Kane Hodder’s Kill! Tells Life Behind The Scenes

For some very strange reason, there is a lot of negative buzz around Kane Hodder within the last few years. It is unexplainable as even 5 or 6 years ago, Kane was thought of as the one of the top 3 Jasons in the film series. For some reason, Kane’s comments on his exclusion from Freddy vs Jason and his insistance that the Jason character does not run, has left a sour taste in certain fan’s mouths.

With that being said, Kane played a big part in keeping interest in a fading series in the 1990’s. With one film released in that decade and the horror genre, in general, suffering a major lapse in creativity and acceptance, Friday the 13th as a series could have faded away into a fad of the 80’s. Kane’s enthusiasm for the character and willingness to meet fans, kept people interested and gave hope that there would be a new movie one day. Now, Kane’s 30 years of film experience will be told for the first time.

Kill!, The True Story of the World’s Most Prolific, Cinematic Killer, is a biography of Kane’s 30 year journey in film as well as a history of his life growing up and what led him to participating in Hollywood. This book will be released on May 13th, 2024 and should be a very interesting retrospective on a man who helped define a cinematic villain icon.

To keep updated on the progress of this book, check out the official website, www.kanehodderkills.com/. Also, follow the books exploits at Facebook!

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16 Responses to “ Kane Hodder’s Kill! Tells Life Behind The Scenes ”

  1. While I greatly respect Kane Hodder for keeping the franchise alive and kicking, he seems to have a sense of “entitlement” to the character. Granted, he’s played Jason more times than any actor, but he has to acknowledge the groundwork that the other 6 actors did before him. It doesn’t help that the 4 movies Kane starred in could be, arguably, the worst 4 films in the franchise, and that his public trashing of “Freddy Vs Jason’s” Ken Kirzinger wasn’t very professional or cool (keep the venom for the producers of the film).

  2. Kane Hodder is and always has been my FAVORITE Jason. Along with Kanes other work, I just love how the man does Anything. He’s like our Generation’s Karloff or Legosi. There is NO sour taste in my mouth for Kane nor do I ever think there can be. As for his trashing of Ken Kirzinger,while it may not be professional, Kane still deserved to do it. Him and Englund have wanted to face each other for over 10 years and to have some fucking dumb ass asian who knows nothing about american horror comein and basically say “your not Jason” and pick someone like Ken who portrayed Jason BY FAR the WORST. Ken Kirzinger turned the character into a clumsy dopey Michael Myers with a hockey mask. Ronny Yu and Ken Kirzinger ruined that film. Ilove all of the Jason’s(except Ken) but Kane IMO just knew how to make one hell of a Lake Rotten Monster. Kane will always have my top Respect.

  3. I would assume Kane is a fan and loves the character and has really-in a sense-become to Jason what Robert Englund is to Freddy. It was his portrayal that kept a dying franchise alive and well, in addition to his offscreen enthusiasm in meeting with the fans. Having played Jason more times than anyone else, Kane felt he had a little say in how the character would behave, and a lot of fans base their perception of Jason on Kane’s portrayal, too. If you repeatedly played a beloved character near and dear to your heart you might have an opinion of what that character should be. At the same time, fans have their own interpetation of how Jason should behave or look. Some feel it’s only Kane’s job to play the character, not deconstruct him. It’s kind of like your favorite actor getting into politics in which you might not agree. You don’t want to have a negative image of that celebrity because of their personal views.

    I personally think Jason would have no qualms kicking a dog or going after children. Kane has stated in the past he didn’t think Jason would do those things. Maybe Kane’s a big softy. Who knows? Who cares? I’m a Kane Hodder fan because of what he brought to the table-to the Jason character. He was passionate about it, and it shows opnscreen and off. I’m sure he would have been looking forward to playing Jason in Freddy vs Jason, and was quite bummed when he didn’t get it. Sure, he could have handled things a bit differently, but he’s only human. Love him or hate him, Kane Hodder will go down in Horror History not only as the first actor/stuntman to play the iconic Jason Voorhees more than once, but one who helped define him.

