Revisiting Fangoria Magazine: #83 June 1989

It was the beginning of summer in 1989 and I was hoping to see another Friday the 13th as the summer before I was able to see Part 7, my very first Friday the 13th movie in the theaters. I picked up my new issue of Fangoria and was excited to see Jason on the cover. My first thought was that a new movie was being announced. What I found inside was not only news of the new movie, but some great information that, at the time, had never heard of before.


This tribute issue included Part 1 of The Women of Crystal Lake. A great insight from the leading ladies of the first three friday the 13th movies where they each give their own tales from the set. Most of the stories are very well known now, but 20 years ago were the coolest bits of info to ever be read.


The second part of the tribute in this issue is a conversation with series executive producer Frank Mancuso Jr. He mostly discusses the franchise and it’s place in history as well as the constant struggles with the MPAA and how those struggles watered down the once proud benchamark of the franchise, the kills and gore associated with them. He also breaks news about Jason Takes Manhattan. This is a June 1989 issue people and the release was supposed to be August 4th. Imagine finding out news about a movie for the first time 2 months before a release of a movie. My, how times have changed.


The third part of the tribute is a conversation with Harry Manfredini and his place within the franchise and the horror genre. He chronicles his struggles to be accepted as a legitimate composer in the industry as he felt musically typecasted as strictly horror.


In true Fangoria tradition, they give the reader a lot of great information that at the time was very hard to come by and for only $3.50. Rememeber those days. I think they are up to $9 or $10 per issue now.

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26 Responses to “ Revisiting Fangoria Magazine: #83 June 1989 ”

  1. A few things I wanted to add. Mancuso is rocking that 80’s sweater hardcore and yes, I really enjoy my fingers in photos.

  2. nice to see this issue again, I had it when it first came out, but sadly it did not survive, ah the memories, thanks for posting this!


  3. awesome. what a great magazine

  4. I still have this issue and the one after it about Friday VIII. I read this issue once in a while. “Terror In Times Square” was a catchy title to Friday VIII. They should’ve used it.

  5. I too liked Terror in Times Square. But that was deemed not marketable enough. Had to suck the viewers in with a title that was not entirely true.

    It’s funny in the Mancuso article how he talks about Paramount not being ashamed of the franchise and how they were gearing up to take Jason into the 90’s. Of course, shortly after the release of JTM, Paramount let the franchise go to New Line.

  6. That was an awesome issue! :) I had this issue as well but with time things tend to disappear or get placed in the garbage. Wish i still had it though :(

  7. If you still are interested in getting this issue back, I see them on eBay a good amount of time and they are resonably prices, for the most part. You can usually pick them up cheaper than what Fangoria charges for the their newer magazines today. Here’s one for sale for $7.99 and $3 shipping!

  8. i bought this issue on ebay a few weeks back! lol.

  9. I’d be willing to sell my copy…

  10. thanks for the info jasonsfury :)

  11. Wow great to see these when u live in the UK.
    Love the pics!

  12. I’ve always wanted the Fango issue with the article about Friday V. The pic of the fat kid who got axed up intrigued me when I fanned through the magazine at a local People’s Drug store in the 80’s(now known as CVS). Does anyone know the issue number by some chance?

  13. I think the one you’re looking for is issue #44. If you want to check and make sure, take a look at this list I put into an earlier blog posting:

    06 – F13
    12 – F13 Part 2
    13 – F13 Part 2 FX
    21 – F13 Part 3
    22 – F13 Part 3 FX
    36 – The Final Chapter
    38 – retrospective/farewell
    44 – Part V
    45 – Part V FX
    57 – Part VI
    59 – Part VI FX and Thom Matthews
    62 – F13 Salute
    68 – Jason actors 1
    69 – Jason actors 2
    70 – TV Series
    74 – Part VII
    75 – Part VII JCB interview
    83 – F13 Special Issue (Mancuso Jr, Manfredini, Women of Crystal Lake 1, F13 TV Series)
    84 – Woman of Crystal Lake 2
    85 – Part VIII
    86 – Part VIII Hodder diaries
    125 – JGTH
    126 – JGTH Dean Lorey and John D LeMay interviews
    127 – JGTH FX
    130 – F13 Timeline
    210 – Jason X
    212 – Jim Isaac interview and BIG Friday the 13th retrospective on the original film
    224 – Freddy vs Jason
    225 – Freddy vs Jason Robert Englund interview

    Bloody Best #9 – Frank Mancuso Jr. says farewell to F13
    Jason Goes to Hell mag
    Freddy vs Jason mag

  14. I remember that issue…really takes me back

  15. sorry about that having computer problems.

  16. Wow. Thanks JasonsFury. I’ve copied this to notepad so I can start accumulating these. You’re awesome!

  17. i just picked up the newest issue and it has a great article of Troll 2

  18. I remember sneaking and reading this one the first time way back then while my mom shopped at the drug store. Every time she went there I would beg to go along just to read the latest Fango mag. She never caught on to why I always wanted to go, which worked out great for me. I had doubles of this one up until just about a year ago.

  19. Ha. My Uncle had that issue. I think I cut it out and put pictures of Jason on my wall, I was like 10 and had no idea it might have been worth something one day. lol.

  20. No problem, TheRustyMachete. Good Luck in getting all of the issues. :)

  21. Sigh, here I go showing my age again. I actually *bought* that issue of Fangoria from my local Waldenbooks the day it hit shelves in 1989 and still have it today. Funny enough, I’m forty now, and while I was approaching twenty the day Jason Takes Manhattan opened, sitting several rows ahead of me was a guy who looked about forty, wearing a nice suit and reading that particular issue of Fangoria.

    I figured, maybe he was the local movie critic who was doing his homework before he savaged the movie in his review. (This was in Hagerstown, MD, mind you.) I never read any local review or saw one on a local station to follow, although that night Kane Hodder did appear on The Arsenio Hall Show in that now-classic clip you can find on YouTube, were Kane came out in full costume and just stared blankly at Arsenio as he asked silly “movie star” questions.

    Fun times in ‘89 I guess….

  22. Just picked up Fangoria #53 and #57. #53 doesn’t have a whole lot of Jason, but it does have a poster of part 1 Jason close up, as well as a rare picture from part 3 and a Dario Argento interview for Demons. (one of my all time faves) #57 is an awesome issue with Friday the 13th VI, Aliens, the Fly, Texas Chainsaw 2, and the underrated Maximum Overdrive.

  23. Petch,
    89 was an awesome year for horror movies. I remember watching the episode of Arsenio when it first aired and I thought it was the coolest thing I had seen at the time!

  24. Hey jasonsfury, I can’t remember if I posted this before, but Bloody Best of Fangoria #’s 1-3 have Friday the 13th stuff in them, (one of them has an unmasked Jason from part III on the cover) and regular Fangoria #279 and #280 include the 2009 Friday.

  25. Thanks for mentioning the Best of Fangoria issues, robohooker. I forgot to add them to that list above. I own 279 and 280 and I was a little disappointed by the coverage that they gave the movie. There wasn’t a lot of information or images that we hadn’t seen prior the magazines being released. But we live in an Interent age now and nothing is kept under wraps for long.

  26. I am looking for the fangoria issue that has a pull out poster of jason unmasked from part 3. I used to have it but now cant remember which issue it is. Any help would be great.

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