Video Review Saturday: “A New Beginning” Spanish Lobby Cards

lobbycard5We are back for another Saturday of Friday the 13th Movie Memoribilia. This week I thought I would showcase the Spanish Lobby card set for “A New Beginning” Thanks for the great response to the video last week and hope you like what I have for you today.

Remember, if you have something that you would be interested in seeing, please put a comment. If you want, send an email as well. I will see if I have the item and feature at some point in the future.




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6 Responses to “ Video Review Saturday: “A New Beginning” Spanish Lobby Cards ”

  1. cool. maybe a vid of any hockey maskes you might have? like part 3 or 4 or whatever you got. you must have a part 5 mask if it is one of your fav Fridays.

  2. I was wondering why it said Martes, before I started the video. Thanks for the explanation. And thanks for sharing your collection.

  3. Very cool. Friday 5 is one of my favorites also.

  4. I like these cards. Never saw them before. Can’t wait to see more!

  5. Glad everyone like the cards. I know they aren’t too exciting, but I will try to dive into something a little more exhilirating this weekend.

  6. The bad thing about that lobby cards is that the title has changed from “Friday the 13th” to “Tuesday the 13th”. Because “Martes 13″ (Tuesday the 13th), here in Spain, is the unlucky day. Good news are that from then to now, its title has not been changed, and even the four classic movies were released here in Spain with it’s “Friday” title.

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