New Friday Giveaway

Along with our amazing contest, Click Here For Details, the awesome website ShocKTillYouDrop is offering fans a chance to win a lot of cool prizes on their website. The following are up for grabs:

1 Friday the 13th Travel Mug

1 Freddy vs. Jason DVD
1 Custom Jason Voorhees Mask in Box with Sound Chip
5 Jason Voorhees Mask Key Chain
5 “Bloody 13″ Tee
5 Hooded Sweatshirt with Jason Voorhees Mask

Check out their website and good luck!

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5 Responses to “ New Friday Giveaway ”

  1. I’d also like to add a little note that I haven’t mentioned yet…

    We will be giving away an 18 inch NECA Jason from the new movie very soon. Details will be coming shortly ;)

  2. I want to enter that new contest.

  3. Details will be coming soon!

  4. today i go to brick NJ movies and they got the jason you can be a victim cut out so i asked the manager if there anyway i can get that before they throw it out she said its against the law to give to me? really…. anyone else ask for it? this contest sounds awesome!

  5. Nice contest I entered :D, and yes I would love to enter the contest for 18″ figure as well :D.

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