F13 THE OBSESSION: Developing Details

Latest Friday The 13th: The Obsession updates from the official Facebook:

Joe Patnaud (director of “F13: The Storm”) is 90% set to direct the first episode of the series. The series opens at Crystal Lake where the ‘real’ Jason slashes his way through the lead’s (Hannah Townsend) friends in her nightmare. This scene will set the tone that no matter what new levels of characterization and story the series takes you, its still a F13 story at its heart, by fans, for fans.. with a new twist.

Multiple Jasons?

While Jason’s ‘look’ in “Obsession”, even in the old “Obsession” back in the late 90s was never intended to be one look, and it was decided to mix different favorite elements from the series… but now after talking it over with Gene Mazza the mask maker.. Jason may even change looks IN the series itself… hmmm.

After thinking it over, it is plausible to have Jason’s appearance change from one scene to the next as he is the vision of the lead character.. added to that I may come up with a reason for it… Mood perhaps.. or depth of her Obsession…. something to consider in the final script. The Part 2 Jason was in fact in one scene in the 1997 version “Obsession” so taking this a step deeper isn’t out of context or a off the cuff idea… in fact it was always in the story to a lesser (and 1997 budget hindering) extent.

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  1. I certainly cannot wait to hear more on this developing story!

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