Platinum Dune responds to new Friday success, fans reactions, and more!

Caught a blog over at Platinum Dunes official blog. Brad Fuller discusses the success of the new film, along with fans opinions and how he does read them. He also talks highly positive about how he wants to do a sequel.

Reflecting back on a killer weekend, can you say sequel?

It’s 5am Sunday morning and my house is very quiet – Mrs. Fuller and kids are fast asleep and I have some time to process. This is a huge weekend for horror and a bigger weekend for Jason. Not only did the fans come out to see the film (love it or hate it) but an entire new audience seemed to enjoy Jason also. Friday 13th had the highest opening night a slasher/horror movie has ever had. As you all know Drew, Bay and I worked till the final moment on this film and are thrilled with this outcome.

Couple of things to go over…

First of all, you can bet your ass that we want to do a sequel – I have said that a number of times, but now we have evidence to support that desire. My first call on Tuesday will be to all of the people we worked with at the studios to get moving on another Friday 13th movie. We loved making this one, and already have some thoughts about the next one. I have spoken to Derek (who plays Jason) and we all want to work together again, so I feel very strongly that he will be back. I also know who I want to write it, and will get into that later. I hope to make some announcements about a sequel very soon.

On a side not, here is something that really pisses me off. As you know, I read everything so I can truly give our audience what they are looking for in our films. We all know that we can’t make everyone happy, but we can at least process the information and see how we can use it. That is why I read every review of the film. Now, I never expect to get good reviews on any of our films, although the New York Times has been favorable to us. The reviews for this film were mostly horrible which is fine, but something was written that really bothered me. Some reviews said that we only made this movie for the money. My lifelong dream was to be a movie producer and I have been a lifelong horror fan so I love my job, but I wouldn’t do it for free. In the same way that the reviewers who tear our movies apart don’t write their stupid reviews for free. So to say that we do what we do for the money is just as stupid as saying that our movie isn’t scary or that is looks horrible.

It is time to focus on Freddy. As you know, we hired Samuel Bayer to direct and if you don’t know his work you should YouTube him. He is amazing. We start scouting for locations next week and I will update you accordingly.

More importantly for you horror fans, this is a weekend to rejoice. Our beloved Jason came back to life (again) and he slaughtered the competition. In doing that he also reaffirmed that horror movies are a real business, and one that needs to be taken seriously. For that I am truly grateful to you.

- Brad Fuller

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79 Responses to “ Platinum Dune responds to new Friday success, fans reactions, and more! ”

  1. They need to get goin on the sequel NOW!! Can you say Tommy Jarvis?

  2. I say bring back Ginny from Part 2 — all grown up but still haunted by Jason. Would that work alongside a new group of horny college kids?? Not sure if they want to go back to Tommy Jarvis.

  3. Tommy Javis…..ummm that would be an orginal. I think the next movie should be a real 80’s style flick. I mean people, today is nothing but CGI in every freaking film. This movie was Jason’s brutal side of him that we just did not see in any of the other films. But, yet is still looked like something that i could have did in my back yard and with my neighbors. I think they need to totally remake part 5…make it more brutal, less sex and pick up right where Part 4 left off. I mean a sequel to Part 4 the final chapter but also a prequel to Part 6 Jason Lives. I loved the movie but it looked like Freddy Vs Jason styletype of film. I’m talking about a film that looks, feels and smells just like an orignal movie that was made in the 80’s. I’d like to see how many people on here that could actually come up with a good story to support this sequel.

  4. Why bring back characters from the older films? The only staples of the series are Jason & his mother. The rest are just random victims (and therefore interchangeable pieces).

  5. I’m still rooting for Crystal Lake in the winter. I mean…there are many scenarios that can play out. Perhaps someone buys the camp and fixes it up for reopening. Maybe they get the repairs done just in time for winter and decide to spend a weekend at the camp just to break it in since it won’t officially open until the summer. So we get Jason knocking off a group staying in the cabins during the winter. Then we could even have another follow up featuring a fully functional crystal lake in the summer with Jason running wild with kids attending the camp and everything. Naturally Jason wouldn’t do any harm to the small children. But they could work it into the storyline really well considering he died as a child.

