Amazing Hi-Res Poster Artwork

It’s gotta be the highest resolution look at the poster art, and the new Jason visage, we’ve seen till now. Can you believe this was hidden away at the official remake movie website? I expect this to be made into a custom cover for the inevitable zero-day camcorder bootleg DVD-R. Counting. You can also find a downloadable cutout version of the new mask that too, offers additional close-up detail right here.

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7 Responses to “ Amazing Hi-Res Poster Artwork ”

  1. I love this poster! :-) It looks great! :-)

  2. I love it man.

  3. Can’t wait for it to have the Blu-Ray logo splashed across it and sitting in my player.

  4. it seems to me that the hair is whats making the neck look weird
    im not unhappy about anything now cant wait

  5. Very cool. February is gonna be SUCH a Jason Voorhees-centric month for all of us: Getting the His Name Was Jason documentary, plus the new special editions of Parts 1-through-3D, and of course the remake. It’s almost too much awesomeness for one whole month. Now let’em all please be uber cool, dear God.

    Bring on February. :D

  6. It’s hard not to love that poster and you know what, call me crazy, but I actually like Jason’s look in this the best.

  7. I got this printed as a Christmas gift, now it’s hanging right above my bed. After nitpicking like most involved fans can’t help but do I’ve become pretty partial to it. It’s definitely not the worst Friday one-sheet, and mine being even darker makes it pretty creepy.

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