Who Is the Real Jason In Part 2?

In the spirit of bag-head Jason appearing in the new Friday the 13th and the Special Edition DVD release of Friday the 13th Part 2, I thought I would share an interview about who really played Jason in Part 2. Dread Central conducted the interview a few years back with Steve Daskawicz, now known as Steve Dash. Plain and simple the interview asks the question, who really played Jason, Steve Dash or Warrington Gillette. The interview is pretty entertaining and even includes a hilarious apology from Warrington Gillette to Steve Dash about why he thought he acted in more scenes for the movie. Check out the full interview and let us know what you think.

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I've been dedicated to this franchise for most of my life and am happy to be contributing news and information to all of the fans out there. Happy Friday The 13th!

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  1. Yes I remember reading about this years back. It’s a very interesting read. I think the Jason character in part 2 will have a huge influence on Derek Mears in the upcoming remake!

  2. If you remember in Halloween, Nick Castle played Michael Myers up until the moment where he got his mask taken off, and then he was portrayed as someone else.

    It’s a similar situation in Friday the 13th part 2, alot of scenes where Jason is in action, it’s actually Steve Dash behind the mask.

  3. More specifically, I believe this is how it went:
    Anytime you see Jason in the mask: Steve Dash
    Anytime you just see Jason’s hands and feet or what have you: Jerry Wallace
    Jason in the opening shot of him walking to Ginny’s house: Ellen Lutter
    Unmasked Jason: Warrington Gillette

  4. Weird, I just did something similar on my blog. As for who played who, I think Wallace killed Lauren-Marie Taylor, Annie and the cop, Dash did the rest. Lutter supplied only legs in the first scene. Warrington did the window… it’s really simple, haha

  5. PS.
    The reason I say Dash did not kill Lauren-Marie taylor and the cop; Dash admitted that the hand in Lauren-Marie Taylor’s death was not his.Notice the bruised thumb, it was from Wallace (as Stu Charno once pointed out how he hurt his thumb on set) and Wallace is left hand. The killer in Annie’s death has the same thumb bruise, and the killer who kills the cop is also left-handed.

  6. So good to see you post on here, Scabboy. ;) I read your blog and foloow your YouTue page. I’m captainbrandon1980 on there as well.

    Yeah I read all of that controversary a while back, and visited Mr. Dash’s official page and have read several interviews with him and Warrington, who, ah, basically told many fibs for years. *lol*

    Whoa it got pretty hot & heated wit them for a while on the Blood & Guts.com forums, as I remember, especially after sunt cordinator Cliff Cundey joined the boards and helped to defend Mr. Dash as well and Warrington looked quite foolish.

    Ahh the memories of reading things online years ago …

  7. Love your blog scabboy. Didn’t even realize you had posted the same blog as I did. It’s a great topic, and has always interested me through the years. I agree with captain_brandon that it was a blast to remember how crazy it got between these guys. Rightfully so, as reputations were on the line.

    On a side note, I am with you all the way scabboy on Jason running. I have to laugh when fans get mad when they see Jason run and say that isn’t what Jason does. Also, I know you are a huge Part 3 fan, but I personally have that ranked #2 behind The Final Chapter. But that debate is for another blog posting….. :)

  8. There is no Annie in Part 2. Do you mean Alice?

  9. Gotta agree with Jasonsfury,

    I’ve been following Scabboy’s original postings and writings for quite some time, and I love his stuff. His YouTube vids as well.

    And yeah, that old Blood&Glory.com forums battles between the good friends of Steve Dash and Cliff Cundey & Warrnington Gillette were something. So hysterically awesome to see Mr. gillette couhgt in his lifes (gotta laugh at how Steve, how any of us, handled that “Skieing accident” responce from Warrington).

    Yeah I read Scabboy’s new post on both that, and also on Jason running. Personally I love Parts 2, 3 and 4 and also have a soft spot for the ‘black sheep’ instalment, as many of us do now, for the crazy, eccentric and just plain nuts & mean-spirited and misunderstood Part V. I always loved and apprechaited the Jason performers running in Part 3 and 4 (2 as well. Merci becoupe Mr. Dash). It’s indeed SUCH bullshit that some still bitch to this day. Hell it’s much more frightening and scary anyhow to have someone running then walking at a brisk pace; not to mention, ya know, that whole more realistic thing.

  10. Warrington Gillette…you\’re a goof. Skiing accident my ass.

  11. Yup it’s Steve Dash.

  12. Warrington is so full of crap it’s what holds his teeth in. Sking accident my ass, he was dropped on his head as a child…

  13. Just to let you guys have a heads up, I’ll be posting a brand new exclusive interview with Steve Dash soon. You don’t want to miss out on it.

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