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Friday the 13th: Hell Lake
Written by Paul A. Woods
Published by Black Flame
Release date August 2024

Summary: Jason Voorhees. Unkillable, Unstoppable. Camp Crystal Lake's most famous son is back, and he's doing what he does best!
When serial killer Wayne Sanchez was executed, he was looking forward to meeting his hero - Jason - in hell. When they discover there is a way up into the real world, Sanchez persuades Jason to go back with him, assembling an army of hell's worst inhabitants along the way. The world will soon be at the mercy of an army of the most terrifying and infamous killers in history brought back from the dead, with Jason at their head!
Full of thrills, spills and good old-fashioned slasher mayhem, Hell Lake proves that death is not the end of fear.

Reader Review: "Aside from Jason being a central character in the story, this novel in no way ties into the previous novel. One area that this book succeeds in is that it gives the reader some intriguing insight into the mind of Jason Voorhees. With the lack of information we've been given on the inner workings of Jason, I'd say that these liberties are very welcome.

What we have here is Jason is dead and in Hell, and he's not alone. The lowest level of hell is reserved for the worst of the worst, and Jason meets a kindred spirit, a recently dead serial killer called the Devil-Boy. They try to escape their eternal prison, with Jason leading the charge on a destructive path through the ascending levels of Hell, cutting a bloody path of anyone in their way. This is one of my favorite parts of the book, because here's where we see just how big of a badass Jason is!

Meanwhile, we have our typical stupid teens holding a prerequisite rave on the Crystal Lake grounds, and Jason quite literally breaks out of Hell! He leaves the door open behind him, of course, and hundreds of the world's worst individuals rise out of the depths of Crystal Lake. What follows can only be described as pure anarchy. One thing I didn't quite like was the extent of creative freedom the author took with Jason's character and the fictional world in general, at times I felt it went a bit over the top, but what do you expect." ~D~

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