Friday the 13th remake “Camp Crystal Lake” sign revealed!


The official website for Platinum Dunes released the first image of the Camp Crystal Lake sign today. The sign appears very similar to signs for the campground that appeared in previous films!
We deliberated for a long time about what that sign would look like cause we wanted it to be really creepy. The photo was shot on set in Bastrop, Texas, where for the next couple of days we are shooting a couple of death scenes. One is an homage to one of my favorite kills and the other involves a machete, someone’s skull and third degree burns. These are very important kills as I have Guy Stodel from New Line and Dan Levine from Paramount here just to make sure. Talk about pressure!” states Brad Fuller

Friday the 13th wraps up shooting tomorrow, Friday, June 13th.

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23 Responses to “ Friday the 13th remake “Camp Crystal Lake” sign revealed! ”

  1. i broke that news yesterday ; )

  2. I wanna see JASON,stop hiding him its not gonna make anyone wanna see the movie les if we see him UNLESS HE LOOKS LIKE A DOUCHE maybe

  3. I wonder how long they plan on making us wait? I can’t believe someone didn’t manage to sneak a shot and leak it to the web.

  4. That is fine. Now if you can just manage to not sloppily fuck up everything else in the movie, then I’ll be shocked. Michael. You suck.

  5. ive been wanting to make a sign for a long time.i wonder whats the measurments.looks great

  6. That sign looks sweet!
    I have high hopes for this film.

  7. Has anyone else seen the MTV set report? It shows Jason’s mask! Looks like the real Jason hockey mask to me!

  8. Haven’t seen the MTV set report. But I’d like to. Anyone have a link?

  9. Found the MTV set report. I wrote up a quick story about it. Thanks for the heads up James!

  10. Not a Jason story, but I heard they’re going to start filming the newest Nightmare On Elm Street in Lincoln, NE next month. Not sure if this is totally true or not but sounded interesting…

  11. i just hope they dont have dumb ass actors.well
    i guess it will be ok only if they die gruesoe deaths.

  12. **gruesome

  13. i would like to chat with any big friday fans.
    my sn is alicensain on aim if anyone wants to talk about the films IM e im bored lol

  14. Sweet! althought I remember the original sign to be bright yellow, am I right?

  15. yeah i think it is yellow.

  16. They should have Jason in front of the sign with a piece of paper that reads
    “Please come to my camp - you’ll have such a good time you’ll be dying to stay”

  17. the sighn is yellow you have to look very very closely its the same sighn looks great this movie is going 2 kick ass

  18. The sign is very simmular, looks a little weathered though, but I like it. I can\\\’t wait for the movie to come out in the Netherlands!

  19. i like it!!!!!!

  20. I think this going to b good but what happen to jason voorhees dad were is he in this story line how come he wasn’t in it through out al the origanl film series lets put him story line. i’m such big fan of the movie i hope 1 day i will get 2 star or direct 1 of these films i got some great idea 4 the friday the 13 franchise have any question fill free 2 contact me at 801 495 9096 looking forward 2 hearing from ya.

  21. sean cunnigham is one of the best producers out there if it wasn’t 4 him this franchise would not exist at all this franchise will never die thanx sean keep these movies coming u defintly know what your doing 2 make this company possiable n 2 b were u r today

  22. Anyone know the exact location in Austin where the film was shot?

  23. Anyone know the exact location in Austin where it was shot?

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