Friday The 13th (2009) DVD Covers: A Better Look

Will you be getting the Theatrical Cut, or the Killer Cut? And on that topic, don’t you think they could bother creating different cover art for the two DVD editions? Click for larger versions…

Source: Icons Of Fright

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32 Responses to “ Friday The 13th (2009) DVD Covers: A Better Look ”

  1. I hope they show Jason’s face longer in the Killer Cut. At the very least we’ll be able to pause/slo-mo it I guess. You see it so fast in the theater, but he still looked pretty F’ed up to me. Can’t wait to get a better look at it to compare to the (better) old ones.

  2. I guess the killer cut edition, although I would like both editions. Hmmm…

  3. “digital copy” special edition? Ugh, whatever. Who wants to watch a movie on a tiny iPod screen? Are we so lazy that we cannot put a frickin’ DVD into a frickin’ DVD player?

  4. Actually, the digital copy would be for more like when you’re in class, on a plane, in a car, and thus not in a position to put a dvd in a dvd player.

  5. im getting th blu ray cover is sweet

  6. I’ve pre-ordered the Killer Cut, should be pretty good. I’m sure both the extended and deleted footage will be interesting, that just makes me wonder if the featurette is five, ten, thirty or sixty+ minutes..

  7. nosferatu, the digital copy is the same resolution as the standard dvd (480p)…so the benefit is you get the hi-def blu-ray plus the dvd version. basically you get everything in one package. …and people still say blu-ray is a rip-off!!

    granted the digital copy is in a format that is compatible with ipod & itunes, but you can drop the file on your computer and burn it to a dvd…and there you have a dvd to watch in your rooms where you don’t have a blu-ray player.

  8. Ill be getting whichever edition has the most extra’s and bonus features & footage, of course !

  9. No audio commentary?

  10. I’m with Deputy Winslow; whichever version has more shiny stuff. :)

  11. I dunno. What is the difference? I am sure the Killer Cut has more stuff with it. I’ll probably go for that one… or whichever one has the most/best features. I missed this at theaters. I wish it would hurry up and get out on video. I need some Jason.

  12. I too missed it in theaters, I will be purchasing both copies just to have, I am looking forward to Rob Zombies new HALLOWEEN 2 film that too looks really good.

  13. I hope the killer cut dvd is 2-disks. I love special features.

  14. Whichever cut has Amanda Righetti, bound and gagged. Theatre showing omitted this scene. I love it, when a killer is carrying a tied up/gagged damsel, through the woods. Looks very eerie.

  15. I’ll be getting whatever copy warrington gillette recomends. He is the real Jason so it only makes sense to listen to him.

  16. i thought there be a cover art box thing thats cool cant wait and gay guy how come every thing u say is about warrington gillette

  17. Gay guy (who I’m sure is a stra8 jock) must have a hard on for warrington gillete.

    I’ll get whatever is cheaper, it’s not like any added scenes can save this turd anyway.

  18. i think some additional gore will make it better. one of my biggest problems with it is it needed over-the-top gore and you only get it in a few select places. i believe when that cop gets killed you’re supposed to see his eye on the end of whatever jason stabbed him with.

    also, there’s supposed to be more nudity…if only it could have been amanda righetti or danielle panaker. i’m not all that into the other chicks in the movie.

  19. I think he stabbed the cop with a fireplace poker. That would be awesome if we got to see his eye ball at the end of it. It would be like that moment in pt. three when Jason squeezes that dudes head till his eye pops out.

  20. I’ll be getting the Blu-Ray (I recently got a player and frakin’ love it) BUT I much prefer the cover of the DVD!!

    The DVD cover looks truer to an original F13 movie/poster. I need to see Jason in the woods :)

    The b-r looks like what the reboot actually was - a guy in a hockey mask killing people, and not a true Friday the 13th entry to the series.

    More excited for the release of Pt 2 and Pt 3 on Blu-Ray. SWEET!

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