The movie references in FRIDAY THE 13TH *SPOILERS*

Like the filmmakers have been claiming for months, the new Friday the 13th flick (a remake of sorts) heavily references the first four movies, from its major plot points to individual scenes. Here’s a selection of homage highlights, but how many more did you pick up on?

- Mrs. Voorhees beheaded by a counselor on the shore of Crystal Lake (Friday the 13th)
- The legend of Crystal Lake is told around a camp fire (Friday the 13th Part 2)

- Whitney and Mike stumble upon Jason’s old shack (Friday the 13th Part 2)
- Mike finds Mrs. Voorhees’ decomposed head (Friday the 13th Part 2)
- Jason hides his features by wearing a sack over his head (Friday the 13th Part 2)
- Clay searching for his missing sister, presumed dead (Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter)

- Crystal Lake is condemned, forcing kids to party nearby (Friday the 13th Parts 2-5)
- Friends arrive at a summer house to party (Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter)
- Jason finds a hockey mask (Friday the 13th Part 3)

- A fight in a convenience store between Clay and Trent (Friday the 13th Part 3)
- Nolan is shot through the eye by an arrow (Friday the 13th)
- A curious cop is killed by Jason (Friday the 13th Part 2)
- Jason jumping through a window, grabbing hold of Clay (Friday the 13th Part 2)

- A wheelchair abandoned in Jason’s tunnel (Friday the 13th Part 2)
- Whitney, the ‘final girl,’ uses his love of his mother in order to subdue him (Friday the 13th Part 2)

- Jason jumps out of the lake and attacks Whitney and Clay (Friday the 13th)

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  1. i posted these in the weed farmer section but i figured i would post it here too since its more fitting.

    Mrs. V calling Jason her special special boy is out of FvJ. The way his mak lands at the bottom of the lake at the end is like the end of Jason X when his uber mask does the same thing.
    the opening when he kills one camper while the other 2 are bangin in the tent is similiar to the campers in JGTH getting killed. Slicing the back of the tent open to attack the girl in the sleeping bag is a nod to everyone’s favorite part 7 death.

  2. I think all the references were pretty obvious to most Friday fans… although I didnt notice the wheelchair in the tunnel

  3. Whitney and Clay Miller = Victor Miller

    Officer Bracke = Peter Bracke of Crystal Lake Memories.

  4. when the opening credit sequence ends and it flashes forward to “present day”- Friday the 13th part 1

  5. Whitney’s “Say hi to mommy, IN HELL!” line was like Lori in FvJ just before she decapitates Freddy and she tells him to go to hell.

  6. CW brush up on your Jason history…. Lori said “welcome to my world Bitch”… Just wanted to point that out.

  7. Wow you guys are good! SO have any of you seen the documentary of Jason 30 years of the making? If you have, was it any good?

  8. Very cool list. Wonder if they are more little things here and there still to be found!

  9. you forgot Jason getting hung in a barn

  10. When Jason is hang with the chain it remind me of part 7 when Jason is hang by the lightning wire, the way Jason move. It also is a reminder to the end of part 3.

  11. Oups, saw your post after I posted min :)

  12. the machete through the victims hand in the opening scene has to be a reference to jason getting it him the hand in part 4.

    what was the barn owners name, garrick or garris?

  13. I still see that nobody on this site even noticed how they also paid homage to the texas chainsaw massacre movies…. The tow truck driver that drove away with Trents body after Jason attached the body to the back of the truck, is the same tow truck driver that got his legs chainsawed off by Leatherface in “TCM: the beginning”… Did anybody on this site notice that at all or was it just me?

  14. jason hanging in the barn was off of part 3

  15. The hanging was indeed from part 3 but as I said earlier, I really thought that the way Jason was moving it seems like they copy the hanging from part 7

  16. truedat mr moe

  17. A close up of the light swinging back and forth after the asian guy got it.

    Friday the 13th part 1….after Marcie got killed..there was the same close up shot of the light swinging.

  18. I\’m I the only one who said holy sh#t…when it made it out that Jason may have been driving the tow truck?

  19. i thought jason jumping threw the window is like tommy and him in part 4!

  20. When Jason turns on the camp lights, I considered that a reference to the first one when Brenda goes out to the archery field and Mrs Voorhees turns on the field lights.

  21. Smashing canoes

  22. Not F13 related, but near the begining w/ the kids around the campsite there is a blatant Dennis Hopper in ‘Blue Velvet’ reference:

    Camper1: “Is this all we brought to drink…no Heineken or anything?”
    Camper2: “Fuck that Euro shit, this is Pabst Blue American Ribbon”

    Frank Booth: What kind of beer do you like to drink, neighbor?
    Jeffrey Beaumont: Heineken.
    Frank Booth: Heineken? Fuck that shit! Pabst Blue Ribbon!

