Franchise Crossover: Once Bitten On Friday The 13th

Back in the 1985, the horror genre was in full swing and many actors were quite interchangable between movies in the horror genre as they had experience in the movies and were easily recognizable to producers. When Once Bitten came along, a very young and unknown Jim Carrey was cast to star in a horror comedy that hinted at the wonders of sex and their consequences, um without protection.


Since Friday the 13th was a genre film and was viewed by it’s actors as a launching pad to a career in Hollywood, it came as no surprise that you would start to see stars from the franchise appear in newer movies throughout the decade of the 80’s. If you watch this movie closely their a number of Friday the 13th alumn scattered about the movie.

Alumn in the film include Dominick Brascia (A New Beginning), Carey More (The Final Chapter) and Stu Charno (Part 2). They all have pretty funny scenes and have smaller parts, but there are not many movies that have this many Friday the 13th actors collected within one motion picture!


I have two candy bars, don’t tell the girls!


Stu: So, should we join them?
Carey: Why don’t we just go upstairs?
Stu: Welcome to god’s country!!


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8 Responses to “ Franchise Crossover: Once Bitten On Friday The 13th ”

  1. I like this movie. I’m suprised I never noticed these people. And I call myself a Friday fan…

  2. This is the same as Return Of The Living Dead where we had Thom Matthews (part 6), Miguel A. Núñez Jr.(part 5) and Mark Venturini (part 5). It’s true this did happen a lot in the 80’s. The crossover was huge. Now what were some others… ?

  3. Return of the Living Dead was an awesome movie! Good call on that one Colin. There are a few more movies like these that have Friday alumn. What are they indeed!?

  4. Wouldn’t it be cool if Jim Carrey killed Dominick Brascia’s character in Once Bitten with an axe as when tried to walk away from him?

  5. April Fools Day had Amy Steel from part 2. Does that count as one? :)

  6. I was thinking of genre films with multiple Friday alum in them like Once Bitten and ROLD. But yes, April Fools Day was great and as always so was Miss. Steel…. Ah Miss. Steel. :D

  7. Actauly speaking of films with just one Friday alum in it Peter Barton (Doug in part 4) was in Hell Night and Kimbery Beck (Trish in part 4) was in Massacre at Central High. Tom Fridley (Cort in part 6) was in Summer Camp Nightmare as well.

  8. this is for kane, “Sleepaway Camp 3 Teenage Wasteland” and the movie “Fast Food” have a lot of the same ppl in it. Pamela Springsteen, Tracy Griffith and Michael J. Pollard

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