  6. After seeing this one, I don’t see how anyone would have the TIME to fix the camp up, unless there was a reason Jason wasn’t around for a bit…I mean, campers were there for five minutes, did some banging, and then a half click later the girl was a sleeping bag tamale. How would they be able to rebuild a camp? lol

    Jason in the snow does sound great, though…maybe he HIBERNATES in his cavernous abode during the winter, and the construction brings him up. Possibilities are endless, just want more movies!

  7. good movie, i want a sequel now.

  8. Well, seeing as a cop was killed, Trent’s body turned up on the back of a tow truck, and a whole slew of dead people were found in the cabin (not to mention 2 survivors – we think – in the form of Clay & Whitney), the only logical progression for the inevitable sequel is that Jason is hurt and nursing himself back to health while hiding from the authorities who now come in full force to investigate the entire area.

    Jason stays hidden for awhile, or relocates to another area where he commits more murders. I don’t see where else they could go. As long as he doesn’t try to take manhattan (or go into space), I’m up for whatever.

  9. Jason in the winter could be very interesting. I see him targeting a group of hunters staying at one of the characters winter hunting lodge. The only problem that scenario would probably have is the lack of a female presence. I don’t know of too many woman that are into hunting. And I know even less male hunters that want there wife/girlfriend around. It could offer some good action with more of the characters being strong males armed with rifles and/or shotguns. Jason would have to be a little more like Stallone in First Blood.

  10. I think for the sequel they need to start off with the people in the town thinking he is actually dead. They will go to his old house and set it on fire. That could make him even more pissed off since you seen he was pretty pissed off in the new friday. Sounds like a dumb idea but it might work. I Just want to tell brad fuller he did a great job with the movie and I am a big friday fan. I seen them all. Of course, I am not the type of person that eats, lives, and shits jason voorhees movies but this was just the best of the series. Looking forward to see how the new freddy movie is going to turn out but I really am looking forward to your sequel on this friday.

  11. Mike New – that isn’t a bad idea. While Jason is recuperating, his old lair is razed, and people do indeed believe he is dead. So then they attempt to rebuild, and he comes back more pissed than ever that his “territory” has been violated.

  12. Good idea Paul. I think we need to mail that Idea off To brad fuller and the platinum dune team.

  13. I loved the movie. But I have to say i have waiting all my life for FRIDAY THE 13th PART 13. Please work that into the title of the next one >>>>

  14. How could they make a sequel?… Jason is by all that is logical DEAD!!! No one can take a machete to the chest and have the top of thier head torn apart by a fuckin wood chipper and survive. If they make another one it will probably be a prequal. Like TCM:the beginning. I just don’t see how they could make another one and have it be somewhat in reality. I mean wasn’t that the reason they went back and retold the story. Wasn’t it so they could make Jason human and scary again? If so then why the hell did they kill him? They could’ve left him hanging there in the barn…. fade to black … then show Clay and Whitney on the docks or wherever and pan back to the barn right before the end credits to show the chain just hanging there and Jason gone… That would have been better than the shit we got… “Jason… say hi to mommy for me….. IN HELL”… B.S… that ruined the end for me just her saying that was stupid and un called for. Maybe if they took the time to tell the story that Jason kept her because she reminded him of his mother, then that would have made sense… but since we have to assume that’s why she said it, it made the whole thing just seem dumb and out of place… if you were in a situation like that would you be saying cheesy bull shit … If someone was about to / try to kill you would you be talking shit? I don’t think so … That falls in line with Chewie or whatever the hell his name was Aaron Yoo’s character… when he said something like “here it completes your look”.. stupid out of place bullshit… It wasn’t funny it wasn’t cool… it was plain and stupid cliched bullshit. I don’t agree with Mr.Fuller about they didn’t make this movie for money… KISS MY DICK… you did make this movie for the money, you took the biggest horror franchise and pissed on it… Cause you knew that it would make money… You put out great stuff with TCM: remake and The Beginning… get everyone’s hopes up for atleast something that would be on par with those films… and boom you deliver a weak attempt at making Jason scary or believable again… I’m sorry but I do believe they only made this movie for the same reason they made the last 3 because the knew it would make some money… Didn’t have to have a good story…JGTH, JX, FvsJ,… but as long as Jason Voorhees was on screen killing people then we got a meal ticket. IF they do make another film… All i ask is please for the love of Christ … Don’t get Shannon and Swift to pen it… For all that is holy in Friday the 13th lore… Don’t get these two dumbasses to write another fucking thing that involves Jason. They Shit on him in FvsJ and now they had the honor to write a story just about him and they fucked it up royal. Oh yeah they talk about how much money this movie has made… it only made what it did because it was released on valentine’s day weekend… Big shock that a horror movie made money on those days… Robert Shaye said it himself these are “DATE” movies and thats all … If this film would’ve came out on March 13th, which is a Friday the 13th too… it wouldn’t have done as good.

