Web Series Masks Revealed, Sort Of

Posted 03 Jun 2024 in Fans

If you haven’t jumped on board Friday the 13th: The Obsession, you’re missing out. While we wait for a new official film, this professionally-shot web series promises a solid continuing storyline. From my vantage point it seems in the vein of New Nightmare.

Producer Tim Whitfield has released a photo of the four different Jason hockey masks that will be used – well, three of them with the forth blurred-out for now (click the image above). Can you match the masks up with the existing sequels they’re modeled after or inspired by? I have a fairly good idea, but I know a lot of you out there are really into the whole “hock” scene (of which lack of disposable income precludes me from giving a shit about) so could make a more educated guess.

The cool thing about these masks is that some or all may be worn by either Jason or the main female. Can’t wait to find out – the series begins rolling in a week or two!

While this is being made directly for the fans, I can’t help but recall a web short for a Mortal Kombat movie pitch lead to an official web series by Warner Bros for that franchise, now playing – will this wake up the same company to the talent at Timberwolf West? I wish.

Fridaythe13thfilms.com has an associate producer credit on the series, as a contributor to the successful Kickstarter funding campaign.

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