Next Friday the 13th Film Scheduled For 2024


The news you’ve been waiting for - Paramount’s new Friday the 13th film is a go.

A new Friday the 13th film is indeed coming.  And Paramount has confirmed this by locking in a release date of March 13, 2024.

Yes, that’s a Friday the 13th.  (The 13th also falls on a Friday in February and November of that year.)  And no, an official title has not been revealed (will it be Friday the 13th 2?  Friday the 13th: Part 2?  Friday the 13 with some sub-title attached?)

We learned in June that Warner Bros. relinquished the rights to the franchise and gave them back to Paramount.  The studio had five years to get a new entry in theaters before those rights reverted back to WB.

There are no further details other than that.  We know Platinum Dunes will be producing the film.  But there is no director and there are rumblings of the producers looking for a “found footage” approach.  

Source: Shock Till You Drop

Friday the 13th: The Complete Collection [Blu-ray] (Blu-ray)

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Starring: Kane Hodder, Betsy Palmer, Thom Mathews, Corey Feldman, Scott Reeves
Rating: R (Restricted)

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  • Guest

    They need to make a Freddy vs Jason vs Michael Myers film. Freddy should be played by Robert Englund, and Myers character should be based off the original film from 1978, not the remake. This movie would be a boxoffice smash. This film should be made. Forget the found footage idea.

    • martyrs fan

      how dull that would be.freddy vs Jason was lame enough American horror is dead

      • ronnie

        you are not a real fan then

    • 4Billy2Harris0

      I agree

      • PEST Dynasty

        they should stick with their original sequel and have it be Jason vs Freddy vs Ash from the evil dead there is a script out there somewhere

  • jason fan

    makecorey Feldman a dad and he has a family starts a whole new generation I want patent for this idea lol

    • Donnie Metalhippie Rogers

      Yeah!!! And call it Friday the 13th part 11 Hane Hodder will play Jason again

      • Caleb C.

        His name is Kane Hodder so ya explains its self how much u know, no offence of course

        • Donnie Metalhippie Rogers

          Sorry Kane Hodder I knew that but offence? Oh offense ok Hmmm think before you speak or learn how to spell before being a spelling critic. ”
          No Offence”

          • Caleb C.

            Oh im srry did i offend u bc i corrected ur mistake tell u wat i will apologize for tht but u dont hav to be a dick to a 14 year old kid
            Im srry

          • Donnie Metalhippie Rogers

            Oh I`m sorry also did I ruffle a feather or something besides a 14 year old shouldn`t use the D word. Now go to your room and think about what you said young man. lol haha but is cool that your a Jason fan and not getting nightmares. Good job but your still grounded.

      • dannycerati

        I like the idea a last chapter XI would be amazin^

  • jason fan

    please no remakes with the 13th film make it original as the bigigest fan I want something awesome,,

  • Mika Malone

    I think it’s cool that they’re considering such a big change for the 13th movie. However, found footage as a sub-genre is such a fad nowadays and I’m worried how the film will age over the years if they go that route. That’s not to say that it can’t turn out great, but I am hoping for a more traditional style of filming. The fans have been begging for a Jason movie with a snowy setting for years, and the 13th entry in the series could be the perfect opportunity to finally deliver. I would also like to see Derek Mears reprise the role of Jason, even if it’s not a continuation of the reboot, because he totally nailed the part. I hope it isn’t just another reboot though. Although the ending didn’t pack nearly as much of a punch as the opening did, the 2024 effort was pretty great overall and full of homages. I’d like to see that Jason’s world given the chance to be fleshed out some more before they just give up on it.

  • RAM Ninjalo

    The remake was great & all, but I wanna see 12th entry to the original saga. Something either picking up after Freddy vs. Jason or after Jason X. PLEASE!!!!