  15. Make a sequel to this and the first four/five Friday the 13ths. Skip past the bad ones and bring back some old faces.

  16. did this guy really just ask how they could make a sequel? Stating that hason is logically dead? Deadman13 you need to brush up on your Friday the 13th history. Jason has been through alot more than that.
    1. drowning
    2. machete through shoulder possibly into lung
    3. axe to the head
    4. machete to head, half decapitating
    5. shot many times with various weapons
    chained to bottom of lake twice
    6. flooded in toxic waste
    7. shit do i even need to go one i mean on top of all that he has been stabbed, hung, bashed, cold cocked, punched, kicked, spit on, you name it.
    but for some reason this movie seems the most far fetched to you.
    know you’re material before you start spewing out bull shit.

    One thing I will give you though, the “Say hi to mommy for me, IN HELL!” line was terrible.

  17. CW i know my shit… I was saying that they wanted to make Jason human… I know what Jason has been through I’ve been watching these movies since i can remember… I was just saying that they said Jason wasn’t scary when he was a walking retarded zombie.. that came from their own mouths… they said whats more scary and slow walking zombie or a LIVE human Jason running at you full speed about to kill you… I wasn’t spewing bull shit.. I know you can’t find logic in most of the movies but the first few made an attempt to be realistic… I started questioning that after part 2 when he came back in part 3 after getting a machete to the shoulder could anyone survive this… NO!… Don’t try to question my knowing the meterial I know just as much as any other Friday the 13th fan… I know that the makers of this movie said they wanted to make it realistic… thats the only way to make anything scary is if it could happen in real life… then they go and fuck it up by killing him…

  18. SO until you pay attention to the point of what i was saying then don’t question what was written.

  19. Dude you are taking all of this way too serious. we all know that they wanted to make Jason a human in this film…SO JUST CHILL!!! they made the ending like that as an homage to the original ending. so get off your high post and take it as it is.

  20. I’m not taking it too seriously I was just responding to a post I was tying to clarify.

  21. I SAID CHILL MAN!!! stop yelling at people! its rude

  22. Yea that line was pretty lame. On this new movie they didn’t say that Jason was a human they were just trying to make him in human form. You know, not like a walking, stupid zombie. They gave him human features like running, setting traps, intelligence, etc… If you look closely at the end of the scene when jason is in the barn, the machine didn’t completly mash up the back of his head it was cutting it pretty bad. So I understand why they did that because they wanted to open it up for the potential sequel. Throwing him in the water at the end was pretty dumb but it could of made sense if you think about it. Maybe, he was dead in the barn and the water brought him back to life. The last two victims were just disposing a dead body in the lake that is all that scene was at the end and he happen to pop back up which was cool.

  23. How can i yell on here?

  24. What do you do all day david banner? Make rap music?

  25. Oh, if we are so pathetic, and have no life..what drew you to this website then chief? and anyone can be tough while typing, but if you were in a room with all of us and you said that….you would get your shit rocked.. now please, and you prolly wont, because you seem like one of those guys that just wants to have an internet argument, just leave us all alone so we can talk about the movies we all enjoy and love.

  26. we talk about these movies cause we love them as bad as some are thats what this site is for… so if you don’t like it FUCK OFF!

