Jason rape Chris,it make him more violent and severe and I like that fact, I dont understand why so many people get upset by the idea of Jason raping a woman. I mean what´s the big deal? he is a man and if Jason were more of a pervert at least when he was still alive (in the first 4 movies) I think it would have been more frightening and perverse, I HATE when they make him look like a “scared momma´s boy” one that hate sex and would never harm a child, what´s frightening or brutal about that?! we are talking about a fearfull killer!! and sadly In my opinion, in the later movies they have make him like that.

  15. I think that there was NO rape. Chris would not return if the attack was that brutal, plus I just don’t think J is a rapist. He is a killer. He messed up his ambush and was surprised by Chris fighting back. In my minds eye I see Chris not being far from home and perhaps the attack drawing attention to JMan. Chris’s parent were perhaps already looking for her and Jason would have been outnumbered and without a weapon. Are there any points n the Paramount 8 that J takes on more than one victim at once? Besides the bed impaling, I’m not sure. Yes, of course the wardrobe peeps messed up with the costume, but I can see past that error. The scene really is just incomplete. We should have seen flashlights and people calling after Chris to make J retreat or at least hide, like he hid in the barn. Chris’s parents shaking her awake and a POV stalking scene of them escorting Chris to safety would have tied it up fine. (with overalls and/or sack also) sound OK?

  16. Yes washingtonbc thats correct, also in jason’s lair at the end of F13 part 2, Alice’s decomposed body is there with the ice pick still in her skull. As for Chris’s flashback, remember this was filmed in ‘82 as only the second sequel to a product not quite a franchise and with everyone believing the next one was the last one. This scene (that at the time was only available in theaters eg. no home video to watch frame by frame for bloopers) was a great way to show Jason without his mask on and keep some action on the screen. It’s only after 12 movies and three decades that this scene causes problems with the faithful.

  17. I kinda believe that Jason raped her. He made these strange gestures toward her, especially the illusion at the end of the movie. He’s in the top floor window, with no mask, and does this look he’s never done before. Maybe when she blacked out,it turned him on.

  18. Thanks, Jasongoalie67 I think we are on the right track.

    Jason didn’t rape anyone. That’s it. Don’t make Jason a perv like Freddy.

    She kicked the knife out of his hand then she blacked out. All that means is that she was so scared that she can’t recall what happened. She took off, he failed to kill her. She could have fainted on the front porch of her house or even inside. No way in hell she would return there like she did if she was violated like that by a crazed mongoloid psycho.

  19. That’s what I love about this blog, we get down to the questions about the series that don’t make any sense. I don’t think Chris was raped. My guess is that the police came upon them and Jason ran off and hid away. The time is the tougher of the two questions. It seems funny that sense parts 2 and 3 had the same director you’d think their would be some continuity. Evidently not the case. I don’t know exactly what to think. The question would have been answered better if the start of 3 didn’t pick up right where 2 left off. Maybe they should have changed the story and had their be a gap of time (a couple of months) between the end of 2 and the start of 3, then I believe it would have worked better.

  20. Outside of the box pitch on this one, but it’s possible that it wasn’t Jason at all that attacked her, but rather someone else entirely. Seems to me that it was more likely a case of flimsy story telling…The film as a whole, while a fun entry, doesn’t make a ton of sense, when it comes to continuity, the ending dream sequence, the bog of a lake, location, etc. etc. etc.

    love it when J head butts the window to free his hands, though. Awesome.

  21. See I don’t think Jason raped her. He’s always been a killer with *some* morals to me. Like he hasn’t killed children (he was trying to kill Corey Feldman, but he didn’t) and he doesn’t kill animals, and he doesn’t like rape (murders the guy trying to rape the girl in both Part 8 and FVJ). So I don’t see him raping chris. It was just one of those moments that just leaves you scratching your head in confusion.

  22. I don’t think Jason is a rapist, that’s never crossed my mind, he is a pure blooded killer simple as that, BUT that scene did leave the audiance wondering what the hell really happened, and back in the 80’s when they made it, maybe they didn’t know where they were going to take the character of Jason at the time, so maybe rape seemed like an idea.

    Now Dachande, you said something about Jason killing the guys in Part’s 8 and FVJ who were trying to rape the girls, and how he did not like it, the thing is HE WAS DEAD at that time in both those movies, a rotted corpse, where as back in part 3 he was still alive and still had natural urges to a certain degree…

  23. Chris heard/knew about the stories of Jason, and used that to make up the attack angle to keep her boyfriend out of her virgin pants. When she saw Jason later and said something like “you!”, she just realized it was Jason from the stories she had heard… You could use this for her daydreams of Jason still coming her (even though she had defeated him already) because she used him as an excuse to not get nasty with her Bfriend. She felt guilty and wondered if her lies brought Jason around… and she’s going to carry that guilt for the rest of her life. (and be partly nutty because of it.)

    Think about the boy who cried wolf. He kept crying wolf, and eventually the wolf did come. Chris cried Jason, and Jason came…

    I think this idea is as good as any of them.

