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Very soon, site visitor and long time fan SkaryMoviez will be conducting an interview with Friday the 13th: A New Beginning star Debi Sue Voorhees. Her role as Tina is one of the more popular amonst fans of the series and now you have the chance to ask her any question you want. Well, almost any question. You have one week to leave your questions below. Next week we will collect all of the questions here and then Debi Sue will answer them.

We will post the interview the following week and everyone here will have had a part in creating a great interview for the very beautiful and endearing Debi Sue Voorhees!

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33 Responses to “ Submit Your Questions For Debi Sue Voorhees! ”

  1. Was there any chemistry between you and John Robert Dixon who played Eddie? He was really good looking and appealing. Also, looking back at any of your scenes is there anything that you would have changed or done differently now? (For example, since you were shown in all your glory, should John had been shown in all of his;-) I mean it’s only fair.)

  2. Can I touch them???…just kidding, don’t ask her that.

  3. Do you have any resentmen for Danny Steinmann for having your scene with John Robert Dixon (you know the one),take so long to shoot? Did you know that a lot of the footage shot for that scene was never going to be able to be used in the final movie?

  4. resentment. sorry

  5. 1. Do you think you got the part because you’re last name is Voorhees?

    2. Did you know when you shot the movie that Steinmann already directed a porn movie?

  6. Are you a fan of horror movies and the F13 series? If so, what is your favorite horror film?

  7. do you have any single daughters? lol

    and what was your least favorite thing about the filming or being in the movie?

  8. Continuation on CoyT questions:
    What is your favorite Friday the 13th movie (besides Part 5 obviously) and why?

  9. 1. What did you like most about your filming experience?

  10. Did you ever have any regrets at all about doing the nude scene?

  11. Do you have any film used items or anything else from the movie?

  12. The girl, rode in the back of police car, hung up clothes on the clothes line, screamed when Joey was getting butchered, showed her boobs and gets murdered, how that makes her one of the more popular amongst fans of the series, I have no idea. She hardly even had any lines! I can think of so many more actors that were more popular and really added something to the Friday films than her. But, if that is the best person that we can come up with to interview at this point in time from part 5, I guess it is always good to have a different actors point of view or memories from shooting a friday film. My question would be, Did she ever wish she had played another character in part five than the one she was casted as.

  13. If you ask me Debi is still hot after all these year i’m 30.Heck i’d hook up with her if I had a chance in hell.Can’t wait to read the interview as for questions the one I wanted to ask has already been said.

  14. why was my post removed, i was just kidding?

  15. What’s it like to die on screen?

  16. Do u have any regret’s at all about doing the film?If u had it to do over,would u do the role again at this point and time?

  17. My question is, do you still keep in contact with any of the other castmembers from part 5 or any from the Friday series?

  18. Have u ever considered taking up acting again? or maybe u have………..but to the best of my knowledge is that u stopped in 1986 with an appearance of Riptide, Tippy – in the episode \A Matter of Policy\ (1986),I’m not sure but the last movie u did was appointment with fear in 1985 that followed jason the new beginning wasn’t it? your a beautiful actor and i’d love to see u do it again/

  19. Kiah, kinda rude, don’t you think? It’s not a matter of “The best that we can come up with”. It’s a matter of me reaching out to her and asking her if she’d like to be interviewed for the site. Yes, she actually is a fan favorite. The responses so far for this post only proves that.

  20. who was the funniest onset?
    who was the serious??

  21. To what extent were people partying during the set and who partyed the hardest?

  22. how bout non f-13 related stuff…
    1. Who is your favorite band/singer?
    2. What is your all time favorite movie?
    3. If you were alone on a desert island and could only have one possession what would it be?
    4. What do you look for in a man? Turnons/turnoffs?
    5. Edward or Jacob?
    6. What do you think the BP oil well should be stuffed with?
    7. Democrat or Republican?
    8. Are you okay with a nuclear Iran?

  23. How do you like to spend your free time nowadays?

  24. if you had the chance to appear in another Friday the 13th film as a different character would you do it? and if yes, lets say your charcter is the heroine how would like to see Jason be takin out?

  25. Any crazy, funny, sweet stories with fans of the series?

  26. 1.What was the general “feel” of the shoot/set? Funny,serious,tense, etc.
    2.What was it like to see your own death onscreen?
    3.Would you do a scene or play a part in any future F13 projects?
    4.Did you like the remake?
    5.Wheres Paul?
    6.Would you have done F13 part 5 if you knew what it really was? I understand it filmed under the false title “repetition”
    7.Are you proud of your involvement with F13? Did you face any critisms over it?
    8.Had you ever seen an F13 movie when you shot for Part 5?
    Thanks very much for considering these questions and thanks for taking the time to be a part of the ongoing saga of Friday the 13th. We should feel very lucky to associate with cast and crew members like yourself some 25 years later.

  27. No, I dont think it is rude and it is mostly horny guys that are fans of her big tits, not acting! lol Truth hurts a little. I was just saying she wasn’t one of my favorites, but atleast we get to hear another view point from another cast member.