  27. im putting aside our debacle and am completely agreeing with you deadman. GET THE FUCK OUTTA BANNER

  28. I mean in all honesty… Were here because we love Friday the 13th!!! some of us more than others ie me… We argue and rant about these films because we love them so… if all your gonna do is come on here and talk shit about us then don’t come here at all. Banner you said “non of the friday the 13th movies are any good”… if you believe that then why did you come here to begin with. Piss Off!

  29. Hey banner your telling us to get a life… FUCK YOU!!! If all you do is get a kick out of talking shit to a group of people that by the way you came here to do… then you are the one that needs to get a fucking life. ” deadman me a solid and shut up please” you’re probably one of those little snot nosed fucks that get on the net and act like your somebody and talk all this shit when in real life you’d get your ass handed to you by any one of us on here if you said that to any of our faces.. especially mine fucker. So please shut the fuck up.

  30. Mr. Banner what if I do pause the movie when I see a nipple and call up my friends and tell them about it? Mr. Banner knows he likes friday the 13th that is why he has a hockey mask under his pillow and that is why he jerks off to friday the 13th pics. He secretly wants to do jason voorhees in the butt!

  31. I’ll confess. Last night I watched Friday the 13th Part 4, and watched all the nude scenes in slow motion while I masturbated furiously. Then I called all my friends and told them how hard I was from seeing all the boobies. I must have gotten a little carried away, because my mommy came downstairs (I live in her basement) and told me to shut up and get a job. I’m pretty pathetic, but I’ve never gone on to a message board for something I have zero interest in and picked a fight. How boring is your life that this is what you do for shits BAnnER?

  32. The only person I see is gay is you because you just told us that we should suck your balls. SO I am a male and there are a lot of males in this room So who is gay now?

  33. TheDeadman13, DAvid BAnnER, and F13thFreak, I can see you’re all underage and somehow managed to slip past the ticket man at your local theater. It upsets me that you all bought tickets for Hotel for Dogs instead of being a part of F13’s great box office numbers. Also, get each other phone numbers and fight on the phone. Then you’ll get this all solved alot faster, and not have your butt-hurt, “Been a fan since Jason X-fanboy” garbage making for most of this thread. What do you mean, Jason can’t live through being stabbed and all that woodchipper shit? He lived through being in a grave for years. The lived through a machete halfway through his body, underwater for a few years, what else could be listed without argument? It’s a movie fucker, quit trying to tell everyone what’s not possible. If anyone here actually spend time around women, girls, chicks, whatever you call them at your age, they DO say dumb shit like, say hello to mommy in hell. Girls are real-life lame when it comes to being tough. I was pretty much annoyed by all female dialog. DO NOT bring back Tommy Jarvis, quit being even more retarded you guys. How long have you been watching these movies? 5 or 6 years now? I thought about how long it’s really been for me, and over 20 years sounds crazy to me. The film makers have to go in the most logical direction to keep this alive, without everyone walking out saying, “I’ll be missing the next sequel.” 2 kids escape from a situation where one has been kidnapped for 6 weeks. They will have to go to a hospital for injuries, they’ll tell someone about Jason and his little home on the range. REAL police, not Crystal Lake’s fickle old resident officers, WILL investigate. They will find the stories to be true. And Jason will either be left homeless, or will have to defend his home and outsmart some cops. Casting a bunch of Unknowns for the film(minus Willa Ford)worked out great. Because if I had to see an R&B singer running from Jason with any of the actors from Scary Movie or Dawson’s Creek. I wouldn’t even bother visiting this message board right now.

  34. im 20 buddy … and i dont really think i said anything too bad..i responded like 2 times… and i was a part of the success…. thirty dollars of their success was mine.

  35. Jason M is a true Friday the 13th fan.

  36. Hey Tony. I’m with ya with the fully functional and restored Camp Crystal Lake. It’s one of the things I liked about part 6. It would be nice…for continuity sake if they included the barn and Trent’s parents lake house in it too. The house could be abandon and run down and Jason could have traps in it or a new family could own it and supply new kids to kill on top of the camp counselors.