  24. As for Jason being a rapist…

    Folks… he is a monster. Jason would rape and kill and it doesnt have to be in that order. Just because it isn’t on a screen, doesn’t mean he wouldnt. As a fan, i would just rather not view a rape or even have it mentioned because there is just no real purpose or reason for it.

    The only reason he wouldnt want sex is if maybe he’s deformed in other area’s besides the head on his shoulders. Who knows, he may have had a goat out in the woodshed.

  25. Jason killed Alice for obvious reasons. He is next known to turn up attacking Chris in the woods. Then Part 2 takes place and Jason kills those people because they are in or near his camp. So maybe Jason wasn’t a complete maniac when he found Chris and this is why the attack seems random and he leaves her alone.

  26. also, Chris only knows that a guy with a knife went at her in the woods and didn’t kill her, so she probably fears his intent was to rape her.

  27. I do want to mention one thing he was NOT WEARING THE GREEN SHIRT and gray pants he stole from Harold in the flashback. The shirt was a filthy gray and the pants were about the same color. This is clear in photos taken on set, one of which is on my timeline blog posting at

    Also, Jason was not a rapist. Chris had no memory but she managed to get away because well Jason was a clumsy, bumbling fool at the time (this is even before his bumbling in part 2)not yet a seasoned killer.

  28. oh wow jasonlivessince1980, good catch on the clothing, i don’t think anyone has ever caught that.

  29. ok you all,,,,,,,,this part of the movie is a #*ck up.please waste no more time trying to analyze……..remember if you are truly a fan you have too remember the first 4 films were filmed one right after another,,,,,,,,,so they were starting to film the 3rd one before the 2nd one hit the big screen,,,,people//they just got in a hurry,thats all

  30. I dunno. I think my reasoning fits well…. or, it can.

  31. I do want to mention one thing he was NOT WEARING THE GREEN SHIRT and gray pants he stole from Harold in the flashback. The shirt was a filthy gray and the pants were about the same color. This is clear in photos taken on set, one of which is on my timeline blog posting at

    I saw your pic, and I can see where it would look gray. Hey, you and the others that study Jason’s hocks and outfits for replicas have spent much more time than I have researching. I’d like to see more pics from the set to see if it is very clearly a gray shirt.

    Watching the movie again, it is the exact same design of shirt that is worn throughout the movie. And while watching that scene the lighting can suggest that the shirt is possibly green or gray. Hard to tell. I would be surprised if they bought a specific gray shirt just for that flashback scene and then had a green shirt for the rest of the film.

    Maybe others will chime in and let me know that it is gray. I know a few people for certain that would know the answer for sure. I will ask and see. Also, I like your timeline, Jason. Indeed different than a lot of the other ones on the web. Awesome job!

  32. Thanks Jason, I try!

    It probably is the same kind of shirt as the famous Olive Drab Big Mac he wore through most of the film in that its a collared button down work shirt, I haven’t seen the pockets on it so not sure if the flashback shirt was also a Big Mac, will have to look at that, but yeah it looks very possible. Notice the shirt is much dirtier in the flashback to the point where its almost brown across the shoulders, I think they were aware they would not be able to use the same shirt for an event that took place before the previous film, even though they went with one that was almost too similar :)

  33. While I’ve always wanted it to be more than a contrived sub plot, the relevance of the prior Chris Higgins/Jason encounter stands out as just a weak diversion. This little teasing tidbit into why Jason would have been there and done this to Chris in the first place is ventured into both too much, and not enough, almost like it was decided mid production to halt any further character development for each.

    Since the series does rely heavily on suspending belief within obvious fictitious boundaries via the dream/hallucination excuse, we’re left to only assume any number of possible scenarios. I hate the dream possibility here. My personal imagining is that Chris’s folks had some bizarre connection with the Voorhees family/Pam Voorhees going as far back as Camp Crystal Lake staff in the mid to late 1950’s.

  34. no doubt he was hittin it.note that in the beginning of part 4 in the barn the cops r talking and the ambulance driver talk about jason asking if this is the guy leaveing all the white even says that in unless jason was the crystal coke connection for the lake what else could it mean??lol

  35. I always though it was funny Dana Kimmel Did such a bettter job acting in Sweet Sixteen

  36. not white stuff….”wet” stuff. blood, guts, etc.

  37. Here’s my theory there’s like 2-3 days between 2+3 right? and five years between 1+2 The attack happened 2 years before the events of pt3 (according to the time-line) so during the time of the attack he was still laying dormant so its possible he was still honing his killing skills, think about it Jason is out in the woods looking for rabbit, deer etc she’s Chris and thought it would be a test to kill human prey its probable that as was the first time Ol’ Jason was a bit sloppy and when she started screaming he didnt want to draw attention to himself and got cold feet.I dont really agree with the rape angle though.

  38. My theory is that the writers for this series generally suck balls and they dont give a rats ass about consistencies. When Dana Kimmel signed her contract to play Chris, she was a struggling actress and would’ve done anything for a job, regardless of how poorly her character and the story was written. That’s my theory at least.

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