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Paul Kratka (’Rick’ Friday the 13th Part 3)

How much acting experience did you have prior to FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 3, and how did you become involved with the project? What kind of audition process did you undergo?
“Great question - I’ve never been asked about my experience prior to F13. I had had just a little professional (i.e. paid) experience; I had [...]

DVD News Already

Here’s some goss from Shock Till You Drop. I’d post my thoughts, but some of the louder folks out there have indicated I should shut my yap and get on with the copy & paste action, so here you go…
“We’ve already talked to Paramount about doing a double-disc on this,” reveals Dunes’ Andrew Form. [...]

Monogram International offers unique gifting ideas for Jason fans

Looking for something unique to give to a Friday the 13th fan/collector in your life? Monogram International has followed the trend of teaming up with the New Line House of Horrors to bring fans and collectors some very unique items.

New Jason Betting Pool

Right here, right now, I’m calling out New Jason’s appearance. And if you think I’m being cocky just to rile you up into throwing your own guesses into the pool… well, you know me too well.
Let’s see. In the original series, Jason only ended up in dark clothing because he raided a washing line (as [...]

First Set Report

Fangoria have a nice set-visit up online, no pictures (oh, of course) but it’s a great read and far from that “look how cool wez are for visited the set ROFLMAO!” set report I read elsewhere a month ago. Hey, don’t you call me snarky - even Fango royally owned those guys by calling First [...]

New Friday The 13th Set Photos

Some set photos have popped up at the excellent SF Universe, thanks to ‘dragoncomet’. Nothing spoilery, but gives a decent pictorial idea of how the shoot is set up. Below is the first photo of Jared Padalecki, the rest follow.