  38. Someone on here loves The Incredible Hulk I think………….

  39. Oh yea I definitely enjoy the incredible hulk. He is my favorite marvel anti-hero.

  40. DAvid BAnnER, I’m sorry my sarcasm was lost on you. I don’t think I’ve ever actually met someone who was into horror or sci-fi that lived in their parents basement, or any other part of their parents house. I’m sure it happens, but it’s a weak argument, so if you’re gonna come on here and pick a fight, you better arm yourself with something more that cliches and stereotypes. Spelling and punctuation might be a plus too.

  41. They won\’t, IMO, bring back any of the original franchise characters. This movie is the 1st installment of the NEW FT13 series. We better get used to it.

  42. YO FULLER sign me on to direct this god damn sequel.

  43. Any further insults directed towards any poster in this thread WILL be DELETED!

    We all come here to talk about Friday the 13th, and I really don’t think it’s hard to do that without making insults towards each other.

  44. Friday the 13th box office is sinking like a rock in the water. It has been falling more than 50% for 2 days in a row now (Sunday and Monday) and might continue to do so. It is a testament to how excited people were to see a new Jason movie at the beggining but how underwhelmed they were when they saw it and got bad word of mouth. Audiences just did not like this new Friday the 13th and the in the coming days business will prove that furthermore.

  45. Or is it, Yootsi, that people are hard pressed in these dark economical times to find the spare cash to splurge on seeing a film multiple times? You can spin it either way, pal.

    As for the debate on the ending…yes, Jason got choked pretty damn good by the chain as his head was pulled into the wood chipper, but before his cranium started getting mutilated, the screen faded to black. For all we know, the chain eventually broke the machine and it stopped before Jason got turned into ground beef. Sure he took the machete to the chest, but he’s Jason. And in this film he was like a huge wild animal, maybe even a bear. So maybe he did survive, but he lost consciousness. Then Clay & Whitney ran off, thinking Jason was dead. They make it to civilization, report it, and the authorities come but find no body. Anything could have happened after the screen faded out. The writers for the sequel will play it however they please.

    As for the scene at the lake, after the fade out…I think that was just a trick ending like the ones seen in Parts 1, 2, and 3. You know, where there’s always some dream sequence: Little Jason emerging to assault Alice, Jason crashing through the window to grab Ginny, or Mama Voorhees emerging to grab Chris. All trick endings leaving the audience confused.

  46. Well, it can really be any factor, no so much as underwhelming, keep in mind there are more genres out there that are just as seemingly popular as horror, if not more. There are more mainstream film that will steal away the light.

    I mean you could be right, people might of felt the film was overrated, but there is always two sides to a story. I personally enjoyed the film. Friday the 13th part 4 is my favorite one by far, but I did enjoy this film.

  47. TOMMY JARVIS must be in Friday the 13th PART 13. HE MUST BE. PERIOD

  48. The 13th film should be a aging Tommy Jarvis back to finish Jason. Story should be written carefully and the series should end at 13.

  49. IMO it wouldn’t be F13th pt 13. FvJ is clearly a Freddy movie with a half-assed ripoff of Jason thrown in to help Freddy return. it was a nod to the franchise at best.

  50. I loved the remake it was very good one of the best horror’s I have ever seen.
    Yes, you can hear it i’m a jason fan and I hope that the sequel will be there soon.
    The faster the better
    Greetz from Belgium

  51. Jason M I’m old enough! I’ve spent my money on seeing this movie i’m a part of the success and just because I want to state my opinion then so be it. I don’t know what kind of girls you hang around with but the one’s i’m around don’t talk like that. You said the right word though when you said “girls” try hanging around women fuck wad and then you can talk to me. I haven’t been a fanboy as you say since Jason X I’ve been a fan since the fucking early 80s. I don’t need to prove my love for this franchise to you or anyone else. If anyone would read what I actually wrote then you will clearly see what my point was. And just becuase I responded to an asswipe that thought it would be funny to talk shit to all of us then I guess that makes me underage… Just because i don’t like to take shit for liking something doesn’t mean I’m underage. and for the whole Jason can’t live through being stabbed by a machete… GO BACK AND FUCKING READ!!!! I think I made my self clear.