  28. While I don’t always agree with my fellow hardcore fanatic Jason/Friday the 13th fanatics of course and hey, the internet is all about opinions of course, I must say that The Joker as well as Barnhanger, have truely asked some of the best and most well-rounded and respectful to Ms. Voorhees (dear God: never thought I would really be writing to someone with a legendary Slasher franchises’ icons name before). Bravo to you both! :)

    Anyway, I have several that I have no real hopes of ever getting answered and yet, of course I would like to respectfully throw these out there in the hopes of some of them getting answerered. Let me see if I can be a bit original here:

    1# It’s to my understanding that you’re originally from the great Lone State state of Texas and that you reportedly own property in West Texas, such as a Dude Ranch. Is there any truth to that, and at what age did you get interested in horse-back riding and do you still get the oppertunity to go horse riding on occasion these days?

    2# Can you list off some of your recent Blu Ray and/or standard definition DVD purcheses either retail or online that you’ve made recently, and what were the films and did you enjoy any of them if they were simply blind buys that you knew very little about goin’ in? Also, sort of on the same subject I feel: Are you a big Cinephile that is into up-dating your home theater equipment set-up every few years as well as having a modern LCD or Plasma or now LED TV set in your den or living room? Or are you not too hip or really ‘into’ modern technology and the like?

    3# In the Crystal Lake Memories book by Peter Bracke, on Page 131, actor Dominick Brascia (aka “Joey” from The New Beginning) mentions that at first you & him unfortunately had quite a bit of personality conflicts, as Mr. John Shepard, who of course played Tommy Jarvis in your installment, was of course mostly all “Method Acting” through out the whole shoot and you apparently came to Mr. Shepard’s aide one day when Dominick was being particular obnoxious to him, demanding that he talk and simply “get over that”.

    He does go on to mention that “from that point on, she was much cooler to me”, but what was the particular basis of that on set argument, if you care to divulge that particular information, and are there any hard feelings there that you can remember?

    4# You mention that you went back to school to some websites and that you majored in Writing & Entertainment Journalism. What publictions in Texas or national-wide here in the U.S. have you written for, and do you have any future plans to try to work on a fiction book deal or to do anything else with you’re life, or are you more or less semi-retired?

    5# Do you have any particular “outrageous” (as in ‘you-simply-WON’T-believe what happened that day!’ type) or “very funny as all hell” behind the scenes stories and tidbits that you didn’t either talk about in the Crystal Lake Memories book or to websites and genre publications (such as Fangoria and Rue Morgue magazines), ect? I know others have asked this but I simply wanted to double-check. *lol*

    6# If you chould take it all back, since you were more of less cast in a one-dimensional role in a overtly mainstream Slasher frachise (and in it’s fifth installment, no less) and are mostly considered infamous for a jaw-dropping gratuatious (albiet me and many other younger males who grew up with your film VERY much thank you for it!:)) nudity sequence here in our purtanical society, if you chould take it all back, would you still pretty much do it all as you did (I mean on shooting the entire Part V, that is) or would you simply delete it from your filmography and never consider doing it again? I’ve always wondered because of how many spoke in the book about how they more or less really feel.

    7# Do any males such as myself ever come up to you and act all overly shy or bashful or overly ‘goofy’ because they grew-up watching they’re suspeciously wearing thin around the time of your nude scene comes around (as video tape of course tends to do that) copies of Part V, and what are some of the more outrageous or funny or honestly quite shocking things my fellow male viewers have confessed to when ever meeting you somewhere and finding out that your THE Debi-Sue Voorhees who was Tina in Friday Part V? Was always VERY curious about this one.

    8# For my eigth question: Actually yeah, what [email protected] said I was always curious about since many don’t have kind words for Mr. Steinmann, finding him quite stand off-ish or “too intense” and possibly all cocained-out at the time of Part V’s filming.
    (Alright! That is enough of the almost too immature and fan boy-ish “infamous nude scene filming” questions for me; this place is quickly turning in into the DVD extras on the 2nd disc of the Halloween: 25 Years of Terror DVD in which nearly every single original Halloween II question was about Pamela Susan Shoops’ infamous nude scene. Ugh)

    9# Do you have any other hobbies that you haven’t spoken of much about in interview, and do they eat up a lot of your personal week day or even weekend time?

    10# This maybe a bit too personal, but I’ve always wondered of b-movie level actors and ‘Scream Queen’ type actresses such as yourselve, who’ve played heroines in our favorite b-list pictures if they are comfortable with the old school Slasher film, Zombie epic and general Exploitation film status, and are they happy that they honestly never became more better know ’stars’ and got higher paying projects to work on?

    11# What it like having the last/surname of “Voorhees”? Such as Myers or Kruger, I chould imagine it but be both quite unique and playfully odd to have an infamous general Horror/Slasher villian who is world-famous also be your real name surname. I can’t quite put it into context, just guess that many of us old school Horror fanatics find it a cool thing to have in real life!

