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Carnival of Maniacs
Written by Stephen Hand
Published by Black Flame
Release date June 2024

Summary: After twenty-five years Pamela Voorhees is back and she's ready to join her son in a rampage of murder. Only Jason isn't at home anymore; he's the main attraction in a travelling sideshow. Pamela will stop at nothing to bring Jason back to Crystal Lake, but she'd better hurry, because someone at the sideshow is planning to sell Jason... on ZingBid. Who will win the auction? The Jason-obsessed rock star, Ross Feratu? The ruthless tycoon, Nathaniel Morgas? Or will the FBI step in and put Jason behind bars before the final bid? Buckle up and get ready to witness the first ever online sale of a serial killer.

One of the most feared icons from movie history returns in a brand new range of further adventures. Wearing his trademark hockey mask and armed with his deadly machete, Jason is back and ready for revenge!

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