  52. I know he survived more than that in the other films… but this is a fresh start dumbass. So by your logic Jason was a kid when he saw his mother’s head get chopped off and he grew up in only a matter of months to kill Alice in part 2. Doesn’t make sense does it… Just because he survived being hit in the head with and axe, machete, shot, buried, hit by lightning… that is all in the past and has nothing to do with this movie. If it did then why was Jason human! He wasn’t a Zombie was he…. NO… so what happend in the other movies is irrelevent… This was a reboot of the series or remake whatever the hell they called it, It is a retelling with human Jason. They said they wanted to make Jason SCARY… or atleast try to so they made him human and I was just saying why would they take the time to make this movie with Jason as a human and then kill him. They will never be able to really kill him off and end the series if he is supernatural. I love these movies but there comes a time when enough is enough.. They should’ve kept it somewhat real… had Jason stay alive and Kill him once and for all… stop with the he can come back to life or he doesn’t feel pain… That is what made these films loose there credibility to begin with. I wish people would take the time to read something for once and not jump to talking shit when there’s no need to.

  53. The point here, from my perspective, is that some of you are taking all of this way too seriously. Yes, there are some who aren’t quite accurate on their information. Big deal, none of us are saints.

    1. Platinum Dunes reboot of Friday the 13th is a REBOOT. Do I have to get out the dictionary and define that term. It’s another word for ‘Re-Start’, as in when you’re playing a video game one day and it messes up, so you restart it. Basically that’s what happened to Friday the 13th 9 – X, or if you count F Vs J.

    2. Freddy Vs Jason, wasn’t a Nightmare OR Friday film. It was a crossover film with Freddy Krueger being the antagonist, and Jason acting simply as the anti-hero character, which completely fucked the original series over big time.

    3. The reason the new film has references to some of the original films in it, are called homages. A tribute to the ancestor kind of thing. This film not a sequel, it’s not a prequel. Let me explain something, only this time a little bit differently. Bedtime stories such as “little red ridin hood”, or “Snow White”, do you know that the ORIGINAL story versions didn’t really happen so similar ? Little red ridin hood actually had a very bizzare ending to it. So what happened was someone decided to come along and reboot it because they thought if the right elements were put in, then it would make a good childrens story.

    Same thing happened with this new Friday film. Believe it or not, not everybody enjoys the good ole 80’s horror films anymore or how they were made. Just because we do doesn’t mean everybody else does. Is it fair to only appease old school fans like us, and not modern day horro fans ? No it’s not. They took legendary elements that we loved and mixed it with elements modern day fans love, and they made a remake out of it. And they did one hell of a job by doing it to. You can agree or you can disagree, I don’t really care if you do or don’t.

    I’m a Friday the 13th fan, not someone who looks for high school drama constantly. So that is that.

  54. What I did notice about this film is that they didn\’t have people run away from him and trip and fall down like the 80\’s films did. I really hated that. It was so annoying. I didn\’t care too much for the Jason Vs Freddy either. I think they messed it up really bad. The ending was just horrible. I read somewhere they are going to have an ending about freddy and jason getting sent to hell which would of been alot better for the movie. I did read the Jason vs freddy vs Ash comic and that was actually a pretty good comic series. They are getting ready to make a sequel. I am really looking forward to that. I said it before and I will say it again and that is this New Jason would of gave freddy a better fight than that old zombie walking Jason. This jason was an intelligent killer.

  55. Platinum Dunes did a great job on this film I personally think. I love the locations and sets they make. More realistic and the atmosphere in the movie theater was awesome. I loved this movie been a Jason fan sense I was a kid. Bring on part 2!!

  56. Second film may explain how the bus got there.

  57. I hope they don’t take another 5 years to make the sequel.

  58. Deadman you keep saying that your just stating your opinion. Looks more like you’re telling everyone how it is. I can’t believe that your biggest complaint about a Friday the 13th movie is that Jason survives. Don’t you think it’s a little unrealistic for you to assume that when they said they wanted to make Jason more real they meant they were going to kill him? Why the hell would the makers of this movie want to kill off this money making machine. I mean as much as you or anyone else complains about this movie I am willing to bet you’ll be seeing the sequel. And You will probably bitch just as much about that.

