Scott Reeves - "Sean"
(May 16, 1966 -      )

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Biography: "Scott Reeves was born Gregory Scott Reeves in Delight, Arkansas. When he was four, his parents relocated to the San Fernando Valley where he and his sibling completed their schooling and where he and his entire family still reside. Always having been the 'ham' in the family, Scott got the acting bug during his junior year in high school. It wasn't until he was out of high school for two years that he landed his first role. All the while, he had been attending acting classes in pursuit of his dream.

Scott started working steadily about a year after his first role and eventually landed the role of Ryan on The Young and the Restless in June of 1991. He has immensely enjoyed his years on the show, discovering new things every day about the character and himself. In the summer of 1988, Scott met his wife to be, Melissa Brennan, while portraying the role of Jake on Days of Our Lives. Since then, Scott and Melissa have had two children, Emily who is eight years old, and Larry who is three years old." - Official Scott Reeves Site

Update: "Scott, who was born in Delight, Arkansas and raised in Los Angeles, started singing at an early age with his Uncle Jack; but, his strongest musical influence came from close family friend, Glenn Campbell. After high school, Scott, who had been acting as well as playing music, picked up work in commercials and on television shows.

Aaron and Scott teamed up after meeting on a music video in Nashville five years ago. It was an instant brotherhood! The two were inseparable! After years of friendship, and a bit of gentle pressure from their wives - the guys decided to see how it felt to sing together. They discovered not only did they have a perfect friendship, but also perfect harmonies!" -

Waitin' to Live (2002)
Hot Shots! Part Deux (1993)
The Young and the Restless (1991-2001)
Edge of Honor (1991)
Big Man on Campus (1989)
Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (1989)

Half a Dozen Babies (1999)
When the Cradle Falls (1997)
Hearts Adrift (1996)
Teen Angel Returns (1990)
I Know My First Name Is Steven (1989)
Days of Our Lives (1988)

Television Guest Appearances
Touched by an Angel (2001)
The King of Queens (2001)
Chicago Hope (1998)

Where Is He Now?: Scott Reeves has been focusing on his music career and currently plays guitar and sings in his country music band, Blue County.

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