  • caesar187

    I say bring back Trish, Ginny, Chris( part3), Tina(part 7) and Meeghan(part6) to have like a survivors reunion at the lake, mix tommy in there somehow, but with a twist or surprise but a survivors reunion would be tight, they all lost someone close to them thanks to jason…tina and trish lost a mom, meeghan lost her dad, chris lost her best friend and boyfriend, and ginny lost paul..maybe hollywood would say they are too old now but i think it would be tight!

  • jacko

    As a fan I actually wrote out a very amature screen play entitled, “Jason King Of The Undead.”
    The whole premise was the victims of Jason rise up from their shallow graves and seek revenge on the masked killer. It was good,campy,and very fun with a huge surprise ending.

    • Jason Jericho

      whats the ending?

      • jacko

        Well in the first draft the zombies,(former victims of Jason) have a huge ending battle with Jason. Very gory and all the that fun stuff,but it ended with Jason being overcome by the zombies and they in turn devour his flesh,along with what remains of his dead mothers head. All seems fairly well in the end,yes their are still zombies but the most dangerous one of them all has finally been killed.

        We end with one of the zombies picking up Jason’s mask and placing it over their own face. We then hear the voice of Mrs.Voorhees echoing throughout the minds of all the zombies. Basically,(to make it as short as I can) as a result of eating Jason’s flesh and that of his dead mothers head,the remaining zombie’s are linked as a “hive” mind. Thus they not only now inherit Jason’s memories but his unstoppable strength as well and we are left to believe the humans are in even worse shape now dealing with a horde of Jason’s rather than just the single,original Jason Voorhee’s.

        I think the ending is controversial but was different and left a “oh crap feeling” as well for the reader.

        • Jason Jericho

          I think thats awesome. You should copyright it. Peace.

          • wobblybob

            Segue into the walking dead…

          • jacko


        • Ken

          That sounds like shit!

          • jacko

            Thanks too

  • VoorheesFamilyValues

    I liked the approach of the reboot making Jason a leaner faster killing machine but Jason does not take prisoners…that spoiled the film…plus he got his Hockey mask from Sheldon in part 3 not from some hillbilly so no need to rewrite history. Just let him kill and let one girl get away at the end. Duh!

    • jason fan

      his name was shelly not shelodon

  • dre

    I’d say go for it Myers vs voorhees that will be nice with Freddy causing havoc!!!

  • dre

    Job zombies Michael Myers vs Jason

    • human centipede

      lame idea snore.. and his name is rob not job lol

  • The Dude

    I’m glad Paramount has the rights again. Just seeing that old mountain logo might be a sign that they won’t make this a total travesty. P.S. the found footage is a terrible idea.

  • hatchetfan


  • jasonlives

    Found footage idea is stupid. Go in any direction with it. Just not that one

  • brad dunnermann

    Friday the 13th has a great legacy. I love the series. Now I wonder what is next

    • brad dunnermann

      Does anyone agree?

  • brad dunnermann

    Jason can b improved. Sort of old school. Would b awesome

    • brad dunnermann

      Everybody knows new Jason sucked

  • brad dunnermann

    Stick w the Gore, obviously!!!

  • Jody Jasani

    I hope Kane Hodder plays Jason in this one. Kane was the best Jason that played the role and nobody has ever topped his character. Does anyone know who is playing Jason in the upcoming Friday the 13th?

    • Jason’s disciple

      Hi this is Jason’s disciple I believe the role of Jason Voorhees will be played by Kane Hodder again because he is the sole owner of the paramount pictures contract and they will have to honor his old contract from Friday the 13th part 8 Jason takes Manhattan so to my fellow Jason Voorhees fan keep your fingers crossed I know I will.

  • Psilocybin Rain

    No disrespect to the other guys who’ve donned the mask over the years. But for the love of god bring back Kane Hodder……

    • nigga

      Mears > Hodder

  • Caleb C.

    I love the friday the 13th movies about the ionic character jason voorhees but no mater what happens with this new movie coming, it will not be the same as the others before it and with that being said i could c any factor being added to this new movie just for Paramount pics to try and get an unexplained audience and make a few bucks.

