Jason In Action Again With New Wickedbeard Photos

Wickedbeard recently posted some new shots of himself in costume over at the Benevolent Street forum and they look great as always. I grabbed a few pics that he posted at their forum to give everyone here an idea of what the costumes looked like. If you’re interested in seeing more pictures of these versions of Jason, click on the link above to visit that forum and see all of Jason in his many action poses.




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18 Responses to “ Jason In Action Again With New Wickedbeard Photos ”

  1. awesome pics

  2. damn accurate!! sweeeeet!

  3. This man is just sick with the costume making. If I had the space I’d pay him so I could build a “Hall of Jason”.

  4. As always wickedbeard delives.Damn,that guy’s got mad skills.Platinum Dunes give this guy a job already………….KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  5. I LOVE that remake Jason costume. That might be the most awesome Jason costume I’ve ever seen.

  6. Oops that should have been “delivers”

  7. WB is the man, each new creation seems to trump the last, bravo!

  8. The one from the remake made me say “Wow” out loud. Great work!

  9. Just curious does WB visit this site or post here???

  10. He does visit and has posted here in the past. I have not seen him post here of late, though.

  11. So…WB makes these things himself, or buys from people at top-dollar? this is f’n sick…I’d LOVE to have these costumes…I just never have the $! WOW WBW just WOW!

  12. he is a BAD A$$! he does a great job and i am sure works his butt off!

  13. Great pics!!! Such great detail!!!

  14. Thanks so much Jasonsfury ,and Tony for all your continued support and recognition, and thanks to all you folks for all your wonderful compliments.I work very hard on these suits, and I am so glad you all enjoy them as much as I do.
    And just to give everyone a little info,none of my costumes are made from high end parts(except for my pred mask).Most of my clothing, I get from local thrift shops.As for my undermasks ,I hunt down good deals on various message board classified sections, and e-bay.Almost all my hocks are from Frightstuff blanks, except my X hock which is a blank that I painted up from fiberglassmasks.com.
    I do wanna give props to Utubeslasher for the awesome remake sack pictured above, and Crazydog productions for the part 6 hock.
    Most of my investment in these suits is a ton of elbow grease ,creativity, and time.I strive for a certain amount of accuracy, but realism is always my goal over anything else.I try to weather all my clothing as if it has seen some actual age, and damage, but I am careful to not over weather.That can sometimes ruin an otherwise effective costume.So in most cases less is better.
    All my weapons I pose with or carry at conventions ,give or take a few are real, but I do construct the hard to find prop weapons are made from scrap metal left over from my armor work.
    And lastly, and probably the most important thing to me is the portrayal of the character.I take this part very seriously.When I dress as a character, I become that character.I think it makes for a better pics and a better experience for all the awesome folks I meet at various conventions.I can be a little rough on my victims in some of my pics but you gotta do what you gotta do to get the best shot.lol

    I will be working the floor at Horrorhound?maskfest Indy in march as well so if anyone is going please stop and say hey.I would love to meet ya.
    Thanks again everyone!!!

  15. No problem, man. We all enjoy and appreciate the work you put into these costumes. Keep going! We want to see more.

  16. Not a fan of the JGTH version, but mainly because I hated that look. It’s pretty spot on though. Could use some work on the overall head, but everything else looks great.

  17. WIckerbeard, you gonna be at the Camp Blood or Texas Frightmare conventions? I’d love to get a pic with ya!

  18. Gillman , sadly I cannot afford to go to camp blood or texas for that matter, unless someone invited me and paid for my journey.lolol
    but I will be at the upcoming Horrorhound in Indy this month, Frightnight filmfest in Louisville, and Scarefest 2024 in Lexington.
    Maybe I will see you at one of these shows.

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