    12# Part V–flaws and all–was actually my last personal favorite of the Paramount-era of the series becaue it had more old school Slasher mid ’80s crowd-pleasing deaths and gratuatious moments and even obscure dialogue and very quirky, eccentric characters and black humor that wasn’t even very common for a North American production back then. Re-watching it as most recently as you did, whenever that was, what are you over all thoughts about it? Do you feel it holds up to to other Exploitation-style Slasher entries of it’s time period and are you overly satisfied with it?

    A BIG thanks for actually taking time out to read all of these (if such is the case) by the way, Ms. Voorhees! Truely it was all much apprechiated! You were in my last favorite of the much old school Friday the 13th films, and I feel it’s a great guilty pleasure that holds-up. You should be proud! :D

  29. What do you think of your character, Tina?

  30. I just want to say thanks to everyone who has submitted questions for Deborah Voorhees. Keep ‘em coming! I’m going to interview her and submit them on Friday so that she can answer them over the weekend so that the interview can be posted here some time next week. You all have asked some great questions and I have no doubt that she’ll answer most, if not all of them! Again, I thank you! Without you all this interview wouldn’t have been nearly as good.

  31. To SkaryMoviez,

    Duelly noted! I honestly don’t have TOO many more questions, but as this appears to have dried-up over the last few days here and has very much slwoed down, I shall try to “keep’em coming” for another moment of two here, least we sadly wind-u with a few TOO many simple questions soudning jerk-ish (okay, that didn’t sound right! *lmao*) about her infamous nude scene only.

    Picking up from where I last left off:

    13# What was the last overly mainstreak film you saw at the multiplex (as in the movie theater), and what did you over all think of it?

    14# Have you picked-up the ‘04 produced standard definition DVD boxset entitled “From Crystal Lake To Manhatten: Ultimate Edition DVD set”, and if so, did you watch all the other Friday installments that WEREN’T your’s in order to get a better opinion about the series, and if so, what all did you think?

    15# Somewhat still pertaining to that last question I just asked: Well over a year ago now, Paramount degin re-mastering these series (finally) in High-Definition a with new sound mixes with home theater equipment as well as missing & deleted scenes from most of them on Blu Ray and of ocurse, DVD as well. You on the His Name Was Jason 2 disc set documentary, but you were sadly absent from the “Delexe Edition” of Friday Part V on DVD. I wanted to ask were you asked to appear by noteable genre film DVD producer Michael “slicase” Felsher and Daniel Ferrands, or where you not able to be reached at the time, or busy, or all of the above, or simply not interested in answering the same ’stock questions’ about your one noteable role over & over again?

    Also, if the film should ever finally be released (are you listening Paramount) on Blu Ray, would you appear in a new special inclusive feature to be video taped for it’s release? Especially if it was all about you and not goofy or lite-hearted? I got this idea since the orignal Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) on Blu Ray has it’s own unique Terri McMinn exclusive interview, where the original deluxe edition DVD didn’t have from years ago.

    16# Since you have worked on a few projects, what is some advice you can give to any North American working in a bigger large city (rather it’s greater Los Angeles, the buroughs of New York City, the greater Toronto area or Vancouver or Austin, Texas or where ever) that is trying to make it in the overall Entertainment field of Acting, Modeling, Stand-Up Comedy or Television? What all do you think of what they must prepare for auditions and rejections and with traveling and with all of the bumps & bruises the Entertainment field might give them? Anything particular you can tell the young men & women out there in many cities of this entire continant trying to really “make it”?

    17# From your acting years, what are some of your most finest & cheerished memories that you can share with us that will last a lifetime in your heart & soul? Something that REALLY makes you stand up and say “Man oh man, am I ever sure glad I woke-up that day because of how heart-warming that experiance was!”?

    18# It’s been said on scabboy’s YouTube page of cuntrytrash that you and you’re co-star John Robert Dixon sadly didn’t get along too well, I believe as he’s girlfriend that actually came to the audition met you and there was all sorts of overall weird vibes (of course) going on because she knew you had of course had to appear nude on screen with him. Is it true there was of course lot’s of friction there?

    19# Getting a bit personal now, what was the over all absollute LOWEST moment in which you said to yourself, as you once discribed older actresses showing up to auditions caked in too much make-up (trying in vain to look younger) that you simply knew instead “Okay: That is enough of the acting business for me. It’s just too much psychologically”?

    Thank you once agin for looking overly nearly 20(!) of my questions I just thought up off the top of my hear here!It was truely Very nice of you. :)

  32. Was it difficult to lay motionless with the gore F/X applied to your eyes for the given length of time it took to shoot the scene?

  33. Have u been in or will star in any other horror movies/? Is horror still your fav acting? What do u think about Freddy Kruger, Michael Myers, Pinhead, or Chucky/? Did u think Jason would still be big as he was in 1985 or in the 80’s? Fan in Alaska.