  4. Kane rocks!!! To hell with everyone that has a problem with Him. Hes one of the best Jasons, and one of the greatest stuntmen and stunt cordinators ever. Freddy Vs Jason wouldve been a whole lot better if Kane wouldve got to play Jason. Anyway I look forward to reading His book.

  5. I really look forward too reading his bio,IT WILL HAVE SOOOOO MUCH INTERESTING STUFF TOO READ!!! thats if i can get it over here in the uk??? I HOPE SOO!!!!! :)

  6. Kane is great. I have met him a few times and he has always been very nice. Even though he is still upset at his Freddy vs Jason experience, it shouldn’t be held against him.

  7. I think Kane did great!!! Yes his movies were the worst, but hey thats all about the writers and directors! Personally I liked New Blood. I think it goes without saying Kane should have got the part in Freddy vs Jason, honestly he had earned it and probably had a lot to do with pushing that movie to get made in the first place! As a fan that left a sour taste in my mouth, not Kanes actions! It was wrong and just plain shitty and someone should have stepped in from the studio and said he’s our man period! I think the Friday the 13th franchise owes Kane not the other way around. Anyways I can’t wait for the book, I’ll be picking up a copy for sure.

  8. Kane was one of the only good choices that was made in the last original Friday films. Eventhough Jason was resurrected in Part 6, Kane was responsible for breathing new life into an aging horror icon. I’ve met him twice and he really is a true fan of the series. The only thing that I don’t agree with is him saying “Jason doesn’t run.” I don’t know why he would say that, considering Jason ran in parts 2,3, and 4. Maybe he meant, “zombie Jason doesn’t run.” that makes more sense. Anyway, Kane is a great guy and deserves respect for keeping Jason scary.

  9. I cringe at the mere mention of Kane Hodder for the fact that he is a true egomaniac.

  10. i like and respect kane 4 what he did and also to do not think it should be his fault he did a very good job

  11. there is only 1 jason and thats kane!
    kane Voorhees forver!!!

  12. This is hollywood. No one is entitled to a certain role…The director had a view and Kane did not fit it. Move on. Regarding Kanes Jason……the only one that I liked was Part 7 and I think that had more to do with the makeup…Kane didn’t like to make Jason run…he ran well in Parts 2-4…I would rather have him run after a victim than teleport around. I like Kane personally and have met him a couple times, but Jason is not his role to keep.

  13. I think that Kane was the 4th best jason of them all. I liked Jason better when he was a mongoloid human and running around like in part 2,3 and 4 but i did not like him in part 6 for some reason, maybe cause he was so fat but in part 7 and 9 he was just the ultimate killing machine!

  14. JoeyCypher, that is rude & harsh on what you said about Yu. Yeah, he wasn’t the right director but that sound like a racist to mock Yu with saying he is a dumb ass Asian for not giving what you wanted. He does know how to make some American films, but FvJ just didn’t fit him. Plus, New Line hired him at the last minute since they were close to getting it made.

    And to bash Ken when it wasn’t his fault what happend with FvJ is sad too. Blame Yu for how Ken act, not Ken himself. Ken has said before he has idea how he wanted Jason to act, but Yu wouldn’t give him the freedom to do what he want like Kane has. He also didn’t ruin the film like you claim. That more on Yu. Funny how you said it’s not professional for Kane to bash Ken, but you think he deserve to do that. Stay classy. :P

    Also, can people explain to me how Kane would make FvJ any better? He couldn’t if Yu was still the director. If Kane didn’t follow orders from a director, he would be fired right on the spot & rightfully so even if you disagree with it. Are some of you guys are Kane’s fans or Jason fans?? Jason come first, not Kane.

  15. And the hell with it to you too, JB Demented. Thanks for bashing some who have a problem with his attitude when FvJ was out. I guess we should blindly kiss his ass & think anything he say is ok even if some are rude and hateful. Even when he whine like a baby too. :D

  16. ok,,,
    jason hodder forever then.

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