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Friday the 13th: Part 3 in 3-D
Written by Michael Avallone
Based on screenplay by Martin Kitrosser, Carol Watson and Petru Popescu
Published by Tower & Leisure Sales Co.
Release date August 1982

Summary: The book that takes you from the edge of your seat to the edge of madness!
He lies in wait. Patiently. Quietly. Ready to strike. As darkness settles over the forest, the victims enter his lair. And one by one they die!

Reader Review: "The first Friday The 13th film to be adapted was this one. Written for release with the movie in 1982, this book was part of Paramount's admirable push of what was becoming a lucrative franchise for them in the early '80s. Also released by Paramount was the soundtrack album and the single for the 'Theme From Friday The 13th Part 3', both by Harry Manfredini.

Too bad Michael Avallone is not a very good writer. I make that assessment based purely on the strength of this one book. If he wrote better in other books, I'd love to see it. That doesn't excuse his painful lack of sentence structure, grammar and understanding of the tools of writing (such as adjectives, adverbs and verbs).

Completists will want this on their shelf, and I can respect that. I can also respect the liberties taken by the author in the story, notably the beginning and ending. Being familiar with the movie won't prepare the reader for such deviations, so be ready for a few unexpected turns. Some of these alterations presumably come from early drafts of the film's script, such as the character "Rick" in the movie being "Derek" in this book. If you want to experience it yourself, read the book (which I don't, in good conscience, recommend anyone ever do)." - Patrick Lemieux

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