Friday The 13th (2009) UK DVD Artwork Revealed

I get 100 emails a day asking for the USA artwork/release date - what, like I somehow forgot to post that stuff if I have it? Sheesh - when I know, you’ll know. But those delicious limeys over in the UK are getting it on July 27th and here’s the art. Pretty groovy, I reckon.


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36 Responses to “ Friday The 13th (2009) UK DVD Artwork Revealed ”

  1. Kinda cool I guess.

  2. Limeys? Who you calling Limey, Bruce? ;-)

  3. You COULD call me a kangaroo in retaliation. :P

  4. I’m too busy drinking tea and sending all our prisoners over to you, hehe…

  5. Anyone else think its humourous the way they plug their films..

    I.e. “From the producers of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, the Amityville horror and (soon) A Nightmare on Elm Street.

    Like they created all those classics, it’s as if a GOD of the horror genre made the film! hehe


  7. I wanna see Amanda Righetti’s bound and gag scene, where Jason is carrying her through the woods. Was left out. Looked scary.

  8. HELL NO…Sorry, but that really looks likes like my cousin wearing a JASON mask. This is an example of all the dumb shit that anybody could have done with a MAC laptop haha jk.

  9. i hate the “from the producers of texas chainsaw massacre” shit… i don’t want shit about another movie on the cover of my copy of f13th. to me it suggests that they need the success of that movie to sell people on getting this one. it’s fucking f13th! this series overall has done better than tcm. or maybe they’re just trying to say ‘here’s a movie that’s a lot like the recent tcm entries’…well that’s true, but in my opinion that was one of the biggest weaknesses of the movie.

    all my bitching aside, i do like the cover art. after all the shit covers paramount has made for f13th dvds/bds, it’s nice to see something that doesn’t look like it was made by a high school student.

  10. july 27th…jesus titty-fucking christ! i can’t wait that long…i hope the us release is sooner. the my bloody valentine came out 1 month before and is getting a release 2 months before that.

  11. They had “From the producers of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre” on the poster and I don’t remember that many people complaining at that point.

    Oh wait a minute, I don’t like that his neck looks that big on the cover! :)

  12. cool artwork!

  13. just posted this for the US release -

    obviously it’s preliminary, but it says TBC, which says that they may have this pic in mind for the US cover. even though i’ve seen this pic a million times, i think i prefer it as cover art.

  14. jason’s mask and head kinda look oddly shaped; maybe a little like a lightbulb shape. it’s too wide in the top portion.

  15. Well that doesn’t surprise me… I’m with the comment earlier. Why do they feel the need to keep pushing their other “Good” movie with this piece of shit.

  16. I don’t really care for the artwork too much. They could have done something scarier and maybe a throwback to the original Friday The 13th artwork. I know, this is a remake and it should be current, but this is about as lame as sticking cast members from CW shows all lined up next to each other giving us their model poses.

  17. hey i like it

  18. I work at a video rental store and on our upcoming release sheets from our suppliers they have Friday the 13th (2009) listed as a June release. That’s US btw, I’m in Texas.

  19. Wow like the covers for UK dvd!!! perfect really!

  20. I like it. The guy looks insane. I like the hair.

  21. THAT IS UGLY please be better for us WORST artwork i have seen no im kidding its cool lol

  22. Not digging the UK art at all. It may not be set in stone, so they may change the cover art.

  23. That’s the UK cover? Uhhh….cool? It’s so plain! I hope the American version looks better than that. At least the people in the UK could download the American cover. Sorry guys.

  24. To be honest I couldn\’t care less what our UK cover looks like, as long as the film has some cool extras with it. The cover is not really that significant

  25. Horrible cover to match a shitty as movie, perfect!

  26. Awesome cover! I could careless who hates it….that picture is definitely cool as hell. Much better than that bullshit they use for the re-release of the old movies. I’m glad it wasn’t the same picture that they’ve used already for the theatrical release. The US cover will probably be the same image as Jasonsfury’s avatar.

  27. I’m not sure what the one sheet was in the UK but I prefer that the DVD release in the US keeps it the same…something I just prefer for whatever reason. I wish I never sold the original dvd releases of 1-4 with the original artwork :(

  28. i think it’s pretty cool…it’s something different and gives you a nice clean look at jason. i may buy both the US and UK bds.

  29. I agree with you platter house on onre thing I love the TCM remake ( not as mucg as the classic) but yes keep that DAMN Amityville outta there and im not looking forward to a nightmare remake the original is and always be a classic no need for improvement after all the freddy crap in FVJ ive seen enough Jason RULED THAT FILM :)

  30. Splatter house sorry

  31. The sexy serious eye of Jason. >)

  32. I am thinking that the cover art will be somewhat thhe same for the usa release, I am so happy to hear that Rob Zombies Halloween 2 teaser trailer is out this weekend. I cannot wit to see the sequel.

  33. People know what films their talking about when they list TCM and so on. Common sense.

  34. Hey there Dusk.In respose to Christian Sellars reaction to be called a “limey”.That term is reserved solely for english citizens of the UK and not for any of the other nations that form the UK.Being a proud Scotsman it kinda grinds my gears to be called english whenever the UK is mentioned.(Just saying is all).However the cover art looks as though not a great deal of thought went into it.I thought the cinema poster looked cooler or even the hockey mask teaser poster would have been better……….KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  35. Hey there baz,

    This Yank of Scottish descent can indeed confirm what that Xenophobic term means, and indeed, baz is right. Also baz, I answered your French question on the most recent news piece. Stay cool, bigman.

  36. Thanks for the support captain brandon1980.I’ve already posted a reply on the most recent news piece.Au revoir for now(or as we say in Scotland “cheerio”)………..KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

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