Lauren-Marie Taylor - "Vicki"
(November 1, 1962 -      )

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Biography: Lauren-Marie Taylor was born in New York, in the Bronx. She appeared on several daytime soap operas in the 1980's, including Ryan's Hope and Loving. She currently has three children, and presumably has chosen to focus on her family life now instead of acting. -

Quote: "I started acting by doing Burger King commercials. That's all I had done. And I was only graduating high school when the audition came up - I don't even remember it. It was just another reading. My feeling was, 'If I get it, great. If I don't, I'll go do another Burger King commercial.' Then after I got the part, because I was about to turn eighteen, my mother had to sign a waiver to even let me go. At first I was a little wigged-out about being at a camp. Because growing up in the South Bronx, you don't go to camp; you go to Fire Island, you know? So I had to psych myself up. But it was an adventure for me, and I welcomed it." - pg. 54, Crystal Lake Memories

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Girls Nite Out (1984)
Neighbors (1981)
Friday the 13th: Part 2 (1981)

Handmade by Design (1996) Host
Loving (1983-95)
Ryan's Hope (1980-1981)

Where Is She Now?: Lauren-Marie Taylor's most recent venture was as the host of a television show called Handmade by Design.

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