Final Girl Grudge Match: Chris Higgins vs Trish Jarvis

The results of Week #2 and the Final Girl Grudge Match left Megan Garris as the clear cut winner, and by a tremendous landslide. Apparently, a girl who has visions of Jason Voorhees and a backstory that in no way fits the Friday the 13th timeline aren’t tough enough to beat out the other girl which likes to jam guy’s faces into her crotch while having high speed chases. Hmm, I think we need more female visitors on this website. At any rate, thanks to everyone who voted and now you have your work cut out for you as this next matchup might just be the toughest one of all of them.

Chris Higgins (Friday the 13th Part 3) vs Trish Jarvis (The Final Chapter)

These are two tough ladies. I don’t think that most normal guys would want to try and face off with these girls when they are backed into a corner. Chris threw books on Jason’s head, stabbed him in the hand and leg with a knife, then whacked him in the head with a wood log, knocked him out with a shovel blow to the head, then hung him by the neck and finally thrust an axe into his head. That’s an insane amount of punishment to endure from any one person, let a lone a petite girl with no prior rage issues.

Trish on the other hand dealt her own blows to Jason. She felt that Jason needed more cuts and gouges as she slices Jason arm with a machete through the basement stairs, struck Jason with multiple blows to the head with a hammer and then him through the shoulder with said hammer. As if Mr. Voorhees didn’t have enough head damage already, Trish then slammed a television over Jason’s head. And to finish everything off, Trish sliced Jason’s hand in half and embedded a machete in his chest.

I am exhausted just typing this. That’s it everyone. Good luck voting as this one should be pretty close!

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48 Responses to “ Final Girl Grudge Match: Chris Higgins vs Trish Jarvis ”

  1. Trish

  2. VOTE: Trish

    Wow, you put two well known fighters head to head… Both put Jason through a good beating, but who else could take a second story fall get up and still put up a fight?


  3. Chris

  4. I am going to have to pick:


    The main reason is because Trish was awesome too, but need the help of Tommy to finally “finish” Jason.

    At least Chris almost finished off Jason by herself.

  5. I agree with Wrangler. Trish would have been toast if Tommy hadn’t stepped in. Chris handled it all on her own. Chris gets my vote.

  6. I am voting for Chris

  7. I say trish. Yea tommy dealt the final blow but trish did a hell of alot of damage to jason.

  8. Trish the Dish

  9. Chris. Hands down.

    Yeah, Trish jumped through a window, but don’t forget, Chris took a fall, too.

    Chris gets my vote because she survived not one but two encounters with Jason-on her own. The first time she kicked the knife out of his hand. Her second encounter, she really put the hurt on Jason. A barrage of books, a stab in the hand and knee, a wood log to the skull, a shovel to the back of the head, hanging,
    and ultimately buries an axe in his dome.

    Without Tommy, Trish was backed into a corner and all out of resources. She would have been worm fodder for sure. She did put up a good fight, though.

  10. For me it was always Chris

  11. Damn this is a hard one! I love both of them…. Hmm…I’ll have to go with Chris.

  12. Chris is a tough chick, and I agree with Wrangler: Chris delivered a more “fatal” blow while Trish needed Tommy’s help; my vote goes to Chris.

  13. Chris

  14. As much as I like Trish, I am going to have to say Chris on this one. She took Jason down and without Tommy to distract and eventually finish Jason off Trish would have been a goner.

  15. Remember, without Ali, Chris would have been a goner too. ;)

  16. I like Trish more, but my vote goes to Chris for the win!

  17. this one is to hard for me

    yeah I cant pick

  18. Closest call I’ve had to make.

    Can I have two votes?

    I go with Trish in the end. She’s simply my favourite surivor.

    And for all the points about Chris, jasonfury’s right; without Ali Chris would have been a goner too.

    Although Chris really…..

    naw, I’m sticking with Trish.

  19. …meant to spell ’survivor’ correclty the first time.

  20. I’m going with my namesake… Chris.

  21. Trish JArvis a beauti and bad ass, You son of a bitch! I’ll give ya something to remember us by

  22. The best challenge ever! Both ladies are epic! Both films featured the best chase scenes. I agree that both of them had help, but I have to go with Trish.

    She went back down to help Rob and lured Jason away from Tommy. Even though she was fighting Jason, she tried to heklp others as well.

    Chris is awesome, but Trish is the clear winner!

  23. I like them both, but I’d have to say Chris.

  24. true about Ali….but he was only a distraction for Jason.
    She actually hit him with a shovel & hung him before that anyway….which she did all by herself without the help of a 10 year old!!!

  25. I’ll go with Chris, but Pam was great too!

  26. CHRIS! Man, I love Dana Kimmell.

  27. That’s an easy one for me… Chris Higgins

  28. …and Chris did it all with a \contact high\ from Chuck & Chili :)

  29. Ahh that is a tough one figuring Trish and Chris are 2 of My favorite final girls. They are both tough and gave Jason a run for His money.

