Derek Mears Currently Filming Predators. Friday Soon After?


Derek Mears recently posted at his twitter page that he is currently filming Predators and when a user asked if he was prepping for Friday the 13th after that, he commented “I am part of the cast of Predators. That’s all I’m allowed to say.”

Also, fans have been relentlessly asking Brad Fuller about the new sequel and last week mentioned “i don’t expect any friday 13th news until after the new year”.

It is quite amazing that Warner would announce a release date for a Friday the 13th sequel and then as every month passes by, producers and actors from the series have to remain hush on the subject. Why won’t Warner Bros. green light this movie and get moving on it? Is the script treatment that bad? If they do not get filming by next month, I don’t think they are going to hit their announced release date.

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  1. Missing the Friday the 13th release date would be a real bummer. When is the next one after the announced release date?

  2. I dont know, but I like that poster! :) haha

  3. Jasonsfury, I like your poster art. nice to see a bit of the classic motif included.

    The latest Friday cost 19 million to make and pulled in 65 dometically, plus foreign and dvd sales. That almost beats the Final Chapter (if adjusted for inflation), except if made today TFC would only cost about six million, not 19. With F13 fast becoming a financial behemoth to produce and market, maybe they are being a little more cautious. Frankly I can’t imagine the script treatment being that good. I think they should give Marty Kitrosser a call… we’re long overdue for an outhouse scene, and the lastest entry seemed a bit sanitized.


  4. Love the ‘part 2′ title in your poster jasonsfury :)

    Yes, I agree with ratta tatta touille about showing Jason’s face. We need that old school face reveal towards the end!

  5. RE: Is the script treatment that bad?

    With same writers as the reboot I strongly believe; Yes.

    Watched the reboot about a week ago and still can’t believe all envolved in the decision decided NOT to go with the deleted scenes of Jason getting the mask (did we really need to hear crap like talking to a mannequin about losing virinity to it) and the alternate ending (did we really need to hear “say hello to Mommy in hell”). The deleted stuff was so much better than what the theatrical release was.

    Thought these deleted scenes were closer to the original Friday’s MO than what they decided to go with.

    Give us something simple, darker and scarier and with some cutting strings in the score for the next one, please.

  6. Thanks, guys. I thought everyone would appreciate the classic Part 2 title from the movie. ;)

    I agree with you John Robert. They should have left he original scene in where Jason gets the hock. One, it was a cooler kill. Two, it made more sense on how he got the mask. Three, it would have dispelled the whole weed farmer angle as Jason was at the barn stealing the Kerosene and not just showing up to kill the dude because he trespassed and took weed.

  7. I just read some disheartening news that Friday 2’s release date has been bumped over at I’m bummed because I was hoping to get my Jason fix next year.

  8. Yeap, I read that too, says on BoxMojo that Friday 2 is TBD. I guess it make sense, since it maybe in 3D. Oh well, maybe they can use the extra time to actually make a good movie. Hey it’s X-mas, can’t hurt to ask.

  9. John Carl Buechler made Friday the 13th Part VII in mere months…and it’s a pretty good film. Only John Carl Buechler can hit the 2010 release date. Platinum Dunes needs to hire him asap.


    I say let them take the time they need to make improvements. The last thing I want is a lackluster sequels that spells doom for any more sequels.

  10. I’m disappointed they’re moving the release date back, but with the lack of news, I’ve sort of been expecting it… I REALLY hope they don’t make it in 3D. Horror movies in 3D usually only happen because the 3D attracts more people, therefore they use it when they’re not sure how much money they’re going to make off it. Obviously they know that whatever they do with this movie, millions of people are going to go and see it, so I don’t really understand why they would think they’d need to go 3D with it, already… Just my thoughts…

  11. Omar, I agree. I think the only reason they are talking about doing it in 3D is they are trying to recreat the magic from part 3. Hey I like that fact movies pay homage to the past, but move forward. I might be the only one, but I thought that 4th Final Destination was not that good. Of course, I know alot who like it, then again, I watch it on bootleg over in the desert

  12. I agree with John Robert. Swift and Shannon need to go ASAP. I still boggles my mind that it took years and years to make Freddy vs Jason, but they used a script from a couple amateurs. They write like 7th graders looking for a laugh. You hear an F word every 15 seconds with the past couple movies. At that rate, the word itself loses value and just becomes annoying.

  13. Amen Kevin

  14. I second on all comments above

  15. I just hope it turns out to be a great movie for us fans who love the series. Sure, I would be disappointed if the date gets moved back but, I’d rather see a better movie if thats the case. I also heard at that they are doing reshoots on the Nightmare on Elm St. remake, which can also be a contributing factor to the delay of the film.

  16. hasn’t the movie been deleted for now? :(

  17. I also agree with everyone. Hey, as long as they’re gonna make it they can take their time. I’m just super pumped that the saga will continue. Even though the remake had some things I didn’t like. For example Jason is a non stop killing machine, HE DOES NOT TAKE HOSTAGES.

  18. Hope derek the best off luck and fun!
    I dont mind waiting as long as they do the job prperly and keep f13 as it should be. Not rush it and then think, shit…that is crap!!

  19. is there anyone who likes swift and shannon? i sure don’t!

    since FvJ, it seems all of the fans just endlessly bitch about what terrible writers they are & how they don’t deliver what we’re looking for. why the fuck do they still have the job? who’s dick are they sucking (besides each other’s)?

  20. lol… tommyblah, I couldn’t have said it better my self.

  21. Still no news?? Poor…. I was hoping we would’ve had some form of announcement by now. They could be waiting to see how the new ANOES performs…. I wonder.
    If the delay results in a better script/movie than the one they have, then the wait will have been worth it!!

  22. I loved the Friday the 13th remake i thought it was great and Derek mears is a kickass jason so far the best aside Kane Hodder in my opinion. It’s cool that he’s playin in predator’s remake thats tight i want a Freddy Vs. Jason vs. Michael like in 2012 or 2011 cause that shit would be awesome. If you think about it Ronny Yu is an ass cause he is against Jason and so are the other assholes apart of Freddy Vs. Jason. After a few sequels to Halloween, Friday the 13th, and Nightmare on elm street remakes the new 3 should fight played by Jackie, Derek, and Tyler mane.

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