    Anyone? Anyone?

  23. I found the shot where Bree swiftly opens the shower curtain and it is revealed that Jason is behind her plays out VERY similarly to the scene in the original where Marcie does the same thing… only instead of Jason, there is a shadow on the wall of an axe being raised.

  24. Here are a couple more:

    Jason obtains and puts the hockey mask on for the first time in the red barn. (Part 3)
    Jason’s first kill after putting on the mask is with an arrow through the victim’s head. (Part 3)

  25. Whitney being captured by Jason a throwback to the “rape” of Chris in Part III where Jason didn’t kill his victim but held them “captive” for an extended period of time.

  26. I just check out your reviews Christian and they were very interesting. I am definitely going to see that dvd.

  27. I got one that I have not seen anyone at all at any site ive seen comment on.

    When the guy looking for his sistre shows up the girl with the camera says ” This could get interesting” with a smirk on her face, just like the blond haired bitch off of VII does when the psychic girl arrives at their party.

  28. ok, I am not too sure about this; but could someone let me know if I am crazy. I am a huge fan, have all 11 on DVD. I saw this at the movies on Friday night. The old man in the truck who stopped for him, stuck out his hand and waved and didn’t say a word and just waited there. Was this possibly Elias Voorhees that has never been seen before and is ths the same man that owns the little convenient store from where the guy behind the counter says that the owner doesn’t like any of those missing persons pictures hanging up? Maybe I am digging too much into this, I am not sure. Someone please let me know your opinion on this. THANKS!!!

  29. Also:

    *The Mask falling on the water (Friday the 13th Part 7)
    *CLay & Whitney on the abandoned CAR (Friday the 13th part 6, when Jason it’s on the top of the BUS)

  30. When Jason spit blood out through the holes in his mask, it reminded me of F vs J.
    At the end, you see Jason slowly sink in the lake. This also reminded me of F vs J.

  31. John, I thought the old man was the owner of the barn…the one the redneck refers to as a “mummyfart.” Either that or the convenience store owner.

    Another reference, I thought, was when Jason attempts to hack Clay with the machete, only to have it get stuck in the barn door. If I remember correctly, the same thing takes place when Jason tries to hack Chris in Part 3.

    The only thing missing in this new film was a victim of Jason’s screaming “He’s killing me, Trish, he’s killing me!” like Rob did in Part 4. That part cracks me up every time.

  32. ‘I found the shot where Bree swiftly opens the shower curtain and it is revealed that Jason is behind her plays out VERY similarly to the scene in the original where Marcie does the same thing… only instead of Jason, there is a shadow on the wall of an axe being raised.’ Yeah, whitespy12, good find there, I didn;t make that connection till just now

  33. Anyone elses notice when wade was taliking around the fire that he mentioned on of his friends went to camp around where they were at and he said\

  34. my friend went to camp around here and the cops came and they were looking for that ason guy and shit, hello jason lives when the cops come and jason bends the sheriff in half

  35. they found a burned doll, that was from freddy vs jason!

  36. The old guy in the tow truck is the tow truck driver fromTexas Chainsaw Massacre and TCM the beginning.

  37. movie references or just Bad Writers who need to rip-off Past Movies. It is like cliff note scriptwriting and film-making.
    It is Paying for a re-filmed clip show of the past films which people own already.
    Now that The New CBS/Paramount Pictures has made a re-hashed dumb-down version of the friday the 13th movies.
    Next up to be re-hashed and dumb-down is Star Trek.
    It is all like paying for re-runs.

  38. so heres a few i caught in the escape scene they had a bus flipped on its side with Jason standing atop it a reference to part 6 the camper wreck. the lonely pervert (barn hick) talking to porn (Teddy pt 3)throwing the girl onto the cop car to smash it pt 4, the “last” survivors male female end up in his shack pt 2. This is in my opinion part of what makes this movie fun, fans enjoying their horror porn then discussing and remembering their fav parts of past movies and catching nods by the director and Derek.

  39. ’so heres a few i caught in the escape scene they had a bus flipped on its side with Jason standing atop it a reference to part 6 the camper wreck’ - I caught onto that one but wasn’t sure if it was intentional

    ‘movie references or just Bad Writers who need to rip-off Past Movies’ - Interesting point but I think this has become the in-thing since Scream, making post modern horrors that cater to pop culture fanatics. No bad thing if the movie itself stands up by itself

  40. part 3 references: no motorcycle gang, but motorcycle parked out side the convenience store. The gas purchased for the boat used similar red tanks used by the gang in 3 when they siphoned the car.

