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Friday the 13th
Written by Simon Hawke
Based on screenplay by Victor Miller
Published by New American Library
Release date September 1987

Summary: It was going to be a fun summer at Camp Crystal. The young counselors were getting ready for it while they joked about the scary rumors attached to the isolated camp.
But evil was waiting in the shadows as the sun set. The laughter turned to screams... the easy living to agonized dying. For the light had gone and the wind was howling and it was - Friday the 13th.

Reader Review: "Short and to the point, and better for it. This is a straight adaptation of the film, with a few added and expanded scenes, mostly in the musings of the main characters. Written well after the film came out, this is Simon Hawke's second F13 novelization, released a year after his excellent Part VI novel. Because it seemed Hawke would do the entire series, he benefits from knowing what transpires in the sequels after the defeat of Mrs. Voorhees. Because of this, Hawke balances nicely the events of the original film both as a stand alone tale and as the start of something bigger.

A fun and quick read. Find out what Alice had to take care of in California, and what Jack and Ned discussed over a beer before going to Camp Crystal Lake, as well as a few other added treats." - Patrick Lemieux

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