  59. @ CW. totally agree. Who gives a shit? Plus Platinum Dunes, Newline, and paramount would be stupid not to make more anyways. Remember. Whats the name of the game? B.f.m.u.r. AKA, BITCHING. FANS. MAKE. US. RICH!!! YAY! And I don’t car if they make money. That means more Jason for me to watch along with the fans who just want to see Jason, and just have fun because we don’t take these movies fucking serious. So we win. (:

  60. I like the sound of that!

  61. I am very divided by the new F13 movie. I am a hardcore fan of the first four installments and I watch them all the time. I have went through two VHS sets and I am on my third DVD box set. I also went and bought the blue ray for part 1 when it came out. I would rate the killings and the new Jason an A+, the script a D- and the casting, besides Jason, Jared Padalecki, and Danielle Panabaker was a F. What I love about the first four F13’s is how you care about the characters and how they are very believable. They also have some common sense. They also don’t wobble around the whole time drunk and with a bong in their hang. (Minus the hippy couple from part3) I think the new F13 is a combination between a horror film and Abercrombie and Fitch catalog. The issue I have with this cast is, why would you go with a group of people camping that you really didn’t like? I also hate how the black guy or girl in a new horror films are always a gangsta, gonna cut you, and put themselves out there to be killed. Why can’t they act like the other kids and be smart. Why does the Asian guy gotta be the nerdy, fix things kid? I hated that they had the little prick, that went around saying this is mine or that is mine. I mean what sticks with you in the old ones is how you cared for the victims that died and it really had an emotional impact on you. Did you notice how the black and Asian guy were somewhat segregated from the group in the new F13remake? I like how a movie can play with your emotions and mind. I also think what makes the old ones so magical is the time period. They didn’t have cell phones or gps’s. What if the survivor in one of the older films got into there car, realized they left there keys inside and called On-Star to crank their car via satellite? LOL I mean that would totally take the magic out of it. They should have made it in the 80’s setting, which Michael Bay normally is good at doing with time lines. I was very disappointed with the script. I think they could have really dug deeper. Maybe made the creepy old lady Pamela Vorhees sister, or relative or something. I also didn’t like how they started the movie off with the killing of Alice and Mrs. Vorhees. You would think they would have come up with something different to start the movie. I have alot of respect for Adrian and Betsy and Michael really messed up when he attempted to recreate that scene. The scene lacked emotion. I will give them a A+ on the death scenes as far as the creativity of them. I thought it was so clever how Jason tied the girl above the campfire in the sleeping bag to burn while her boyfriend’s foot was caught in the trap and helpless having watch. That creeped me out the most, because you felt the helplessness of the character. I will say they could have found a better way to kill Jason. I also hate how Michael Bay never lets you feel closure to a movie, even if you know there is going to be a sequel. I mean who would go through a ordeal like the two survivors did, then drag him all the way down to the lake to dump his body? Come on! The script seemed to be scattered until after they all get to the house and by the time you do start getting into it, its over. I think that the fans deserve something way better than what we got. If the Jason has to be in the present, why not bring the survivors back from the originals and let them do a face off. I think it would make a much better movie!

  62. how about Jason in Space????????

  63. Someone mentioned about the small towns people go burn jason’s cabin. In parts 1 and 2, we see parts of the small town, but Jason never goes in the town, except for beginning of part 2 to kill off the main character from 1. I guess they could make jason go in town and wreck havoc.

  64. Can anyone say, AUGUST 13TH, 2010?
    Thats when I believe the sequel will be released.

  65. Alan I hope you are right about that!

  66. people need to stop comparing this movie to the first few of the series. back then everything was fresh and new and caught people off guard. now we live in a world where we have already seen everything and nothing is left to the imagination. 12 movies featuring the character of Jason Voorhees. Over that span of time we’ve basically seen it all from him. i don’t really understand what people expected from this movie. like how high should anyone’s expectation of a friday the 13th movie be?

