Email Service Down - FIXED

Our free email addresses have been down with some tech difficulties. If you’re one of the many users of this service, please use an alternative mailbox until further notice. It’s very rare that problems occur with the mailbox but I am working to fix the issue. I will update this post as I receive further word.

Update: Issue fixed. Email now works.

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14 Responses to “ Email Service Down - FIXED ”

  1. Whoa, this sucks for it’s many users of “” e-mail address users. Both of mine are Yahoo!, so admiedly I’m not too bummed, but I hope the problem is fixed soon, whatever the cause is/was.

    In the meantime, cause I try to stay on topic here and there is only ever so much to talk about in the Blogs and none of us know if and when the official Friday message boards here will ever be back up (for some reason I highly doubt it), you can always find me prowling the Internet Movie Database boards for the first 5 Friday threads (my favorite). I use this screen name.

    Does anybody else have an Internet Movie Database account? If so, go on over to any of the first 5 Friday boards there, and you can add me as a friend. I’m on pretty regularly. PM me too if ya ever wanna bullshit. I’m pretty easy to find.

    Peace …

  2. I have a question about IMDB… How in the world does a person get an account there? I tried signing up and it says something about having to have made a purchase?? I don\’t get it. Could someone please help me step by step to gaining an account there? Thank you in advance.

  3. Hey Chris,

    Well when I re-signed up a few weeks ago, it appears things have changed, and there were three new ways that I was given to verify my screen name and account, and I choose the one that just required me to log into me account (I buy online there, and at regularly). You can also e-mail the people about technical support. My heart goes out to ya, bro, cause I fuckin’ hated haivng to re-sign back up recently, and was relived when it was all finally done.

    Later for now.

  4. That’s why I memorized my password. Anyway, my name on IMDB is deathbyhippies5, and I’m on the Big Lebowski boards a lot. Any other Dude fans out there?

  5. Cool, cool. I love me some Coen Bros films. The Dude is 1# in my book. Can’t wait for that new edition shaped like a bowling ball. I’m gonna order it at Amazon soon.

    As I said, you all can always find me prowling the Friday boards (namely the first five films) in which I’m always givin’ my perverbial two cents, when time allows. ;)

  6. Shaped like a bowling ball?! Holy crap, I have to get that. The only way to make it better would be a button the side that when pressed, says “Yeah, but he’s a pervert Dude” or “Walter, they peed on my rug!”.

  7. Nosfertau,

    Yup, I seen it on ove at ain’t it cool I’m so gonna get it :D

  8. good cuz i e-mail this site with new bloopers and never got a respond.

  9. “good cuz i e-mail this site with new bloopers and never got a respond”

    I’ve done that a lot as well, with e-mailing fresh Bloopers I’m always finding, trying to get credit and to add to the overall list, cause I find lookin’ for the ones listed and adding new ones fun. However, I’ve since stopped trying to get a responce a long time ago.

  10. Hey captain_brandon1980…Just curious, are you the guy who used to own “”??

  11. Chris,

    I was about to turn in for the nigh and came here. Nope, I’m afraid not, my friend. In fact, I’ve never owned or even moderated for another website. I’m afriad you migth have me mistaken or just be confused. It’s all cool.

    What is all about? Never heard of it. I mainly surf genre-related sites (Fangoria,, IMDB, ect) myself.

  12. I love friday th 13 the best movies of the world

  13. captain_brandon1980,

    Ok I’m sorry, I just thought by your name and the fact you like movie bloopers that you could be who I thought you were, sorry for buggin ya friend.

  14. To Amy:

    Right on sista ;)

    And to Chris:

    Nah, your cool. No prob. ;)

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