  • Gore Fan

    Rob Zombie needs to help make this movie like he did with The Devils Rejects

  • virtuafighter

    Corey Feldman who starred in Friday the 13th: the Final Chapter (1984) will likely star in this new Friday the 13th film. I also want Jensen Daggett who starred in Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (1989) to appear in this film since was was my favorite of all the actresses starred in Friday the 13th films. Then we need Sean S Cunningham (who directed part 1), Steve Miner (who directed part 2 & 3) or Rob Heddon (who directed Jason take Manhattan) to get involved to direct the new film. I’m so glad warner bros. gave the rights back to Paramount. It was Paramount the company themselves who approached New Line Cinema on Freddy Vs Jason crossover. Now I hope John Carpenter will do a crossover of Michael Myers with Pinhead from Hellraiser which will be awesome.

  • dannycerati

    I would like the last chapter XI . the remakes bullshit.

  • Sethro

    To me this new movie needs to get the “feel” back that the older movies had. I like all the newer movies but the “feel” went away after part 7. The score of coarse has as much to do with it as anything. Part 4 was the perfect Friday the 13th because Jason was hardcore and gruesome and the score was pretty awesome. Even part 5 was better than the newer ones because it had the feel. Kane Hodder was a good Jason but he only fits the dead slow zombie Jason.

  • Knowledge Power

    Jason is so awesome, i like those sorts of characters…..No wonder Kane was always my favourite in WWF, exactly like this Jason guy (until they ruined him).

  • Merica420

    I don’t like the found footage idea for this series. It can work well for some movies, but it doesn’t make sense for Friday the 13th. I mean first of all mostly everyone runs when Jason pops up so wouldn’t that mean we’d see a lot of the ground and not so much Jason? What about if the camera used for “found footage” isn’t near half the kills? Since they usually get separated in the movies. I believe this would kill the series, and with creativity diminishing in movies, tv, and music this generation we don’t need a legend to die out alongside them.

  • Caleb C.

    I think it might be kinda cool if the new movie could be based off the ending to jason x when jason played as kane hodder was all beefed up however it would kinda tricky to pull off and still make the movie good

  • Guest

    It’s good to see others hoping to see the return of Corey Feldman to reprise his role as Tommy Jarvis on these forums, because personally I couldn’t agree more. This would be perfect for the franchise: providing a legitimate element of suspense (for real fans) by having the solo returning survivor back on the big screen, played by Feldman to take on Jason again. This could also provide closure for what happened/didn’t happen to Tommy’s family, especially Trish (Kimberly Beck) could possibly play a factor? Seeing her return is a stretch but her character or even some quick dialogue on the matter would be interesting. Also, I would rather see Feldman vs. Jason than any other “Vs” situation….

  • Ken

    Nobody wants to see a found footage scenario. Don’t ruin Jason’s legacy with that crap.

  • Raph

    I think Jason is kinda scary but he is cool!!!!:)

  • Telling it like it is

    Well, I certainly hope that the new one will be better than the last few films. Which then again, I’m a fan of the “old-school” F13 films. Jason X was horrible, in my opinion, and Freddy Vs. Jason wasn’t much better either. The most previous one was OK, I guess. My favorites were the first original film run my Paramount (parts 1-8 but parts 1-4 are definately the best to me). The whole “Jason Goes to Hell” thing was stupid. It might would’ve actually had the potential to be a good film if it hadn’t involved the idea of Jason being in other people’s bodies. The space ship thing with part 10 was ridiculous, as well. I have all of the Friday the 13th films in my personal horror film collection, but I have the most recent ones just for the sake of being able to say I have every film in the franchise. Aside from that, I have absolutely no other reason for having them. One of the biggest flaws to me, personally, was Jason supposedly being afraid of water.. yet in part 6, he clearly walked out into the lake following after Tommy.. did he not? He didn’t look too afraid of water, either in part 8 when come up OUT of the water and climbed up the anchor of the ship. Or when he somehow managed to get off the ship before it burned up and swim all the way to New York City, Lol. It would’ve made things so much better if they stuck with the original format and added new ideas to it.. as opposed to changing everything up to where it’s almost the complete opposite.

