ET Behind The Scenes with Jason Goes To Hell

jason-et-6I was really excited when I heard Jason Goes to Hell was being made. And it was not easy to find information on the movie at the time. There was no Internet access at my house yet, or many places for that matter. I did not get the movie magazine either, so I was eager to learn more about the new movie. Then one night I was watching Entertainment Tonight and on appeared the Behind The Scenes of Jason Goes To Hell.

There are some great on location shots of the production that I hope at some point make it into a Blu-Ray release.




There’s also a good interview with Kane Hodder and the unveiling of the Wax statue of Jason Voorhees.


It’s a great spot, so check out the clip and see what you think.

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24 Responses to “ ET Behind The Scenes with Jason Goes To Hell ”

  1. I remember ET doing a segment on Freddy vs. Jason also. I never got to see this one though. “The Final Friday”. LMAO

  2. friday the 13 saga is forever

  3. Best look of Jason in my opinion, he looks so strong and rotten, great stuff, its a shame that he appears just a few minutes

  4. Hmmmm…

    I remember seeing the previews for this and getting very excited to see it. I had been let down by Jason Takes Manhattan and was ready for a “redemption” installment for the series.

    Boy was I wrong! The first few minutes were cool except that I remember asking myself how the hell Jason got back to Crystal Lake from New York City. After Jason blew up, I just kept wondering and wondering when Jason was going to show up again. I haven’t seen this film since I was thoroughly disappointed by it in 1993.

  5. I’m pretty sure it has been said before but I’ll say it again. This movie is good as a horror film just not all that good as a F13.

  6. this movie was really underrated for a Friday flick. unlike many of the other movies in the series, this one actually has a half-decent plot for once. i think we tend to be blind towards the fact that it\’s a pretty good installment in our series just because Jason gets blown up and it\’s not really him doing the physical killing.

  7. imo this is the most disappointing F13th movie there

  8. Worst movie in the franchise!

    I’ll never own this piece of crap – thanks New Line.

  9. Brett,
    I am on board with you here. This movie has some of the top ranking kills in the franchise and does indeed have a plot. They are not rehashing the same formula over again for this sequel. People actually put a lot into this production and New Line marketed this movie as well as many mainstream movies are today. The fact that Jason as a physical entity was not killing really id throw people off. It was a gamble on the part of the filmmakers and didn’t pay off like they hoped. However, I think fans should give this movie a chance as the opening scene is awesome and there is a ton of gore and action in this movie.

    I can see where you’re coming from in a way, but if the movie is good as a horror movie then isn’t that what Friday the 13th movies are, horror movies. In that thinking then this is a good movie.

  10. Brett, I agree. While it’s not one of the Fridays that I truly love or watch a lot of, it was a well done, entertaining, halfway intelligent edition to the series. I at least applaud the filmmakers for having the bravery to do something new and fresh. Not to mention having a much better than average cast as well.

  11. jasonsfury, it certainly did have some top ranking kills in the franchise. and how about at the end, it was kind of cool to see “jason” onscreen for the fight sequence…

    barry, i dont find myself watching it often of loving it either. but it definitely was fresh ideas here. but we all give it such a bad rap because of the whole premise of jason not truly being in it.

    a little bit of randomness from me here but i was just wondering how old my fellow Friday addicts are. i’m 28. im always curious to know..

  12. They felt like they needed to take the series in a different direction after the lackluster performance of Jason Takes Manhattan. Paramount didn’t even want the franchise after that and New Line bought the rights (and the dilemma about what to do next with it). Based on the earnings of Part 8, it was probably agreed that another traditional slasher would not work for Jason for a ninth film. So they came up with Jason Goes To Hell. The best way to watch Jason Goes To Hell is to close your eyes with the volume all the way up and imagine that Jason is the one actually killing people throughout the whole movie.

  13. I loved that JGTH started to give zombie jason an explanation other than being struck by lightning by showing the book from evil dead but they didn’t follow through in the film so it was kidda a pointless apperance. But at least the book reminded me of a movie with a villian in it i could see.

  14. Are you kidding me? This movie was nothijg but early 90’s exploiation CHEEZY garbage!!! Every movie some new director thought “Ooh, I’ll give Jason a new twist”. Jason never needed a new twist, all he needed was a good story. Old school(ala Parts 2-4) Jason with a good story.

  15. Oh yeah….Nice Mullet Kane!

  16. I always hated when movie studios ran out of ideas and all of a sudden try to throw some out of nowhere mythology into a series. Like Jason eats hearts and his spirit magically transforms into a new body. They did it in the Halloween series too. Halloween 6 tried to add a lame new Michael Myers “Thorn” cult and some weird drugs that MM got injected with.

  17. I liked this movie much better when it was called “The Hidden”. I don’t give a crap what the director claims, this flick was a blatant rip-off of that far superior film.

    The whole movie is comprised of ideas that are never fully formed or followed through on. Jason is a wormy parasite thingie? Okay…why? Is it because of the Necronomicon? Toxic Waste from New York? Bad diet? We are never given a real explanation, and the result is a mess of a film. Why did Creighton Duke know so much about Jason, and seemingly had battled him before? The creators of this installment didn’t see the need to tell us that either. The entire flick is one giant mess with plot wholes you could drive a Mack Truck through.

  18. Gill-Man, Creighton Duke knew Jason because Jason killed his wife earlier in his life. That portion of the story was cut from the movie, but was mentioned in subsequent publications during and after the movie’s release. There’s actually a number of scenes cut involving Creighton Duke that have the movie make a little more sense.

  19. One of my biggest gripes with this film was the fact that they gave no explanation whatsoever of how Jason got from the toxic waste in the sewers of New York back to being full-grown zombie Jason back stalking the woods of Crystal Lake.

    Not that the F13 films have exactly been THAT great with continuity (um, “Lake Forest Green” anyone?), at least you pretty much always knew how Jason got from the end of one film to the beginning of the next. I remember after seeing this film for the first time and thinking that it seemed more like a “reboot” of Friday the 13th as opposed to the 9th film in the series, since it didn’t feel like there was really anything connecting it to the previous films.

    It’s been awhile since I actually watched this movie, but I remember the scene where somebody’s watching a “Hard Copy” type show and they’re doing a story on Jason. Couldn’t they have at least thrown in a line or something about reports of Jason at one time having been spotted in Times Square or something? I know Part 8 wasn’t exactly a cinematic masterpiece, but SOMETHING connecting the films would’ve been nice.

  20. This movie in my own opinion will go down as a classic joke. It’s like part 5, it exists, but ignored.

  21. This is one of those movies where I have very fond memories of seeing it in the theaters. I actually went twice. Jason Takes Manhattan was made in 1989 so by ‘93 I was totally psyched just to see Jason again. This movie is by no means Citizen Kane and it’s not meant to be. I hated and still hate part 8 more than any other entry in the series. It was the biggest let down, more than this movie was. But I was 17 when this came out and when I watch it now, I have to smile and recall where I was at that time. So I don’t mind it so much. I think all of us have those memorable moments, especially with Jason. JGTH is definitely the one for me. My favorites are still parts 2-4 and nothing will ever top those in my opinion. I loved the TV series so to see John D Lemay is this one was awesome. Plus, Creighton Duke was the coolest character for me out of the whole series. It’s a shame they butchered his backstory cause he did have one and it made more sense later on seeing the cut scenes.

  22. This is the only Jason movie I don’t own. I can’t stand it.

  23. where did you find the pics?

  24. They are screen caps from the video I posted a link to above.

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