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We all are very knowledgeable when it comes to the franchise. I am sure any number of us can pick out music, or a phrase, or whole dialogue when listening to a TV from afar and guess exactly what Friday the 13th movie those are from and even the exact scene. So, maybe we can test your audio skills another time, but for now, the question is could you visually pick out a scene and tell us from what movie and what scene it is from?

It’s easy, just look at the picture and tell us. Oh, well there is a little bit of an obstacle. You’ll have to be able to get through all that distortedness first. Can you pick out the scene and movie the pictures below are from?


Scene #1  (Pam ready to throw chainsaw at Roy in barn in A New Beginning)



Scene #2  (Ginny in Bar with Ted and Paul in Part 2)



Scene #3  (Deckhand on boat telling Scott, “they’re all doomed” in Jason Takes Manhattan)



 Scene #4  (Jason’s head sliding down machete to floor, The Final CHapter)



Image #5  (Paul telling campfire story in Part 2)



Image #6  (Ali in barn asking, “what are you guys doing up there” in Part 3)



Image #7  (Chewie and Lawrence playing shoot the boot in F13 2024)


Image # 8  (Two cops getting heads smashed together by possessed Robert in JGTH)


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23 Responses to “ Name That Friday the 13th Scene ”

  1. Scene #2: Ginny at the bar in Part 2
    Image #5: Paul at the campfire in Part 2 or 3
    Image #6: Jason in Part 3, the scene in the barn at the end of the movie.

  2. #1 No idea.
    #2 Ginny at the bar (part 2)
    #3 Jason jumping out of the water (end part 1)
    #4 Looks possibly like Jason with a sleeping bag victim smashing against a tree?? (part 7 maybe)
    #5 Paul at the campfire (part 2)
    #6 Ali in the barn (part 3)
    #7 no idea
    #8 no idea

  3. let me try:
    1)the fat redneck guy from new beginning
    2) ginny from part 2
    3)too hard!! maybe jason
    4) the corpse of mrs vhorees from part 2
    5) jason without tha mask but i don’t’ know if is from part 3 or 4
    6) ali from part 3
    7) the new guys from the remake at the cottage
    8) maybe some scene from part 4 but is too difficult!!-)

  4. #1 Pam with a chainsaw (part 5)
    #2 Ginny at the bar (part 2)
    #3 Jason jumping out of the water at alice, at the end (part 1)
    #4 Tina laying naked on a blanket (part 5)
    #5 Paul at the campfire (part 2)
    #6 Ali in the barn (part 3
    #7 Chewie and lawrence drinking from a shoe (F13th reboot)
    #8 Jason smashing two cops heads together (part 9)

  5. #1 Pam with a chainsaw (part 5)
    #2 Ginny at the bar (part 2)
    #3 The sailor (part 8) <—–
    #4 Mrs. Voorhees decapitation?!! (part 1)
    #5 Paul at the campfire (part 2)
    #6 Ali the motorcyclist (part 3)
    #7 Chewie and lawrence (F13th reboot)
    #8 ahhhh… no idea

  6. The only one I\\\’m totally sure of is number 4. It is clearly Jason\\\’s death in TFC.

  7. First I thought it was Mrs Voorhees from part 1 (The kill her mommy part)

    But now I think it’s the Deck Hand in JTM..

    All other pictures have got their right answers already.. I think :)

    Cool trivia Jasonsfury

  8. Picture 3# in the above comment..
    Sorry, I forgot to mention that.

  9. Image 5 is in Part IV when the helicopter pilot says “OK boy and girls, let’s get going!”

  10. Great guesses everyone. I will let everyone know the actual scenes tomorrow!

  11. 1.)
    From Part 5: Pam is about to throw thee out-of-gas chainsaw against the wounded Roy.

    2.) From Part 2: Ginny at the bar

    3.) JTM: Shot of the Deck Hand. Probably when he told Sean that thhe voyage was doooomed.

    4.) From TFC: Jason´s death / machete-slide

    5.) Part 2: Paul at the campfire

    6.) Part 3: It´s LOCO in the barn!

    7.) From the reboot: chewie and Lawrence at that ping-pong game (though I belive that this is a promo-still).

    8.) The two cops getting their heads smashed together in JGTH by possessed Robert.

  12. 1. Part 5
    2. Part 2
    3. Part 8
    4. Part 4
    5. Part 2
    6. Part 3
    7. Remake
    8. JGTH

  13. Scene 1: Part 5-Pam with the chainsaw
    Scene 2: Part 2-Ginny in the bar
    Scene 4: Part 4-Jasons head sliding down the machete
    Scene 5: Part 2-Paul telling the Jason legend by the campfire to the other counslers

    Scene 6: Part 3-Ali screaming for Fox in the barn after finding Loco’s body

    Scene 7: Remake (2009)-Lawrence and Chewie playing shoot the boot
    Scene 8: JGTH-The 2 cops (Mark and Brian) that Jason bashes their heads together

    As for scene 3 I was clueless, but someone above said it might have been the deck hand from part 8, looking at the image now I believe it does look like that scene. The others I guessed on My own.

  14. 1. Pam with the chainsaw in part 5
    2. Ginny at the bar in Part 2
    3. Deckhand in part 8
    4. Jason’s death in part 4
    5. Paul at the campfire
    6. Ali in the barn in part 3
    7. Chewie and Lawrence in the 2024 remake.
    8. Cops heads smashed together in JGTH.

  15. I think Scene #3 is Steve Christie from part one with the flashlight…..”Oh Hi….being out in this mess” and whack into his stomach.

  16. I first thought 5# was that scene (Christie with the flashlight in part 1), but then you see at least 2 other people in the picture if you look closely so it can’t be that scene..

  17. part 7
    part 2 at the bar
    part 8 the deck hand- he is about to die
    part 1 Mom with no head!
    part 2 Paul at campfire
    part 3 Ali in the barn
    Reboot play beer pong

  18. 1. V – Pam with the chainsaw, in the barn.
    2. 2 – Ginney, near the end?
    3. V – Tommy
    4. FvsJ – Jason’s shadow on the street/road
    5. TFC – Prologue: Around the campfire with Paul Holt, segueing to Steve Christy with flashlight.
    6. 3 – Ali in the barn
    7. ??? Scene from the original ???
    8. JGTH – Officers Mark & Brian.

  19. Scene 1: Pam and her chainsaw – Part 5
    Scene 2: Ginny Field – Part 2
    Scene 3: Mrs. Voorhees – Part 1
    Scene 4: It could be several different things and I’m not sure about it so I’m not guessing. I really don’t see the TFC ending in that one though.
    Scene 5: Paul Holt and everyone else around the fire – Part 2
    Scene 6: Ali in the barn – Part 3
    Scene 7: Beer pong – Remake
    Scene 8: Megan’s Father and the deputy – Part 6

  20. 1–pam w/ chainsaw
    2–ginny at bar
    3–ralph knock-off from part 8
    4–jason’s death in pt 4 (i think)
    5–campfire paul
    6–ali losing a hand
    7–beer pong from the stupid remake
    8–cop head crush from JGTH

  21. 1–Pam with chainsaw
    2–Ginny at the bar
    3–Deck hand from part 8
    4–Alice and Mrs Voorhees fighting on the ground
    5–Paul telling legend around the campfire
    6–Ali in the barn
    7–Remake, beer pong
    8–Cops heads smashed together from JGTH

  22. or maybe #3 is from Part 3 when the bikers are stealing the gas?

  23. Hey everyone, I put the answers to the scenes next to the image.

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