    Stoner girl from part two got killed by a poker. Stoner guy goes out to look for his friend with a poker.

    The misty full moon is from part 1

  41. You forgot that there were trees! Trees could be seen in parts 1, 2, and 4. Oh, and people! I think there were some people in parts 1 and 3.

  42. some I saw that maybe someone already posted

    -asian kid falls from out of the cieling in the boathouse, used in a few movies (steve christi in part 1, I think they did it in 3 as well)

    -The hanging in the barn was def. a nod to part 3

    -Jason coming through the window was more a nod to part 4 when Ted white bursts through the window to grab tommy.


  43. Jason grabbing Clay through the window seemed more reminiscent of Jason crashing through the window at Corey Feldman in Part 4 to me. I guess it can be viewed both ways, but it immediatley scream 4 to me.

  44. The guy in the tow truck is NOT Monty from Texas Chainsaw Massacre. watch it again. that’s what I did. I thought the same thing until i saw it for a second AND third time. It is NOT HIM. i do however agree with him being either the Barn owner or the convienient store owner But it is not Terrence Evens

  45. I did like how one of the town’s people knew the history of Jason and told clay just to not bother him and how his sister was dead. I really liked how they played it out. It was as the town knew of him but didn’t want to say anything to anyone about it because I believe their lives could of been in danger as well. Just like that scene when the guy was going to help that trey guy or whatever. He seen Jason going after tray so he just took off. Some of the people in the town seem like they were trying to protect clay in a unusal way. For example the lady at the door and the guy at the convient store. I also believe the police officer knew the legend of jason and didn’t want clay to find out the truth. I guess I am just thinking too much about the movie.

  46. The only thing I wish the remake had that it didn’t, was the best charter in the series besides Jason……..RALF!!!! HAHAHAHA!!! That would have been great!!! ” Messenger of God!” >,< But I loved the remake anyways!

  47. @ Mike New. Dude you’re not alone. HAHAHA! We all think too hard about these movies. I know I do. But again all these movies are about fun are they not? That is why we love them so much.

  48. Mike New, I agree with you and I thought the same thing. Whether or not it was intentional it did come off that way to me.

    Maybe the old lady was a watered down version of Ralph. See was pretty crazy.

    The only thing that I didn’t like was the score. Maybe that was a throw back to part 7.

  49. To David H: I know a lot of people here have mixed feelings about the remake but I am just glad that Brad Fuller brought the character back. I remember constantly searching the net a year after jason vs freddy was made trying to find news about a new jason movie. I am just glad it finally happened.

    To Dunlop: Can you refresh my memory of the ralph character? I can’t quite remember. I probably need to go back and watch that movie.

  50. Mike, here’s Ralph:

    The old lady from the remake isn’t nearly as insane but MAYBE and I really emphasize maybe she’s the town crazy.

  51. i think your wrong on the part 2 reference jumping through the window. it was more a part 4 reference when he came flying through trying to gank tommy. the angle was exactly the same and jason got wacked a few times before letting him go.

  52. ralph’s bike was next to the wheelchair.
    the archery targets and lights like in part one.
    trapping like in part 2 (scott)
    totem pole.

  53. @ Mike new. Yeah dude. I waited 4 years for this movie to come out. I was not disappointed at all. I just love seeing Jason do his thing. I don’t car if it’s a remake, squeal, what ever. AND DEREK MEARS KICKED KANE HODDER’S FAT ASS OUT OF THE DAMN MOVIES!! But that’s just my opinion. I just did not like Kane Hodder at all.

  54. Thanks for the information dunlop. I am going to watch the documentary of jason tonight. I hope they mention him on there.

  55. “CW brush up on your Jason history…. Lori said “welcome to my world Bitch”… Just wanted to point that out.”- deadman13

    yeah i know i’m just sayin the way they both had that last line before striking the final blow was similar. guess i should of made that more clear for you.

    hey nice try though.

  56. to David H: Yea it was great and I don’t understand why everyone is bashing the movie. I can’t say he is better than Kane Hodder because this was derek mears first movie as Jason but he was awesome! When the sequel comes out I can guarantee I will reevaluate my decision about Derek Mears being better than Kane Hodder. I will say though Kane hodder should of played the jason in Jason vs Freddy

  57. @ Mike new. Yeah. Ronny Yu is a prick. It was more than just Freddy Vs Jason. WE WANTED TO SEE KANE AND ROBERT FIGHT!!!!

  58. I just finished writing a screenplay for a short film. Some of the characters were inspired by Friday the 13th. I need your thoughts and a title for it.

