Mezco Toyz donates New Friday the 13th Jason figures to the Museum of Moving Image

Jason 2024 is now officially part of the Museum of Moving Image compliments of Mezco Toyz! Pictured above are Mike Drake, Mezco’s Director of Special Projects and Administrator, along with Megan Forbes, Collection Information and Access Manager of the Museum of the Moving Image. Mezco has donated some Jason figures to be included in the museum. For those unfamiliar with the Museum of Moving Image, it is a museum located in Astoria, NY, dedicated to showing visitors the art behind film and television by offering up exhibits featuring film related artifacts, screenings etc. Though the museum is currently partially closed due to a 65 million dollar expansion and renovation, It’s a really cool honor to know that Jason Voorhees and Mezco will now be part of this museum when it reopens fully in the winter of 2024/2010! Before the museum officially reopens, the exhibitions will be accessible online HERE.

For more information on the Museum of Moving Images, be sure to visit their official website. Also be sure to check out the Mezco website for more information on their products. If you haven’t done so, be sure to enter our Cinema of Fear Jason Voorhees giveaway. The winner will be announced this Friday!

Read on for the press release on this great happening, which is one of many great things happening in February for Friday the 13th fans!


New York- Overlooking the NY skyline from high atop their tony Long
Island City headquarters, Mezco’s Director of Special Projects “handed
off” various items from the new Friday the 13th line of figures to Megan
Forbes, Collection Information and Access Manager of the Museum of the
Moving Image. Mezco donated prototypes of the new film’s main character;
Jason. In the new film Jason sports two looks, one with his classic
hockey mask and another featuring a cloth covered face. The prototypes
donated each feature one of the distinctive looks.

Set to be released in on Friday, February 13th, the new Friday the 13th
is considered by many horror fans to be the “must see” horror film of
2009. Mezco will be producing both seven and twelve inch figures of
Jason, the main character.

While the museum is partially closed for a major $65 million expansion
and renovation, the Jason prototypes will nevertheless be accessible on
the museum’s online Collection Catalog at When the museum fully reopens in
winter 2024-2010, the prototypes will be on view as part of its core
exhibition, Behind the Screen, in a section devoted to licensed

About Mezco:
Mezco Toyz is a toy company unlike any other. Mezco combines humour and
horror, with action and adventure to produce the most sought after
collectibles and toys on this or any planet. Mezco Toyz is an
experienced developer and manufacturer of action-figures, toys and
collectibles and has created figures for such high-profile licenses as
Little Big Planet, The Spirit, Goosebumps, Heroes, The Spirit, Hellboy
1&2, Cinema Of Fear, Family Guy, South Park, Animal House, Blues
Brothers, Scarface, Under Dog, King Kong, The Goonies, and Edward
Scissorhands among others. Learn more at

About Museum of the Moving Image
Museum of the Moving Image advances the public understanding and
appreciation of the art, history, technique, and technology of film,
television, and digital media. It does so by collecting, preserving, and
providing access to moving-image related artifacts; screening
significant films and other moving-image works; presenting exhibitions
of artifacts, artworks, and interactive experiences; and offering
educational and interpretive programs to students, teachers, and the
general public. Construction is currently underway on a major expansion
of the Museum, designed by architect Thomas Leeser. The project entails
a complete renovation of the existing first floor and construction of a
three-story addition housing a new theater, screening room, galleries,
and a multi-classroom education center. The Grand Opening of the
expanded Museum is scheduled for winter 2024-10. For more information,

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5 Responses to “ Mezco Toyz donates New Friday the 13th Jason figures to the Museum of Moving Image ”

  1. I think it’s great to see Jason and Friday the 13th part of a motion picture museum. I hope at some point people can look past the negatives that are percieved in the series and see that Friday the 13th does a hold a strong place in Motion Picture history.

  2. I agree. It deserves to be portrayed as a piece of art just like anything else on display in some robust casing.

  3. Totally agree. It’s amazing that if horror movies were such trash like artsy fartsy people claim why it would be around for over 100 years now? Ever since the moving image, they’ve been making horror movies. I’m talking Frankenstein in 1910 and Nosferatu in the 20s. It’s about time something affiliated with horror makes it into a museum. Jason is an iconic image. Display him proudly!

  4. I’ve been to TMOTMI and its fun, they actually have a Yoda there as well as Regan from THE EXCORCIST and the giant Freddy chest from one of the Nightmare films.

  5. Have you seen the movie Friday the 13th 2024 it was a horror filed movie many have seen the first and second movies I have even download it. Because of I was a horror movie fan. In the main time you better check out this trailer I saw on download movies. We will see whether it was good enough to remake

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