  • Telling it like it is

    Also, I think (along with some viewers here) that the return of Tommy Jarvis’s characters (played by Cory Feldman, of course) would be perfect for the franchise. Also, maybe have Betsy Palmer reprising her role and making a cameo appearance thru hallucinations or either flashbacks in Jason’s mind. Then again, it’d have to be well wrote screenplay. In a interview a few years back, she clearly expressed of how she felt about Freddy Vs. Jason.. calling it “a piece of shit.”

    • Telling it like it is

      That’s exactly why she turned down the role.. regardless of what kinda bullshit you might see on wikipedia. She said so, herself.. it had nothing to do with how much money she was offered to play the part.

  • babz

    Jason vs Michael Myers would be the best way for the ‘FT13′ franchise to go out in style however, I know the movie is set to be in theaters in less than a year from now soooo, as long as it scares me near to death, then I’m cool with whatever they put together! #TeamJason!

  • greenday85

    I would be happy with an generic Friday The 13th film that harkens back to the old days. One where a bunch of random teenagers go out to Camp Crystal Lake to party, or be consolers and get destroyed by Jason. Paramount could make a decent profit promoting movies like that every 18-24 months. It will never happen though. Hollywood studios are focused on a blockbuster with every film. Still food for thought Paramount

  • Jimbo

    Somebody sure needs to learn how to make a horror movie. What made the old films work was oddball characters and dialogue, no Gucci wearing teens, Harry Manfredini, and perfect locations and killings. We now have films that are far too rushed and have paper thin characters. You won’t ever see another good Friday the 13th ever again. James Wan is about as good as it gets. He sure isn’t a John Carpenter.

  • David

    I don’t like the idea of the found footage approach. I would rather see a prequel. I would like to know more about the Voorhees family and what life was like for Jason as a kid w/ a deformity. And what about his mom? Was she always crazy or just became crazy when Jason drowned?

    • Robert C. “Bobby” Duke

      Agree. The only ff I’ve enjoyed are the VHS. I don’t mind ff being a small part of a future film, but in its entirety, no way.

  • Melanie Jarrett

    yayaya never stop making Friday films please!!!

  • Jason’s disciple

    According to the inquisitr Mr.Sean Cunningham himself is set to join platinum dunes for the next Friday the 13th movie 2024and and this all means that he gets to restore the Friday the 13th franchise as well as Jason’s character and it could spell good news for Kane hodder’s fans because he had the paramount pictures contract to play Jason originally so fans keep your fingers crossed i will get back to you when i have more information.

  • Jason’s disciple

    Attention all Friday the 13th fans and also Kane Hodder’s fans I just got the news that paramount and platinum dunes will not be bringing back Kane Hodder as Jason Voorhees instead they will give the role back to derek mears as Jason Voorhees and I believe that they are just settling on derek mears and that they didn’t even give Kane Hodder a chance to come back to the Friday the 13th franchise I believe that they are going buy what they want vs what the fans of Friday the 13th franchise want I strongly believe that all of us fans should boycott this next installment of the Friday the 13th franchise because I do believe that they should listen to us fans and not themselves they must have forgotten about the old policy the customers is always right so to my fellow Jason Voorhees fans if I were you all I would boycott this next movie because it’s going to be a epic disappointment just like the last installment that they did back in 2024 with derek mears and the last time I looked that movie did not do to well at the box office it was an epic fail it didn’t bring in the numbers that it should have but if they would have gone back and inquired Kane Hodder for the role of Jason Voorhees the numbers at the box office would of shoot through the roof and profits would of been more lucrative they are about to make the biggest blunder in cinema history next to new line cinema and warner brothers .

  • Hess

    How about we clash Jason (played by Kane Hodder) and Michael Myers (original not the remake) in a Freddy vs Jason like deal. Without the whole poor casting choice for the part of Jason.