Does anyone remember Splatterhouse, the 80’s horror video game? Many Friday The 13th fans fondly recall it due to its possessed hockey-masked, blade-wielding main character. A very cheeky move from Namco way back when. I have spare points on my Nintendo Wii Virtual Console and this is a possible option for me to download. Beyond nostalgia, what I’d like to know is – is it a good game?

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12 Responses to “ Splatterhouse ”

  1. I’ve heard the game is pretty good from a few friends who have it. Also, there’s a remake game coming out this spring, which looks pretty cool. Relly though, it can’t be any worse than the Friday the 13th game, can it? :)

  2. Oh hell yeah! I was much more of a Super-Nintendo lad, and yet I had both systems, though mainly rented the Sega Geninus games.

    I rentd the second one a lot, and sometimes the first one from one of the two fine mom & pop modest sized video stores when I was back in my home state in subburban west Tennessee.

    I heard a new Splatterhouse is arriving this year for us X-Box 360 and you Playstation-3 owners out there. I’ll pick it up if so. I’m getting the Ghostbusters game opening day, I can tell ya.

  3. I will be picking up the new one that will be coming out this Spring. From what I read about it it’s going to be a whole lot bloodier and intense than what we all played back in the day. I mean what more can you ask for than to rip off the limbs of your victims and beat them to a bloody pulp with? Oh and chainsaw swinging action is in this as well. I can’t wait until it comes out. This game sounds as fun as Manhunt. I used to have it but sold it in order to earn cash for my Xbox 360.

  4. They actually have Splatterhouse 2 to download also. I think I got it from the Sega section. I bought both. The games are okay. For some odd reason, the Wii version of Rick has a purple hockey mask. Kinda dumb they did that. It’s hard at first, but you’ll master it eventually.
    The new version is crazy! Instead of a health bar, Rick takes damage over time. He loses his skin and muscle tissue and even limbs. It’s extremely bloody and over the top. One big change is that the mask isn’t a hockey mask. It looks more like a skull. I’m hoping that you can unlock the classic Rick as an extra.

  5. If I’ve read correctly, he has the power to regenerate.

  6. Hell yeah baby! I have the version on the Wii as well. I also have the arcade version that one of my employees copied for me from MAME and it’s waaaayyyyy better. THe graphics are MUCH more gorier than the Tubo Graphics 16 version and Rick is wearing the white hockey mask and not red. I also have parts 2 & 3 on my Genesis. The difficulty level of these games are pretty fucking hard I might add. I only beat part 3 and I needed the Sega Game Genie to do it! LOL!

  7. I beat the second one on Genesis, but I never picked up the first one on TG16 nor the 3rd on Genesis. I think the white hockey mask is what must have sold me on the part 2 back in the day.

    For some in-game footage of the new version, check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njpxmfA8G1w&feature=related

    Sadly, like every other side-scroller of the late 80s/early 90s, the gameplay seems to have gone 3d. I miss my side-scrollers.

  8. It’s coming to 360 as well. There is also a complete reimagining of Splatterhouse for next gen consoles!


    Awesome stuff.

  9. Hey Pete there’s a version of Splatterhouse on the Nintendo Wii?

  10. Too Bad Jason isn’t a boss or playable character. Rick vs. Jason! DAMN! That’d be a fun, hard-as-a-hell boss fight!

  11. James, it\’s on the Virtual console portion of the Wii to download with Wii points. All it is is the Turbo Graphix 16 version. I prefer the arcade ROM version available to play on MAME. So much better as far as graphics go and the gore is all there!

  12. I remember playing the Turbo Graphix version about 20 years ago because I vividly remember the purple mask. The funny thing is though, I have no memory whatsoever of ever playing the Turbo Graphic console, a friend must of loaned it to us or something…

    And the MAME version is better, it’s actually a very close port though, so far as I can remember. If you haven’t downloaded MAME32 yet, do it. It’s a blast and way easier to handle than the other ones (No command prompt BS, just click and play).

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