Uber-Jason Returns For One Night Only

jasonx-2Last night on NBC’s Community, Derek Mears had a guest appearance in a pseudo B action movie called Kickpuncher. It was a very small role, but a funny little part. Derek is a great guy and I am glad to see him getting so many opportunities now, with Predators, TV guest spots and his Comedy Sportz gig in L.A. Congrats Derek! Now, lets see him in his signature role on the big screen once again!

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10 Responses to “ Uber-Jason Returns For One Night Only ”

  1. There shouldn’t of even been an Uber-Jason in the first place, it’s stupid.

  2. Uber-Jason was bad ass, he was the ultimate killing machine, to bad we only seen him for the last 20 minutes of the movie.

  3. Uber-Jason WAS lame
    he was like Lord Zedd from the power rangers which was also lame


  4. hahahah! lord zed thats kinda cool!!!

  5. Goober Jason. All I have to say.

  6. ultimate killing machine?

    he killed 2 holograms,haha.

  7. moises i agree the idea was kinda lame and yes you are right he only killed 2 holograms as you put it, but think about it, first we had Jason who was hell hard to kill and super strong, then we had undead zombie Jason who was pretty much indestructable coulnd’t really die, then we have uber Jason, just think of the destruction he could do if he had a full movie, you think he was hard to kill before imagine how hard it be to do anything to him as uber Jason, total reconstructed upgraded body, now has 2 perfect upgraded eyes. his strengh now would be beyong anything he had before.

  8. uber-jason Vs the terminator!!!
    i would pay to see that!!!

  9. Jason X was on the space channel on friday night. I watched it but couldnt help but think how bad it actually is.

  10. The only cool thing about Uber Jason was how he looked…other than that nhe never should have been

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