    Here are the characters that came from Friday the 13th:

    Derek: I imagined him to have the look of Shelley from Part3.
    Mick: His “Jokes” were inspired also by Shelley.
    Dean: Creighton Duke from JGTH
    Lance: Jason, Duh
    Ian: Chuck from Part 3

  59. Your killers name is Lance? I’d re think that. But that’s just my opinion.

  60. Thanks. Got any ideas?

  61. To david H: yea It would of been Englund vs Hodder the Horror icons! Ronny Yu just F**k it all up. In the dvd extras ronny yu said he needed someone taller who could show more emotions. F**ck that!

  62. @ Mike New. Yeah I much as i hated Kane Hodder. It’s still wouldn’t have been as bad a Ken KE(*#EOIHDD!!! How ever the fuck you spell it. HAHA!

  63. lol @ David H. Hell, robert englund would of probably had a bitch fit if they would of got a different freddy to play the part. I was watching youtube yesterday and Kane hodder was at an autograph signing talking about how he didn’t understand why they didn’t ask him to play the part. He made fun of the character in the jason vs freddy saying he swung the machete with his left hand and said no one swings a machete with a left hand. Anyways Kane hodder has another movie coming out soon and I hope to see it.

  64. Robert Englund has a right to bitch if they had replaced him. Kane Hodder does NOT. Englund ORIGINATED the role of Freddy. Kane never originated the role of Jason.

  65. “Friends arrive at a summer house to party (Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter)”

    this also applies to Part 3

  66. Slashmaster, I don’t really have any idea for you I just think Lance Carter is way too boy band (Lance Bass + Nick Carter). How about… I don’t know, Gary? Or Paul? Or Arthur? Anyhting but Lance.

  67. you have a point dvva but Kane hodder played the part of jason the best.

  68. To Slashmaster: I read your story and it was pretty good. I like how you took time to explain the killers past. I will suggest if I may that maybe you should change the killers name a little bit. I would Recommended another name such as Norman Carter, Earl Carter, Ed Carter, Mitchell Carter, etc… When you say Lance Carter it reminds me of a feminite man no offense. I think you should of also put some nudity in the story like the other horror movies. Also, I think maybe you should of let Dean die with the other two officers and let Noel Run off to the Shed with the acid on the final moments of the story. I don’t know if I missed it but what was the reason the teenagers were going on the highway? Other than that I really liked it. That could be like a direct to dvd type movie.

  69. Thank you so much. I will consider using Norman, that sounds pretty good. :) The reason I let noel die was because I thought it would be epic to have her die the second she thought she was alright.

    I dont know about the nudity though. It is well recepted in movies, but I think the reason I didnt put any in was because I wanted Lance to seem efficient and the story to be more fast moving.

    I do some re-writing. You should check it out after I re-write it. Tell some more people about it though because I need lots of feedback.

  70. Not sure if anyone posted this one:

    When that blonde girl offers Trent a beer, the way she says “…beer?” Is like when that snooty bitch Melissa asks Tina if she want’s, “…dip?” from part 7. -Just a thought

  71. I just posted a slightly updated version of my screenplay on my site.

    It has a few changes.

    The characters new name is Norman Carter.
    The ending is way different.
    Something is added to the beggining to make the ending make more sense.

    I did not add any nudity because I couldnt find anywhere to fit that in. If you have any ideas about that, tell me.

    I was thinking of putting some tits when Jess and Noel were running from Norman. Like Norman grabbed Jess’ shirt and in her struggle tits flew or something?


    I also noticed that the tow truck and the driver were the same from Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning.

    this was the same guy before he got his legs chopped off in The remake of TCM.

  73. The truck that Trent was stuck on when he was killed was parked outside the barn when Clay got there the first time and met the weed guy. So it seems fairly safe to assume the old man in the truck is old man Garike/Gehrig/whatever (the name was spelt Garike in the Swedish subtitles in theaters here) owning the property who the weed guy mentions to Clay.

  74. Jason being hung (Part 3)

  75. It did have a very simialir feel to it with the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake but overall it still was a great Jason flick!
    I loved the new remake it was a fun ride from start to finish F13th fans vote in my poll that ends on Feb.21st that asks what horror fans thought of this reboot at:

  76. Did anyone notice the goggles on the stoner kid in the garris barn? They’re a dead ringer for the retarded guy on the bike in Part V.

  77. With the scene where the tow truck starts, that was so like the moment when Mrs Voorhees stops her truck to take Annie on board to me.

    Also, I was flicking through an old Fangoria last night when I saw an image of Jason from part 8 looking at his reflection in a shattered mirror. :) So maybe even the mirror scene is a little homage to the past.

  78. There is an old metallic wheelchair hanging on the wall in Jason’s cave in the remake. Wonder who he killed to get that.

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