Run From Jason In Style

A simple shoe shopper, I never thought much of Nike sneakers until several alerted me to these cool customs dubbed Custom Nike Dunk SB - Friday the 13th (Jason Voorhees). They’ve been floating around for some time, but looking for some new walkers for ‘09 perhaps its time I sought these out and start wearing my Jason Fanboy for all to see. These literal arse-kickers were created by Mizzee Customs.

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  1. Look pretty lame…I’m all for Friday merchandise but this is bordering on overkill.

  2. Ahhh. I\’ve seen these customs. At one point, they were actually going to be made. They had some Jason sneakers and Freddy sneakers on the horizon, but they were scraped for whatever reason. That\’s where these customs came into play.

  3. I love red/blk zapatos if I could only find a matching red/blk F13 Tee that be great.

  4. so were they never really made, cuz if so i want em NOW!!!!!!!!

  5. Oh God! You got to be kidding me. I can just see the commercials now. You’ll see Jason wearing them and killing people off, with one of his soon to be victims saying to another soon to be victims, ” It must be the shoes.” right after they witness him offing someone. Sorry this is a little too much for me as well.

  6. They sell all kinds of stupid crap with the “friday the 13th” title and maybe a hockey mask. People buy keychains, flasks, underwear, bobbleheads, lunch boxes etc. all cheaply made. This at least looks a little artistic. Not trying to change anyones opinion but don’t understand how all that sh*t gets sold and these shoes get slamed like they’re over the top. I’ve never bought customized nike’s not really my style, but with the horror factor in there i think it can be pulled off.

  7. OH MY GOD WHEN DO THESE COME OUT?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  8. Here’s the story. I used to work for Nike and I heard about the Friday The 13th and the A Nightmare On Elm Street Dunks. Being a major horror fan I set out to see what was up with Nike releasing them. There wasn’t much info on the Friday ones but they were set to release the Nightmare ones. They were red and green striped with blood splatters all over the shoes and the insole looked like Freddy’s skin. Just as they were about to start production on them New Line said “Thanks but no thanks” and said that Nike couldn’t make them. They didn’t want Nike profiting off of Freddy so the idea was scrapped. There are some pics of the Nightmare ones floating around on the net.

  9. The original design by Nike was RE-TAR-DED. They were basically just red, black & white Nikes. Take a look:

    Considering how fantastically lame the Nike designs were, I totally appreciate the custom job this guy did on the ones in this post.

    As far as merchandising “going too far”… yeah, I sure wouldn’t want to see a Nike commercial starring Jason Voorhees. It would totally ruin my memory of him on ARSENIO HALL. Get over yourself.

  10. Nike has some F13th shoes, but, these look very childish.

  11. I’d buy them but I am a cheapo. I prefer my black boots, which look like something JASON would actually wear.

  12. those might be the ugliest pair of sneakers i’ve ever seen.

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