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Church of the Divine Psychopath
Written by Scott Phillips
Published by Black Flame
Release date August 2024

Summary: Jason Voorhees. Unkillable, Unstoppable. Camp Crystal Lake's most famous son is back, and he's doing what he does best!
Following the drowning of a young boy named Jason Voorhees in 1957, Camp Crystal Lake has long been terrorized by a silent killer a seemingly unstoppable murderer who hunts his victims in the dead of night. But when an insane religious group begins to worship Jason as a means of inflicting a holy retribution, they are oblivious to the carnage that will be unleashed when he escapes.
One of the most feared icons from movie history returns in a brand new range of further adventures. Wearing his trademark hockey mask and armed with his deadly machete, Jason is back and ready for revenge!

Reader Review: "I finished reading Church of the Divine Psychopath and all I can say is wow, I was definately not expecting a novel based on Jason to be this damn good! I'm a huge fan of Jason, but I honestly wasn't expecting much, even the cover looks totally budget. But don't judge this one by the cover, once you open it up you're in for one hell of a ride. The story presented here is a very original story, especially for our favorite hockey mask wearing mass murderer Scott Phillips definetely did his homework on this one, since he didn't mess with any of Jason's timeline, but simply enriched it.

Basically there is a small eccentric religious group, the leader has stumbled upon the lifeless form of Jason Voorhees and he believes that Jason is an instrument of 'divine retribution.' The religous group relocate to the old Crystal Lake grounds and succeed to reawaken Jason. At the same time, we have an elite strike force that's been sent into the Crystal Lake grounds with one mission: to locate and eliminate Jason Voorhees. Regardless of Jason slaughtering the fanatics, they still believe him to be the savior. We basically wind up with an incident similar to Waco, Texas, but with Jason right in the middle, and the results will satisfy any real Jason fan." ~D~

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