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Biography: "Francis Warrington Gillet III (under the name Warrington Gillette), a former economics major who was then a struggling actor, settled for the murderous role when he failed to land a speaking part in Friday the 13th: Part 2. But he did get to play a mature Jason, chopping and slashing his way out of the woods and into a new series of Crystal Lake counselors to avenge his mother's death in the earlier hit.

The Maryland-born Gillet, now an East Coast clothing entrepreneur, knew the part would demand little of his acting skills, 'But I thought the idea of running around killing people and offering the kills to my mother's head would be amusing,' he says. However, the difficult Carl Fullerton makeup he had to wear left him far from laughing. 'They glued rubber pieces on my face to distort it, put dentures in my mouth that kept it forced open and closed off one of my eyes.' He recalls. 'I had trouble eating and drinking and, with only one eye open, I lost my depth perception.'

Things went from bad to worse when it came time for him to leap through a cabin window and attack heroine Amy Steel. 'The art director forgot to score the window,' Gillet explains. 'So when the director [Steve Miner] called for action, I ran full speed at the window, hit it and bounced straight back. By the time we reached that scene, I was so sick and uncomfortable with the whole process that I really could have killed that girl.'

When Gillet and a group of friends went to see the fruits of his labor, the actor expected quite a bit more then he saw. 'I thought I had this really great part.' He says, 'and there I was on the big screen, saying absolutely nothing and just killing a bunch of kids.' - Jason Goes to Hell magazine

Warrington has been involved in many ventures over the years, from being a stock broker to working with horses on his family's farm. He is involved in television producing, an internet company, and hopes to get a horror movie going with a Jason-style killer terrorizing high society, tentatively titled Bloody Social.

Update: "Warrington Gillette III has co-written a horror movie scrutinizing his real-life stepmother's bizarre reaction to his father's mysterious death. Warrington remains devastated over the unclear circumstances of his dad F. Warrington Gillet Jr.'s sudden death on May 13th, 2024, and is still baffled by Palm Beach, Florida, socialite Elesabeth Ingalls Gillet's unusual behavior in the months following his demise. So he's shooting Bloody Special in an effort to avenge Elesabeth's decision to flee on a Mediterranean cruise with her new boyfriend, Cuban clothing salesman Andy Avello, so soon after the funeral. But Elesabeth insists Gillette III's film is just a tasteless means of making money.

Warrington explains his storyline to website PageSix.com: 'Now the son discovered to his dismay that there is no tombstone on his daddy's grave. What heiress in Palm Beach would forget a tombstone? How grave! Something is certainly wrong with this picture.' Gillette III, 44, started writing a movie about his life at the urging of his producer friend Larry Spangler. Spangler adds, 'When his father died, I smelled a rat. He talked to his father every day for 20 years. But they never let him in the house after that.'" - IMDB.com

Extensive article about Warrington Gillet III from the New York Observer.

Penny Dreadful (2005)
Time Walker (1982)
Friday the 13th: Part 2 (1981)

Where Is He Now?: Warrington Gillette has recently launched his new website, where fans can purchase an autographed Jason from Part 2 mask. He is also working on getting his movie, Bloody Social, produced.

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