Friday the 13th Part 3
Written by Simon Hawke
Published by New American Library
Release date May 1988

Summary: Beautiful, auburn-haired, nineteen-
year-old Chris was going back. Back to the place where the others had been hideously butchered. Back to where she had been found near-mad with terror. Back to prove to herself that the horror was over and she could live and love again.
This time she brought her friends. They all thought the weekend would be a kick. All they had in mind was goofing off and getting off on fun and games. It was party time - until an uninvited guest showed up. His name was Jason... and he was out to have a bloody ball of his own...

Reader Review: "How often does a movie get adapted twice by two different authors? Michael Avallone wrote his novelization in 1982, for release with the film. Simon Hawke wrote his years later in 1988. Hawke benefits here by knowing more of the what happened in later film sequels and can write the novel both as a straight adaptation of the film and as a single middle chapter in larger story.

Hawke's version here is much closer to the film and takes considerably less liberties with the characters and story. Like his other F13 book, this one is tight and fast. Unfortunately, this would be Hawke's last venture into Crystal Lake. Two more books and he would have at least caught up with his Part VI novelization. On its own, it's an unpretentious and faithful adaptation of the movie and the better of the two Part 3 books." - Patrick Lemieux

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