Baghead Jason Pic And Wallpaper

Playing catch-up as I always am, I discovered a high-res photo of baghead Jason on Bloody Disgusting a while back and thought it very awesome. Unfortunately it had lightish contrast and a watermark making it unsatisfactory to wallpaper my desktop with. So for y’all personal use, I went ahead and made some altered versions, below - a cropped take with better contrast, and a more standard 1024×768 wallpaper. Enjoy.

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  1. I did this very same thing too! :-) I altered several pictures of Jason and some are pretty big! :-)

  2. Awesome stuff! Badhead Jason look’s fantastically creepy in those pics. Big thanks for positng, as I don’t read Bloody Disgusting myself.

  3. Awesome! The baghead Jason in this looks way better in this movie then baghead Jason in part 2.

  4. Who agrees with me?

  5. Gotta say he look more menacing, but pt 2 Jason had a crazy creepy backwoods look.

  6. looks good, I am looking forward to the new relaunch of the franchise, and if this does well i can say they will come up with their own version of part 2, I am so excited to know that tyler mane is redawning the mask of michael myers in rob zombies H2 which is scheduled for an aug 29th release, I have been informed that it will not follow the remake of john carpenters part 2, rob is taking it in a whole new direction, i think it will do well, his reimagining of halloween made 60 mil domestically which is good for a horror movie, i think his new halloween movie will do better than that.

  7. I LOVE that pic of bag-head Jason. The sack he wears looks creepy as hell and he is very menacing without the overalls he wears in the original sequel. I love how he stands there holding onto that machete. I need to purchase a machete for my next Halloween costume.


  9. One question: Is Jason’s DAD really added into the story? Yeah, we got a name: ELIAS in “JGTH”. I always assumed that there was a lost chapter where MRS. Voorhees pulled young Jason out of the lake, killed his dad and used his body as a host for Jasons spirit B4 she was decapped. (Note the Necronomicon in JGTH).

  10. Who cares about Elias? “Jason Goes To Hell” sucked.

  11. im sorry Corey but i never haerd of that

  12. I don’t know why, but for some reason the picture keeps making me think of Dr. Finkelstein from The Nightmare Before Christmas. LOL But it still looks pretty cool. As long as this doesn’t suck my balls like the blasphemous remake of Halloween then I will be very happy that this movie was remade.

  13. Here is a link to Dr. Finkelstein so you can see the similarity! LOL!!!!

  14. Thank you Michael Bay…Now your team has just created what just might be a huge breakthrough in the entire series. I was not only moved but entertained by The Texas Chainsaw Massacure. Your team took a classic and turned it right back around 30 years later and re-shaped it into a whole new franchise. No thanks for the old series of Friday the 13th Part 5, 8 and Jason Goes To Hell for fucking up the series. Which the gore in Jason Goes To Hell was just over the top and that’s what made that movie good. Part 5 was a piece of shit…one they got a porno director “Thank you mama’s boy” for not including all of the nudity. Second..they got an abulance driver to be Jason “Come On People” My grandmother could have played that part better. The only act the old hag would have done is get a shot gun and blow the shit out some people for spitting on her front pourch. Last, warning now to everybody is don’t buy Version 2 on the internet from anybody. Part 8…that was all fucked up “well except ms pretty at the opening scene of the movie. Too bad she had to die, but why in the hell was they taking Jason out of the camp grounds and putting him in NYC? I really need to know what them bastards were smoking during the making of Jason takes Manhattan. I need to say no more on this subject. I’m really excited that Rob Zombie has stepped up again to re-create his hit movie Halloween last year. Maybe they will finally release Rick Rosenthal’s version of Halloween 2 Uncut and fully retored in it’s original format.

  15. i got this on my desktop :)

  16. This looks awesome. cannot wait, until next month. This movie will break 100 million, easily. Every horror site I visit, there are hundreds of postings. People are really excited about this flick and the trailer, is totally awesome !!!

  17. God, I love the sack… the jacket still hits me weird. I hope it grows on me.

  18. Who else thinks that this baghead Jason is better then the original baghead Jason?

  19. hell yeah it’s a lot better. i’ve noticed that people are having a problem with the jacket….. better than BRIGHT BLUE OVERALLS! don’t get me wrong, i’ll love Part II forever.. but this looks, scary, twisted, just right. MUCH more scarier than the original. After seeing this pictures and the preview, i keep having these dreams where sack head jason keeps axing me in the head. and i got to tell you, it’s horrifying!

  20. They should’ve went straight to the hockey mask in this movie, although Jason was at his prime in Part II.

  21. hey guys, check out this nice well lit pic of baghead Jason. its from a behind the scenes shot, where he got someone caught in a bear trap.

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