Tuesday, April 19th, 2024

Special FX

Double Impalement Friday the 13th Part 2

FX WORKSHOP: Double Impalement (Friday the 13th Part 2)

Whilst 1980's Friday the 13th was a melting pot of ideas taken from a variety of recent successful horror films (specifically Carrie and Halloween), Friday the ...

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Flying Eyeball in 3-D

FX WORKSHOP: Flying Eyeball (Friday the 13th Part 3)

Friday the 13th Part 3 would continue the tradition of the Grand Guignol-style theatrics that fans had grown accustomed to but ...

FX WORKSHOP: Jason’s Death (The Final Chapter)

When Paramount Pictures announced that they would be bringing their lucrative Friday the 13th franchise to an end with The Final ...

FX WORKSHOP: The Split Girl (Jason Goes to Hell)

Following the relatively blood-free restraint of Paramount's Friday the 13th swan song, 1989's Jason Takes Manhattan, the franchise would return to ...