    But Im going to vote for Trish, they way She was hysterical and scared and fought back was just intense. Chris’s performance was good, but Trish’s is better. And that scene where Trish is pounding the hell out of Jason when hes got Her on the floor, what can I say Shes a tough girl. And when Jason chases Her into the next door neighbors place up the stairs, She really looks and acts scared for Her life. With that and all the damage She did to ol Jason, Trish Jarvis gets My vote

  30. This is a tough one. Both final girls are my favorites in the series but I’m gonna have to go with Chris Higgins from pt. 3. Chris had a past with Jason and she had to face him again and she really put up a good fight. Trish was also a good final girl but Tommy did most of the work at the end to kill Jason by hacking him up to pieces with his own machete. For me this could be a tie because Trish was a really smart final girl she played dead in front of Jason to fool him and tried numerous times to kill him to protect her small brother. But nothing beats Chris’s final showdown at the barn with Jason, so definately Chris Higgins gets my vote.

  31. VOTE: Chris Higgins

    Chris is my favorite for a reason. She’s not too squeamish to yank a weapon out of her dead best friend and stab Jason with it. She’s got no problem with functional fixedness; she’ll drop a bookshelf (she’ll drop HERSELF!) if there’s nothing else handy. Also, she very nearly matches Jason blow for blow.

  32. Going with Chris. She did it alone once her boyfriend died and had to be one brave bitch from that point on. With that said…..I love Trish too…but she had help from two sources to finally finish Jason.

  33. Trish

  34. I forget…. are these final girls vs. Jason, or each other?

    I vote for Chris as the better final girl in the film.

    However, I am sure Chris lost her mind after her encounter in F3. So, in a fight between Chris and Trish, I’d go with Trish, ’cause all her birds were still chirping at the end of the film. Not to mention she lost her mother and her sorta-boyfriend and still kept it together. Chris didn’t seem interested in Rick at all.

  35. Trish.. hands down….
    If it wasn’t for Ali, chris would have been dead, from where she stand..
    You rock Trish….

  36. Close, close battle but I chose Chris. Chris went through her fair share of trauma and along with that she maybe, possibly was raped and then almost killed by Jason. And to top it off Chris defeated Jason all by herself.

  37. Trish.

    Both are cool, but Trish was in defensive mode trying to protect her lil bro Tommy. I dig that because that means she would turn the fight up a notch.

  38. Chris, cause she already had a grudge with him and definitely gave him all he could handle for it.

  39. Trish Jarvis!

    Chris Higgins may have done a lot to Jason on her own, but remember, Ali managed to survive until the end somehow until he was reeling beneath a hail machete hacks and stabs. Trish, although had her younger 12 year old brother “remove” Jason, She did stand up to him quite well herself. “I’m gonna give you something to remember us by” like a family rite or something. I just never understood why she didn’t just hop over the body on the porch instead of smashing out the window with a chair.

  40. This one is a tie for me. Tommy helped Trish and Ali helped Chris. Either would have been killed by Jason without assistance from someone. Chris delivered a massive hit to Jason, but he didn’t die. Trish did a number to Jason, but Tommy delivered the final kill. These are my 2 favorite girls in the series. Neither should win.

  41. Definitely Chris

  42. While I like Trish and she did put up a good fight, I just think in a one on one fight against old Jason, she would come up a bit short…by short I mean without a head or torso.

    My money is on Chris. She’s got nothing else left to lose, her friends are all dead, her boyfriend is dead, she run out of places to hide and she’s near out of her mind…so she’ll do what’s necessary to not become his next victim…fact in point, watch part 3.

  43. Chris, she beat Jason twice.

  44. They’re both just a couple of screamers…but I think Trish gave a better fight. Of any character that ever appeared in a Friday movie, Chris would be the one I would most like to see die.

    Voting Trish.

  45. This is by far the toughest Grudge Match for me. Chris and Trish are my favorite heroines in the series. Everybody here has made some very valid points defending their favorites. Between Chris pulling the knife out of her best friend Debbie’s back to defend herself, to Trish selflessly luring Jason out of the house to protect her little brother. I guess I’ll do what any young guy would do and base my decision exclusively on looks. Chris is a tad hotter in my estimation. Trish is not far behind though!

  46. I choose Tina over all the girls. I mean she used her mind and threw a couch at Jason. Also used her mind and shot nails and gas at him and set him on fire. He blew up. I mean damn she made a roof collapse on him and hung him by an electrical wire. She electrocuted him too with a power line. So my opion is even though she wasn’t in any of the matches she still wins over all bad ass girl.

  47. chris higgins. super hot in 2-d, 3-d, 4-d, or 5-d.

  48. Very tough to choose but I say Trish. She didn’t go crazy in the end like Chris even though we have no idea what became of her!

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