Stuart "Stu" Charno - "Ted"
(September 29, 1956 -      )

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Biography: "I was born in a place (Queens, NY), went to school, ate some lunch, had some friends, we played games -- sound familiar?

I'm just like you, who's reading this, in more ways than I'm not -- but that said;

I was a music major in college, and got into acting accidentally. I was sitting at a table in a club, watching a friend of mine sing, when a woman at a table next to me turned to me and asked, 'Are you a comedian?' I quickly said, 'I do feel funny'. She laughed and gave me her card. Her name was Yvette Bickoff, and she was an agent. 'Go study some acting. I want to represent you.' That was it... So I went from being a jazz piano player, singer and composer, to acting...

As my father says, 'You never know...'" -

Quote: "Frankly, I was surprised that they were making a sequel. In those days sequels weren't quite as rampant as they are today. Of course, if something makes money they'll try to do it again. But I was happy to get the work. And as a beginning actor, you usually have very little idea of preparing for a role. It is just your natural personality coming out. I immediately knew which role they wanted me to play. The character Ted was the practical joker. Steve Miner actually just said, 'Stu, you got any good jokes?' And I think all of the jokes I told in the film were ones that I came up with at the time. Steve was great that way. He knew when to direct and when to just let the actors go." - pg. 54, Crystal Lake Memories

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Horrorween (2007)
Alien Hunter (2003)
Sleepwalkers (1992)
Modern Girls (1986)
Once Bitten (1985)
Just One of the Guys (1985)
Hard to Hold (1984)
Christine (1983)
Young Doctors in Love (1982)
The Chosen (1981)
Friday the 13th: Part 2 (1981)

Chicago Hope (1996-97)
Svengali (1983)

Television Guest Appearances
Profiler (2000)
Team Knight Rider (1998)
The X Files (1995)
Dave's World (1994)
Newhart (1985, 1986)
M*A*S*H (1982)

Where Is He Now?: Stu Charno continues to pursue an acting career in movies, television and commercials. He makes a cameo appearance in the upcoming low-budget horror film, Horrorween.

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