Actor Sighting: Jeffery Rogers (Andy, Part 3) in Karate Kid Part 2

I’m not afraid to admit that I am a huge fans of The Karate Kid. No, not the remake with Will Smith’s kid and Jackie Chan being released this summer, but the 1984 classic with Pat Morita. I also remember seeing Part 2 in the theater and for some odd reason, don’t mind that one either. The one thing I completely forgot about was that Jeffery Rogers was in the movie. And, if you blink, you’ll miss him. However, thanks to Thomas Beechum, I now know where he is in the movie.

Look at Jeffrey below, he is the army guy in the green shirt taking bets for Danny boy to break through the sheets of glass. Who would have ever thought a Friday alumn would be in a classic scene in motion picture history.   ;)


Jeffrey in the background between Miyagi and Daniel



Jeffrey off to the left getting ready to take bets



“Share the wealth with the less fortunate up front here”



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9 Responses to “ Actor Sighting: Jeffery Rogers (Andy, Part 3) in Karate Kid Part 2 ”

  1. Yeah I like The Karate Kid movies too. Except the one with Hilary Swank. Karate Kid was a big part of the 80’s just like Jason. Good eye pointing out Jeffery Rogers, I could only see Him in 2 shots from the scene above.

  2. Agreed. Karate Kid was just as much a part of pop culture in the 80’s as Jason. I could quote Friday the 13th and Karate Kid forever.

  3. WOW, never noticed him in that scene. As far as Karate Kid flicks, I always thought they should’ve stopped after 2. Do we really need another remake, reboot or whatever they want to call it?

  4. Are you sure that’s really him? It looks nothing like Andy from
    Friday part 3.

  5. Trust me. It’s in the credits. Check out the IMDB page for this movie. ;)

    And I think it does look a little like him. He has the hairdo up, so maybe that will throw some people off.

  6. Wow for some reason he looks alot different. Thanks for posting!

  7. More importantly, why are they betting in US currency when they’re in Japan?

  8. I’m not sure how one of the posters above doesn’t think it’s the same person. I brought up the same thing on IMDb once and got the same response from some people.

    The films were filmed about 3 and a half years apart, but if one pays attention to people’s facial features, it’s easy to tell that it’s the same person. The only difference is that he has his hair gelled back in Karate Kid Part 2.

  9. Wow, good to see his crotch and ass healed up and he is walking again after what Jason did to him!

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