  67. check out my new screenplay at

    it is in the tradition of F13, Halloween, Nightmare, TCM

  68. I enjoyed this movie alot, the script was very unique the whole idea of “i’m looking for my sister gag” played out nicely. Jason was actually scary, it stayed true to the originals, jason’s cabin(f13th part 2) his mothers deacapitation (f13th) and when he is hanged inside the barn and didn’t die he’s just moving around(f13th part 3) and plus the ending was similiar to the ending of the 1st friday. Jason is the anti-hero, he’s pure evil and more killer ever before, derek mears rocked with the hockey and the machete.


  70. This movie sucked and to those wanttng a sequel go watch the original ones. I found this movie to be insulting to assume it’s a re-start of a series. It’s NOT a remake!
    Part 13 hopfully will but a end to Jasons missery!

    It they wanted to remake this than lets make it scary not unintentonaly funny. It should have started with the life of mis voorhees and gone more indepth with Jason as a kid to his death and his mothers killing spree

  71. ‘I would rate the killings and the new Jason an A+, the script a D- and the casting, besides Jason, Jared Padalecki, and Danielle Panabaker was a F.’ Well said, Kiah, that’s pretty summed up my opinion. Some of it was really weak but when it worked it was cool!

  72. I loved the film, it was just as a f13 film should be!!! sex drugs, killings, and a bit of humar that the others had too!! And most importanly JASON!!!!! Whats wrong with that humer??? CAN\’T WAIT FOR PART2!!!!! Shame the chinese guy had to die tho, i liked his character!!!

  73. I loved the new remake it was a fun ride from start to finish vote in my poll that ends on Feb.21st that asks what horror fans thought of this reboot at:

  74. We need more NEWS ON THIS SEQUEL!!!

  75. This movie was pretty good, although it didn’t quite live up to the expectations of the anticipation that i felt waiting for it.The real question that i wanted to address and didn’t know if anyone else noticed it or not?………….was the scene where trent ran out on the road and crossed path with the tow truck,but honestly if anyone has followed the remakes of the chainsaw massacre or not,you might see where i’m coming from, but just the tow truck it’s self and the old dude driving looked vividly familiar to the old guy in the wheel chair frome the tcm movies! so just out of curiousity i wonder if and when a sequel is made if that will eventually play into a future sequel being that michael bay aka(tcm)which also had association in this movie will playout or is it just an ironic coincidence?please let me know i you noticed a connection there. [email protected]

  76. I could dispute alot of things! although i\’m gonna save myself the pain and agony. due to the simple fact i can some what see where alot of you are coming from and i have my agreements as well as low\’s also, so i\’m just gonna leave it at that.

  77. winter!!!!!!!

  78. Quit moaning, whiners. The film was fine. It was a throwback to the old 80’s slasher films. Most of you, weren’t even around or barely remember the 80’s. This is the way horror films of the 80’s, were produced. They were successful then, and now.
    Of course this film had a few flaws, it’s a slasher flick, people. But, coulda been a helluva lot worse. I thoroughly enjoyed it, because the film brought back old memories and good times, when I was growing up.
    Besides, it was number #1 at the box office the first week and broke the record, for a slasher released film. Sure, it will drop off dramatically, the second weekend. All slasher films do. They didn’t do any advertising, the second weekend.
    That’s my only complaint, “WHY NOT?” You’re #1 at the box office, the previous week. Advertise that Jason was #1, to bring more curious viewers to the theatres, to find out why Jason was #1. I guess that’s why i’m not a producer…lol
    The film will probably be off the big screen, after a month of release. So what. The movie made money and beat out all these BORING academy nominated films, during Oscar time. Plus, smacked around a few so called Hollywood bigshot producers and idiot know-it all stars, like Sean Penn.
    So, give it all a rest. The film brought success and breathed new life, into the series. And if you complain more, then you really missed the whole reason for the film; after 12 films and nearly 30 years later, “Friday the 13th” and slasher films are still #1. Take that, Roger Ebert…lol

  79. All I have to say is shoot it in Michigan for various reasons. We have all the seasons for any story.Plenty of woods,lakes,cabins,etc….. But probably most of all the tax breaks now and plenty of other stars now coming here to film and new studios moving here for that very reason.

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