Contest Results: Jason Takes Manhattan Japanese Laserdisc

After altering the contest last week, we received a lot more contest entries. I thought this was surprising as so many contest entries were received for the sequel poster contest. The thought was that the same talents would be utilized for this new contest as well. Perhaps it’s the movie that the contest was created for that limited the number of artistic entries. No worries though, as the entries of favorite scene in Jason Takes Manhattan were really good. There were pretty common feelings amongst the entries for favorite scenes.

The top three favorite scenes submitted were:

1. Jason vs Julius, boxing dual to the death
2. The opening scene with the love birds, speargun of love
3. Jason seeing the hock on the Billboard, hockey signup contemplation

Besides these three scenes there were actually votes for a lot of other scenes throughout the movie, including  a number of votes for Jason rockin’ the guitar on J.J.’s head and Eva being stalked and trying to evacuate the dance floor. Well enough about the scenes, lets find out who won. Congratulations to “Arson”, you are the winner of our latest contest. An email has been sent to announce the win. Thank you to everyone for entering the contest and keep a lookout for a very special contest we hope to have ready for our visitors very soon.

As a bonus for this post, I thought I would share some of the graphics submitted for the contest before the rules were changed. Enjoy!





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8 Responses to “ Contest Results: Jason Takes Manhattan Japanese Laserdisc ”

  1. LOL the last one just made my night.

  2. Really like the first one and the plate with the statue of liberty, even all of them shown are great. Congrats guys, good work!

  3. congrats to the winner, I totally forgot to submit my entry, haha

  4. I like all of the graphical representations that were submitted. But that Julius head rolling down the building is classic! :)

    From vf80: congrats to the winner, I totally forgot to submit my entry, haha

    Yea, I was surprised that I did not receive yours, especially since you commented on the contest right after it began. C’mon, get your act together! ;)

  5. Fantastic job guys, and well done to the winner!!!

  6. Jason takes the love boat, thats hilarious.

  7. Yeah Jason, with the holiday it completely slipped my mind, I kicked myself in the ass myself for that one lol

  8. Damn. I wish I would have known about this. Part 8 is my favorite in the series.

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